16 Best Green Paints for Kitchen Cabinets (Fresh and Calming Choices)

Revamp your kitchen cabinets with these gorgeous green paint colors. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 1st, 2023

Besides neutral colors, green is one of the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets. Using green paint not only adds a fresh pop of color to your kitchen but also exudes a calming and refreshing vibe, creating a serene environment.

However, green is a tricky shade. With a lot of variants, each shade will give you a totally different look and feel. Choosing the wrong shades and your cabinets can easily clash with other elements around it.

According to our designers, Soft Sage, Quietude, and Pewter Green are great green paint from Sherwin Williams for kitchen cabinets. On the other side, Saybrook Sage, Scenic Drive, and Hunter Green are the beautiful alternatives from Benjamin Moore. All of those green shades provide enough balance between neutrality and vibrancy, creating a fresh and calming hue that will infuse your kitchen cabinets with natural charm.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into all those awesome options, along with some interesting alternatives. Let’s get to it.

Pale Green

1. Soft Sage by Sherwin Williams

Soft sage kitchen cabinets

Let’s start with a pale green shade. In this category, our first choice is Soft Sage by Sherwin Williams. Its subtle green hues bring a perfect balance between neutral and colorful, while its yellow tint adds a touch of color to cheer up the mood of any kitchen.

These warm green shades can blend easily with almost any kitchen style, from traditional to modern.

2. Succulent by Sherwin Williams

Succulent kitchen cabinets

With strong gray undertones, Succulent by Sherwin Williams can be a versatile option that can fit in with a color palette, whether it’s a neutral-themed kitchen or colorful ones.

Unlike most green which looks vibrant, succulents have a calmer and more elegant look, making it a great choice for a modern contemporary kitchen.

3. Soft Fern by Benjamin Moore

Soft fern kitchen cabinets

This green paint had some yellow hint, making it look much warmer than typical green.

And that’s the reason why Soft Fern by Benjamin More can easily lift up the mood of any kitchen without being overly vibrant.

4. Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore

Saybrook sage kitchen cabinets

You can use this Saybrook Sage paint by Benjamin Moore to add depth and richness to your kitchen. Its muted green hue is just enough to evoke a fresh and earthy ambiance, while its gray undertone keep everything looks neutral.

This paint color works even better inside any kitchen that uses plenty of natural elements such as wood or stone.

Light Green

5. Supreme Green by Sherwin Williams

Supreme green kitchen cabinets

This wonderful paint color can make your kitchen look bright and light with a fresh natural twist.

With the right saturation amount, your cabinets can still stand out and be eye-catching, without overpowering the entire kitchen.

6. Green Vibes by Sherwin Williams

Green vibes kitchen cabinets

For you who have a small kitchen, we highly recommend you to try this option.

Green vibes from Sherwin Williams bring natural beauty to your home, while also instantly brightening up the space using its vibrant hues.

7. Sherwood Green by Benjamin Moore

Sherwood green kitchen cabinets

This beautiful color is in the middle between sage and olive, making it look neutral while still evoking some warm ambiance.

You can use this color if you want simple-looking cabinets that don’t need to stand out and give a chance to other elements such as countertops or backsplash to become the main focal point of your kitchen.

8. Pine Forest by Benjamin Moore

Pine forest kitchen cabinets

These mint green shades from Benjamin Moore bring enough amount of hues to make a fresh and relaxing ambiance to your kitchen.

With a bit of blue undertones, using the pine forest paint for kitchen cabinets also creates an airy and tranquil vibe, helping your kitchen feel larger and more spacious.

Medium Green

9. Quietude by Sherwin Williams

Quietude kitchen cabinets

This subtle and natural option can fit perfectly into any modern-style kitchen. It had strong green hues without too much vibrancy, keeping everything simple and clean.

Combine the quietude painted cabinets with a modern knob or handle such as polished nickel or aluminum for an even better appearance.

10. Leapfrog by Sherwin Williams

Leapfrog kitchen cabinets

Leapfrog is a beautiful olive green shade that brings plenty of warmth to make any kitchen feel welcoming and inviting.

With the perfect mix of green and yellow, you can get all of the benefits of green such as fresh and relaxing looks, while also the typical character of yellow to create a beautiful pop and accentuate your kitchen.

11. Scenic Drive by Benjamin Moore

Scenic drive kitchen cabinets

With the right saturation, using this paint color for cabinets can keep your kitchen looking sleek and crisp, while still having enough hues to enrich and avoid boring, monotonous looks.

Based on our experiences, the Scenic Drive by Benjamin Moore can be a great option if you are using plenty of dark elements inside your kitchen, such as black countertops or dark backsplash.

12. Northern Lights by Benjamin Moore

Northern light kitchen cabinets

Use this option if you want to make your kitchen cabinets stand out and create a big statement for the entire space.

Its vibrant yet neutral green hues will pop against any other materials inside your kitchen, making it a beautiful attention grabber to make your kitchen look much more interesting.

Dark Green

13. Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams

Pewter green kitchen cabinets

For dark green shades, this is one of our favorite choices. In fact, pewter green is one of the most popular dark green shades that not only works well for kitchen cabinets but also for almost any other elements.

This bold choice will make your kitchen feel elegant, especially when combined with glam and luxurious materials such as marble or granite countertops.

14. Courtyard by Sherwin Williams

Courtyard kitchen cabinets

But if you want stronger and more prominent green hues, then you can try the courtyard.

Even though it had a bold gray undertone, it’s green hues still dominated the appearance, making fresh yet elegant kitchen cabinets that everyone would love.

15. Salamander by Benjamin Moore

Salamander kitchen cabinets

This very dark green option from Benjamin Moore can be a great alternative to black or charcoal, as you can get stunning bold looks but still have enough hues to enrich and make the kitchen feel alive.

However, since it’s a very dark choice, combine the salamander-painted kitchen cabinets with bright elements such as white countertops or silver kitchen appliances.

16. Hunter Green by Benjamin Moore

Hunter green kitchen cabinets

Hunter green is another popular dark green shade. And this can be an ideal choice if you want to create a glam and luxurious kitchen.

The simple dark green looks of the cabinets will let any other elements stand out, especially if you are using striking and vibrant materials such as white marble countertops or gold hardware.

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