10 Stylish Teal and Gray Wall Decor Ideas

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 22nd, 2024

Teal is one of the unique colors that can be used to create a variety of different effects when used as a wall color, including elegant, natural, luxurious, or beautiful ones. That is the reason why so many people want to use this color as their home interior design color scheme.

One challenge that is often found when using these green and blue color combinations is the difficulty of combining them with other colors. Yes, teal is one of the most tricky colors when it has to be used alongside other colors, even the neutral ones.

For those of you who encounter a similar problem, in this article, we will give you some design examples created by our team that use teal and gray decorations. You can use these examples as ideas and inspiration to make beautiful decorations inside your home.

Let’s get started :

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Geometric Triangle Style Wall

Geometric triangle style wall paint

For the first decor, we made a triangular geometric style wall using gray and teal on a white background. This combination instantly creates a wall that looks artistic and creative.

This design is actually enough to make the wall look attractive. But we added two simple artworks to add some minimalist touch to bring this decor to the next level.

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Live by the Sun Love by the Moon Canvas Art by Modern Digital

This print is a perfect finishing touch to add some warmth to a minimalist-style room. Using the highest quality heavyweight paper with a smooth and glossy finish, this item can fit into any kind of decor style.

Stylish Two Tone Nightstand with Drawer by Tvilum

Beautifully crafted using perfect combinations of white and oak finish, this stylish nightstand table can be blended easily with any different decor style. Its drawer and open shelves can be great additional storage options to keep your spaces organized.

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Dark Gray Bedroom Wall with Teal Accent

Dark gray and teal accent wall

Teal works very well when used as an accent color, such as in this design. We create a bedroom wall using dark gray as the main color and mix it with some vertical accent to make the it look more colorful.

This combination produces a visual that looks elegant and luxurious, thanks to the clean vertical lines on the dark gray that add a modern impression to the wall.

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Acrylic Modern Wall Sconce

Made using acrylic and pure aluminum, this lamp looks fantastic, modern, and stylish. With built-in 12 W high brightness LED that produces beautiful and comfy light, this lamp also still looks great even when it’s turned off.

Elegant Matte Black and White Nightstand by Tvilum

This nightstand table can be a great choice for any modern and elegant style bedroom. The beautiful combinations of black and white finish produce a gorgeous, stylish, and modern look. It’s drawer and open shelf can be a perfect place for your favorite books or nighttime essentials.

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Vintage Style Wall

Vintage style decor

When creating a vintage-style room decoration, natural colors such as white, beige, cream, brown, and other natural colors are often used. But this time, we tried a different approach by making vintage decor using a teal and gray combination.

The combination produces beautiful looks with a slightly vintage touch. To make this decoration more colorful, we added some teal-finished decor items such as a pendant lamp and artworks.

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Large Hand Painted Abstract Landscape Canvas Art by 1 KINGO

This beautiful abstract forest painting had a slight touch of teal that matched perfectly with our bedroom. Furthermore, its abstract painting style brings a touch of artistic effects into the room.

Nordic Minimalist Pendant Light

Combining modern minimalist and Nordic Scandinavian style, this pendant light can be a great addition to any bedroom to add more stylish decorative looks into your space. Its directs downward shade in narrow beam angle produce great ambient lighting to improve the overall room lighting.

Multi-Purpose Turquoise Ceramic Flower Pot

With a touch of turquoise finishes, this ceramic planter is the perfect piece to complement any room. Offers multipurpose versatility, you can use this item for any different purposes, from planting some flowers or plants, or use it as a utensil holder.

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Teal Wall with Gray Column

Teal wall with gray column

If your has some columns, then you can use that column to beautify your decorations, as we did in this wall decor. We painted the columns in gray which integrated perfectly with the teal.

This combination can be used to create rustic, industrial, or unfinished-style decorations.

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Gray Hand Painted Oil Abstract Landscape Canvas Artwork

With 24″ x 36″ size, this canvas art can be a perfect item to decorate any empty large space. Its bold texture makes this piece looks unique and artistic which makes it different from other typical canvas art.

Industrial Barn Style Green Wall Sconce

This beautiful exquisite lamp is perfect for any room (kitchen/bedroom/dining room/living room) that uses rustic, retro, or industrial decor style. Its stylish gooseneck arm design looks fashionable and can be a great item to lift up the entire room’s appearance.

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Geometric Style Wall Decor

Geometric-style decor

Geometric styles are getting more and more popular in the interior design world, that’s the reason why we made these wall decorations.

The combination of the three colors produces a pretty attractive appeal, with firm lines and different colors in each section. To further make this design more attractive, we added a set of artworks with the same concept, geometric style, which uses teal as the main color.

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Teal Decor on Gray Wall

Teal decor on gray wall

Another concept that you can use is to combine a gray wall with teal decoration items like we created in this design. Gray can be obtained by painting your walls using neutral paint or using unfinished plaster to get a more natural gray effect.

In this design, we use a very simple decoration item, which is a large inspirational wall sticker, an artwork, a chair, and a vases. The combination of these items with the gray backdrop produces a very attractive decoration that you can follow and apply easily in your home.

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Fabric Arm Chair by Christopher Knight Home

This accent chair not only great as a place to sit relax and comfortably but also rich-looking and sophisticated that can elevate your interior decor.

Rustic Family Tree Quote Canvas Prints

This beautiful piece had a stunning color combination with an inspiring message that not only looks great as a decoration item but also can be a reminder of how important family is.

Family Rules Murals Art Stickers

The color combination of this sticker looks beautiful and can be a great affordable option for anyone who needs to add some teal accent.

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Modern Industrial Two-Tone Wall

Gray and teal two-tone paint

In this project, we created a wall design for a small bedroom using a two-tone wall color concept using gray and teal. This concept is very suitable to be applied to any kids or teenager’s bedroom. We also want to give some industrial effect, and that’s the reason we use the unfinished plaster for the gray part of the wall.

The teal color itself is made on a vertically separate section with a smaller area than the gray ones to make the walls still look natural and not too flashy. A simple floating shelf is added to give a little extra horizontal effect to balance the overall design.

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Gray Decor on Teal Painted Wall

Gray decor

Most people often feel afraid to use teal paint to cover the entire wall. This is reasonable because it risks making the wall look too flashy and excessive, resulting in a bad and unattractive appearance. But this is not entirely true, if combined with the right decoration items, painting the entire wall with teal can still produce an attractive result.

To balance the vibrant wall, we use several decoration items with natural colors, gray. There is a set of wall art with a gray frame, a gray and wood pendant lamp, and a headboard made of gray oak.

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Simple Modern Bedroom

Simple modern bedroom

In this project, we create a bedroom with gray as our main colors where we painted almost all the bedroom wall using this color, except for the wall behind the bed where we use teal.

One key to this concept is to add a few simple lines to avoid a boring look and to add more modern feels, so, even though we don’t use any decoration items, the results still look very good with a modern and elegant impression.

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Charming Stickers

Charming stickers

For those of you who want to have this color combination using a cheap and affordable way, but still looks beautiful and attractive, then you can follow this approach. Yes, just by using a wall sticker, you can have an interesting and beautiful wall.

But of course sticker alone still, not enough, that’s why we use some items to further highlight the teal ambient from the room, like the beautiful pendant lamp.

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