7 Trendy Bedroom Ideas Embracing Blue Walls

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 17th, 2024

Blue is a timeless favorite for bedroom walls, infusing a touch of cool neutrality into space. This hue strikes a perfect balance and creates an oasis of calm – an indispensable quality for any bedroom.

Thus, if you want to create a sanctuary where relaxation is second nature, the blue walls are undoubtedly the best option for you.

So, are you ready to transform your bedroom into a haven of tranquility? Let’s embark on the journey of 7 stylish blue bedroom ideas that harness the power of blue walls, turning your sleep space into a captivating retreat.

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Contemporary-Style Bedroom With Navy Wall Molding

Contemporary bedroom with navy wall molding

The simple yet stylish molding work behind the bed becomes the center of attention in this bedroom. To give it more power, we painted it with navy. As you can see, the result is pretty amazing, where the molding stands out and helps lift the visual of the entire bedroom.

To neutralize the bold architectural feature, we use neutral elements like warm white bed frames, white furnishings, and bright accessories throughout the space. However, we also added some navy pieces like a navy rug and pillow to keep the bold blue hues spread evenly inside the room.

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Bedroom With Blue-Gray Wall and Gray Furniture

Blue-gray and black bedroom

Blue-gray is a great shade that easily evokes a modern, stylish, and elegant space. In this bedroom design, we use blue-gray paint for the walls, and works amazing as the backdrop that lets other elements around it shine.

At the same time, the charming yet elegant walls add a calming vibe, transforming the room into a serene haven without creating an overwhelming visual.

To complete this bedroom, we added some black elements, such as a black bed frame and black accessories that bring a stunning dramatic contrast against the neutral walls.

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Modern Bedroom With Blue and Wood Accent Wall

Navy and wood bedroom

The dark blue and light-toned wood accent wall looks lovely in this modern-style bedroom. They perfectly balanced the elegance with natural charms, creating an interesting visual and enhancing the overall aesthetic inside the space.

Even though there aren’t a lot of navy elements inside this space, thanks to its strong and bold tone, the navy walls and rug alone are more than enough to amplify elegance and infuse the room with modern sophistication. On the other hand, the light wood brings in fresh natural qualities that wrap this space in a cozy and comforting ambiance.

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Dark Blue and Yellow Bedroom

Dark blue and yellow bedroom

This time, we want to create a unique design that goes far beyond the typical and mainstream one. Here, we combine dark blue and yellow to create a stylish yet fun ambiance.

The dark blue wall acts as a bold canvas, then the yellow accessories like the yellow comforter, yellow throw pillows, and yellow artworks evoke some fun and joyful vibes that will boost the mood of your interior space. This color scheme gives an energetic feel to keep you motivated every day.

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Coastal Bedroom With Blue Shiplap Wall

Blue coastal bedroom

A blue and white is an ideal pair for a coastal-style bedroom because it easily reminisces the oceanic vibes. In this bedroom, we used shiplap board for the walls as the staple elements that strongly spread coastal vibes, then painted it with blue paint to give a more interesting visual.

This blue shiplap wall blends beautifully with white wood furnishings. They create a stunning, dramatic contrast while still blending together beautifully thanks to their organic natural texture and grain.

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Stylish Dark Blue and White Bedroom

Bedroom with dark blue wall and white furniture

Another awesome design with a dark blue accent wall. In this stylish contemporary bedroom, dark blue becomes a bold backdrop, unleashing all the potential of the surrounding elements such as white furniture and accessories. The sleek furniture looks even brighter and beautifully shines, capturing everyone’s attention.

To keep the blue consistency throughout the room, we finish this design with some blue accessories like the stunning geometric area rug and bold comforter.

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Light Blue and Gray Bedroom

Light blue and gray bedroom

This is a great example of a charming and peaceful bedroom that uses simplicity as the main theme. To avoid overcomplicating this design, we chose a subtle light blue paint for the walls and used neutral gray furniture to complete this space.

These light pale blue and gray elements work together perfectly to keep a soothing and subtle ambiance, while at the same time creating a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing visual.

Finally, the light neutral wood floor completes this bedroom in a warm and inviting atmosphere.