What Color Carpet Goes with White Walls? (10 Best Options with Images)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 24th, 2024

Walls and floors, those elements are the basic fundamentals in interior design. Most people underestimate the importance of those elements, which in fact, both are the vital parts that can determine the success or failure of your entire design.

Failed to choose the right colors for them can make all of the other efforts such as choosing and buying futuristic furnishings or beautiful and pretty decoration items can be a complete waste.

Many homeowners think that painting the walls in white can solve all of the problems. Actually, it is not. Although white is a neutral and very versatile color where it can be easily paired with any other color, things can go quite different when it comes to specific cases such as flooring. Not all flooring colors can work well with white walls, especially if you already decided to go with carpet as your flooring material.

If you are using white to paint your walls and decided to use carpet as the flooring, then we want to help you by suggesting the 10 best carpet colors that go with white walls.

Drawing from our experience, some of the best carpet colors for rooms with white walls include light gray, cream, light brown, blue, navy, and green. These carpet options can add depth and personality to the room, infusing a sense of timeless elegance, and preventing the entire room from looking boring and monotonous. Combining these carpets with white walls exudes a classic and modern fusion, striking a perfect balance between drama and simplicity.

Discover the seamless blend of your favorite carpet shade with white walls using our tool situated at the bottom of the page, or click here for instant access.

By reading this article, we hope that you can at least save a lot of your important time and also it save your money so you don’t need to test different carpet colors by yourself.

Let’s get started :

10 Best Carpet Colors for White Walls

Light Gray Carpet

Light gray carpet with white walls

For you who want to create a simple and minimalist space, then light gray carpet can be the best option that you can consider. The combinations between light gray carpet and white walls can also bring a flawless look, which both elements look quite similar but still had enough contrast to distinguish them.

This carpet color can also be a great choice for a monochromatic modern interior style that is quite popular recently.

Another advantage of using a light gray carpet with white walls is both are bright and light colors that can make any room feel larger. The carpet had a very different character from other popular floorings such as tile or wooden flooring, where carpet doesn’t have any reflective or glossiness effects that can visually help make your space feel more spacious.

Thus, using a bright and light carpet such as light gray can be the best solution for a small room.

Cream Carpet

Cream carpet with white walls

Another light carpet color that go best for any room with white walls is cream. This carpet can works well especially if you want to make your space feel a bit warmer and comfy, but still producing a flawless look between the carpet and the walls.

If you decide to use cream carpet, make sure that you are choosing the ones that still had enough contrast when used alongside white walls.

Choose a cream tone that is too similar to white can make them hard to distinguish, thus can make your entire space feel monotonous and flat.

Light Brown Carpet

Light brown carpet with white walls

If you want to bring more depth and richness to your space while still bring a bright and simple look, then light brown may be a perfect choice for you.

This shade still looks quite bright that can visually make the space feel spacious, but also had enough brown tone that can bring a beautiful earthy and rich tone to your entire space.

Medium Gray Carpet

Medium gray carpet with white walls

Previously, we already listed light gray, but if you think that carpet is still quite indistinguishable from the white walls, then you can go with a darker tone of gray such as a medium gray.

Not only this shade can give a simple yet elegant look, but the medium gray carpet can also be a versatile base where you can explore and use any kind of colors for the furniture above it.

It can go well with a bright and cheerful choice such as a yellow or red sofa, but also still work wonders with a more soft and calm palette such as cream or beige.

Blue Carpet

Blue carpet with white walls

Blue carpet has a unique characteristic, where this kind of carpet not only can make a room looks vibrant and cozy but also can produce an elegant and glamorous atmosphere, especially when used alongside white walls.

This color can be used in various interior design styles, from classic, contemporary modern, to the coastal farmhouse.

Another benefit of using the blue carpet is that this kind of carpet is quite neutral and versatile as it can easily blend with any furniture colors.

Dark Brown Carpet

Dark brown carpet with white walls

Actually, it’s quite difficult to use a dark brown carpet, as this kind of carpet won’t go well with most wall paint colors, except white. So, if you are currently had white walls, then this is a great opportunity to use a dark brown carpet that can produce a modern and luxurious look to your entire space.

As a strong earthy tone, dark brown can make any room feels warmer and welcoming. And that’s why we love to use this brown carpet in the living room.

But one important note before you go buy this kind of carpet, please make sure that your room had enough light sources to avoid this carpet make the entire space look dark and gloomy.

Navy Blue Carpet

Navy blue carpet with white walls

Navy blue can also be a great alternative if you want to create an elegant room. The navy carpet has a bold and strong impression, but it can balance up nicely with the white walls.

We often choose this carpet if we are planning to use some bright, light, or natural finishes furniture such as a white couch, cream sofa, or white bed platform. This carpet color can work perfectly to highlight those kinds of furniture and make them stand out perfectly.

Green Carpet

Green carpet with white walls

Actually, any green shade is quite unpopular when it comes to carpet. Most homeowners tend to use this color in other elements rather than carpet. But in fact, green carpet can still be used with quite fascinating results, especially when used alongside a plain white wall.

Like any other green elements, a green carpet can make any space feel fresh and natural. However, using this carpet can bring another challenge for your interior design projects: choosing furniture colors.

It’s quite difficult to find a perfect furniture color that can go well with a green carpet.

Black and White Carpet

Black and white carpet with white walls

Using a carpet with the exact same colors as the walls is a big no. Except, if it’s combined with other colors, such as the black and white pattern carpet that we use in the image above.

This can be an ideal concept to create a seamlessly integrated room while the black pattern can bring an elegant contrast to avoid boring and monotonous looks.

Black Carpet

Black carpet with white walls

If you are a risk-taker, then you can try using a black carpet, and the results can be very rewarding. A combination of black carpet with white walls can create full contrast effects that visually make the entire space look very modern and elegant.

But as we already said before, avoid using this kind of dark carpet in a small-sized room. And please make sure that particular room had sufficient lighting source (a natural and artificial one) to avoid the space look gloomy.

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