10 Best Teal and Gray Wall Decor Ideas

Best teal and gray wall decor ideas for bedroom and living room.

Teal is one of the unique colors that can be used to create a variety of different effects when used as a wall color, including elegant, natural, luxurious or beautiful ones. That is the reason why so many people want to use this color as their home interior design color scheme.

One challenge that is often found when using this green and blue color combinations is the difficulty to combine with other colors. Yes, teal is one of the most tricky colors when it has to be used alongside another colors, even the neutral ones.

For those of you who encounter a similar problem, in this article we will give you some design examples created by our team that use teal with gray wall decorations. You can use these examples as ideas and inspiration to make your own beautiful teal and grey decor in your home.

Let’s get started :

10 Gray and Teal Wall Decoration Ideas

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Geometric triangle style teal and gray wall paint ideas
Triangle style teal and gray wall paint

Geometric Triangle Style Wall with Teal and Gray

For the first decor, we made a triangular geometric style wall using gray and teal on a white base wall. The combination of geometric concepts with gray and teal paint create a wall that look artistic and creative.

This wall design is actually enough to make the wall look attractive. But we added two simple wall art to add some minimalist touch to bring this wall decor to the next level.

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Dark gray and teal accent wall for bedroom
Dark gray and teal accent wall

Dark Gray Bedroom Wall with Teal Accent

Teal works very well when used as accent colors, such as in this following wall design. We create a bedroom wall using dark gray as the main color and mix it with some vertical teal accent to make the walls look more colorful.

This combination produce a wall that looks elegant and luxurious, thanks to the clean vertical lines on the dark gray walls that add modern impression to the wall.

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Vintage style teal and gray wall decor
Vintage style teal and gray wall decor

Vintage Style Teal and Gray Wall

When creating a vintage-style room decoration, natural colors such as white, beige, cream, chocolate and other natural colors is often used. But this time, we tried a different approach by making vintage decor using a teal and gray combination for the wall.

The teal is used in the bottom molding, while gray is used as paint on the upper wall. The combination produces a beautiful looks with a slightly vintage touch. To make this decoration more colorful, we added some teal finished decor items such as a pendant lamp and a wall art.

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Teal wall with gray column
Teal wall with gray column

Teal Wall with Gray Column

If your wall has some column, then you can use that column to beautify your wall decorations, like we did in this wall decor. We painted the columns in gray which integrated perfectly with the teal walls.

This combination can be used to create rustic, industrial or unfinished style wall decorations.

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Geometric style teal, white and gray wall ideas
Geometric style teal, white and gray wall

Geometric Style Wall Decor using Teal, Gray and White

Geometric styles is getting more and more popularity in interior design world, that’s the reason why we made these wall decorations. A wall with a geometric style using a teal, gray and white combination.

The combination of the three colors produces a pretty attractive wall, with firm lines and different color in each sections. And to further make this wall design more attractive, we added a set of wall art with the same concept, geometric style, which uses teal as the main color.

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Rustic industrial gray and teal wall decor ideas
Teal decor on gray wall

Teal Decor on Gray Wall

Another concept that you can use to make teal and gray wall decor is to combine a gray walls with teal decoration items like we created in this design. Gray walls can be obtained by painting your walls using gray paint, or using an unfinished plaster to get a more natural gray effects.

In this design, we use a very simple decoration item, which is a large inspirational wall sticker, a teal wall art, a teal wall chair and a teal vases planter. The combination of these items with the gray wall produces a very attractive decoration that you can follow and apply easily in your home.

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Two tone wall pain tusing gray and teal
Gray and teal two tone paint

Two Tone Wall Paint Using Gray and Teal

In this project, we created a wall design for small bedroom using two tone color concept using gray and teal. This concept is very suitable to be applied to any kids or teenager’s bedroom. We also want to give some industrial effect, and that’s the reason we use the unfinished plaster wall for the gray part of the wall.

The teal color itself is made on a vertically separate section with smaller area than the gray ones to make the walls still looks natural and not too flashy. A simple floating shelves is added to give a little extra horizontal effect to balance the overall wall design. We also added an industrial style pendant lamp that not only added to give more industrial feels, but also to add more teal elements to the bedroom.

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Teal wall with gray decor ideas
Teal wall with gray decor

Gray Decor on Teal Painted Wall

Most people often feel afraid to use teal paint to cover the entire wall. This is reasonable because it risks making the wall look too flashy and excessive, and resulting a bad and unattractive wall. But this is not entirely true, if combined with the right decoration items, painting the entire wall with teal can still produce an attractive and beautiful wall.

As you can see in this example, where we painted the entire wall area behind the bed using teal paint color. To balance it, we use several decoration items with natural colors, gray. There is a set of wall art with a gray frame, a gray and wood pendant lamp, and a headboard made of gray oak. And this combination works great to make a beautiful teal and gray wall decor.

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Simple modern bedroom with teal and gray wall ideas
Simple modern bedroom with teal and gray wall

Simple Modern Teal and Gray Wall

In this project we create a bedroom with gray as our main colors where we painted almost all the bedroom wall using this color, except for the wall behind the bed where we use teal ones.

One key to this concept is to add a few simple lines to make the teal wall doesn’t look boring and to add more modern feels, so, even though we don’t use any decoration items on this wall, the results still look very good with a modern and elegant impression.

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Gray wall with teal stickers decor ideas
Gray wall with teal stickers

Teal Stickers on Gray Wall

For those of you who want to have a teal and gray wall decor that is cheap and easy to created, but still looks beautiful and attractive, then you can follow this approach. Yes, just by using a teal wall sticker above the gray wall, you can have an interesting and beautiful wall.

But of course sticker alone still not enough, that’s why we use some teal finished items to further highlight the teal ambient from the room. In this design, we added a teal pendant lamp that worked very well to make this teal and gray wall decor looks perfect.