8 Farmhouse Throw Pillow Covers for a Chic Décor Statement

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 18th, 2024

Throw pillow is one decorative piece that is often overlooked, while actually, it can bring a massive difference to enhance the entire room appearance, make your room looks “completed”, and bring a comfy feels wherever you put it.

And those benefits can be obtained at very affordable prices. Today, you can easily find a lot of gorgeous decorative pillows below 20$ (including cover and insert).

Furthermore, do you know that the decorative pillow can also be used to bring a touch of decor style to your spaces? Whether you want to boost your current style or bring some additional touch to spice up the looks of your seating area, a throw pillow can be a perfect choice.

Thus, if you are currently looking for additional decorative items to make your farmhouse-style decor looks better, or want to add a bit of country-living vibe to your couch, you are in the right place.

Below, we curated some of the best farmhouse-style throw pillow covers that we had been used in our interior projects that bring excellent results. And here they are :

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Gray and White Stripe Check Throw Pillow by amHoo Store

Light gray and white farmhouse throw pillow

This is our first choice when we need a decorative pillow that can instantly elevate the looks of any couch in a beautiful farmhouse ambiance.

With a classic buffalo checkered stripe pattern that combining gorgeous neutral white and light gray shade, this pillow can be a great versatile addition that will blend easily with any couches or sofas.

Although it’s soft and subtle looks, using this pillow alone can still bring a big difference and make any couches becomes much more attractive.

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Soft Cream Corduroy Pillow by Mernette

Cream stripped corduroy pillow

One of the important keys to achieving a perfect farmhouse looks is to keep everything simple using soothing, and neutral color combinations.

And that’s why this simple cream pillow is a perfect fit for any farmhouse-style interior.

Its crisp, simple appearance will help soften and smoothen the looks of any couch – in case you are using any dark, bold couches, in elegant and stylish ways, thank’s to its beautiful corduroy-style stripes.

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Be Our Guest Quotes Pillow by Meekio

Vintage farmhouse-style throw pillow

This pillow can be a perfect choice if you want to create a farmhouse interior with a bit of rustic touch.

The charm beige finishes with a strong country-style character will quickly transform the feeling of your room.

Moreover, its beautiful quote design can bring a unique visual look to make your couch much more interesting and differentiate it from any other typical couches.

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White with Gray Stripe Linen Pillow by Sunlit

White and gray farmhouse throw pillow

Wanna create an aesthetic, eye-pleasing, and Instagram-worthy living room? Then you should use this gorgeous pillow for your sofa or couch.

The combinations of modern design with vintage stripe patterns providing a fresh and unique visual appearance that can blend easily in any decor theme, including farmhouse.

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Stylish Cream and Black Stripe Pillow by Yaertun

Cream and black modern farmhouse pillow

This pillow can be a great addition to bring a touch of modern vibe into any farmhouse interior but still blend and incorporate flawlessly with any other farmhouse elements around it.

And this is achieved because of the beautiful combinations of charm and chic beige base with a bold and elegant black pattern.

Its stylish, trendy design makes it looks much more interesting compared to any similar pillow.

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Dusty Blue and White Stripe Linen Pillow by Miule

White and dusty blue pillow

In most cases, blue is not an option when it comes to farmhouse decor. But you can still use them as an accent to bring a touch of airy and cozy vibe by using this amazing pillow.

Its dusty, grayish-blue finish makes it much more neutral compared to any other shades of blue, and that’s what makes this pillow can fit nicely into the farmhouse environment.

Moreover, the classic, stripe pattern will spread a strong farmhouse character to the entire space.

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Brown Oatmeal Checker Plaid Burlap Pillow by Home Brilliant

Brown checker farmhouse-style throw pillow

This pillow can be a perfect choice if you need to bring a strong and bold accent to your farmhouse living room.

With a classic checker plaid texture that spreading a strong farmhouse looks, this pillow will works best as a focal point for your seating area, especially if it’s surrounded by softer and lighter colors and elements.

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White and Brown Faux Leather Pillow by Merrycolor 

White and brown leather pillow

This faux leather couch comes in a perfect balance of farmhouse looks and classic, elegant design, thank’s to the perfect choice of leather materials and color combinations.

So, if you need to embrace some luxuriousness and elegance in your spaces, then this farmhouse pillow is surely the best choice for you.

You can also use this pillow if there is some other leather furniture inside your home such as a leather accent chair to create consistent looks throughout the entire room.

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