20 Best Throw Pillows for Grey Couch (Stylish and Elegant Choices)

Explore these 20 awesome pillow ideas for grey couch. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 12th, 2022

Gray couches seem to be one of the most practical, risk-free options that can work for almost all kinds of interior styles. Furthermore, as a neutral choice, it can blend easily with any other color and can be a great option to tie up many different colors together.

However, these kinds of couches come with some drawbacks, and one of the most often is the risk to make the living spaces look boring and uninviting.

Fortunately, there are many different options that you can use to make the gray sofa look more lively and attractive, such as choosing the right wall color behind it, using the right rug combinations, or mixing it with the perfect decorative pillows.

Using a throw pillow seems to be one of the fastest, most efficient ways, and that’s why we love this approach when it comes to making any uninspiring gray sofa feel more alive.

Based on years of experience in the interior design world especially after did a dozen of projects that involve gray couches, we will share the 10 best throw pillows that can be a perfect mix with any gray couch, and here they are :

What Color Pillows for Gray Couch?

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Light Gray Pillow

Light gray pillow with dark gray couch
Velvet light gray pillow with gray couch

For you who want to keep gray being the main palette of your interior, then the best way to enrich the look is by adding more layers of gray. You can go either with a darker or lighter tone, but we prefer to go with a lighter one.

Using a similar gray pillow not only can create a seamless look but also can avoid the pillow from becoming a distraction to the gorgeous couch.

Any light gray pillow will work nicely with the medium gray-toned couch, and for a dark gray couch, you can go with a medium gray pillow. To add an extra dimension, we love to use any light gray pillow that comes with some texture, such as this amazing light gray pillow by Mernette that had a simple plain stripe texture to match the minimalist-modern style of the entire living room.

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White Pillow

White pillow on grey sofa
White throw pillow with gray couch

As a classic combination, gray and white can be a perfect choice to keep your space simple, but still, bring enough contrast and make the entire space feel fresh and crisp.

However, in most cases, a plain white pillow seems not to work really well. Thus, you can avoid this by choosing any white pillow that comes with beautiful texture, some of our favorites are a white geometric textured pillow or a simple corduroy stripe throw pillow such as this wonderful velvet white pillow by Home Brilliant.

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Sage Pillow

Sage throw pillow with gray couch
Sage throw pillow with gray couch

Sage is one of the most neutral green shades, and that’s why it can easily blend with any other colors. When paired with a gray couch, the sage throw pillow will keep the couch simple but still add enough freshness to make the couch looks much more attractive.

If you are looking for a green pillow for your gray couch, without any doubt, this is the best option!

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Navy Pillow

Navy blue pillow with gray couches
Striped navy blue pillow with gray couch

Most homeowners choose a grey couch with the main intention to create an elegant living room, and there are no better choices to improve and enhance the couch to fully exploit its elegance by using a bold, navy blue pillow such as this stylish striped textured pillow by Home Brilliant.

This pillow can also add a beautiful touch of boldness while at the same time striking new shades to make your spaces richer.

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Sky Blue Pillow

Sky blue pillow with grey couch
Sky blue pillow with grey couch

However, if you are looking for a softer blue, then you can try pairing a sky blue pillow with your grey couch.

This light, muted shade of blue will keep your couch calm and soothing, while at the same time bringing some splash of airy color to cheer up your seating area.

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Beige Pillow

Beige throw pillow with grey couch
Warm and inviting beige pillow with gray couch

As a cool-tone shade, pairing gray with a warmer one can be a great way to create a perfectly balanced living space. And there are no better choices for this particular job rather than beige. A beige pillow not only can make the couch look warmer, but it can also add a touch of a beautiful and welcoming charm vibe.

There are many great beige pillows that you can choose to warm up your couch, but if we should pick one, we prefer this charming chenille beige pillow by Mernette. This gorgeous pillow can be a perfect choice to decorate your spaces in simple but fashionable ways.

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Brown Pillow

Brown throw pillow with grey couch
Brown throw pillow with grey couch

Another great bold option that works really well with grey couches: brown. Either medium-finishes brown or even dark brown will lift up the intensity of your grey couch in a luxurious, glam vibe.

Even though most brown throw pillows had a strong look, they are still neutral, and thus won’t ruin the elegance of any grey couch.

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Light Green Pillow

Light green cushion with grey couch
Fresh light green pillow with gray couch

Light green is a perfect choice if you want to add a splash of pop to your couch and at the same time bring a wonderful fresh and natural ambiance. We love to use these kinds of pillows for any space that lacks greenery and natural elements.

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Dark Green Pillow

Dark green throw pillow with gray couch
Dark green throw pillow with gray couch

Any dark green shades such as dark emerald or dark olive can perfectly complement your gray couch. The fresh yet velvety looks of these kinds of pillows will easily elevate not only your couch, but also the entire space.

To get the best result, incorporate some gold elements around your couch.

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Gray and White Pillow

Farmhouse style pillow with grey couch
Farmhouse style gray and white pillow with gray couch

If you want to keep the pillow look flawless with the couch but are still afraid that it doesn’t solve the boring and monotonous problems, then you can try a white and gray pillow. The gray elements of the pillow will keep it harmonious with the couch, while the white brings a nice crisp contrast to brighten up your space.

For this kind of pillow, one of our favorites is this horizontal stripe white and gray pillow by Amhoo Store. This pillow perfectly blends a beautiful farmhouse-style pattern in stylish and modern ways and makes it a nice addition to any living space.

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Beige and Gray Pillow

Gray and beige pillow with gray sofa
Beige and gray pillow with gray couch

Beige and gray is a classic, vintage combination that can bring a beautiful mix of cool and warm tones together. And this also can be a great pillow color for a gray sofa, especially if you want to add such vibe to your entire space.

One important thing if you prefer these kinds of pillows is to carefully choose the perfect pattern and texture, especially if your current interior style tends to go in a more modern/contemporary direction.

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Yellow Pillow

Yellow throw pillow with gray couch
Yellow throw pillow with gray couch

There are no better choices than a yellow pillow if you need to add some splash, vibrant pop to bring your gray couch back to life.

Even just one piece of yellow throw pillow can make a big difference when used on the neutral gray couch. However, since yellow is quite vibrant, please keep them only as an accent color and avoid overusing them.

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Yellow and Gray Pillow

Gray and yellow pillow with grey couch
Gray and yellow accent pillow with gray couch

Any living room that uses gray as its main palette tends to feel cold and joyless, and one interesting choice to solve this is by adding a burst of yellow accent to it.

However, sometimes a plain yellow can overpower the entire space and take over the main attention from the couch. Thus, rather than choosing a plain yellow pillow, you can try using any pillow that had a mixture of yellow and grey patterns in it, such as this gorgeous pillow by Phantoscope.

As you can see in the picture above, the pillow brings a bright and fun sunny sunshine vibe to make the entire space feel more alive, while at the same time still looking flawless with the couch, thanks to its gray elements.

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Orange Pillow

Orange throw pillow with gray couch
Orange throw pillow with gray couch

Another great option for you who want to add some sparkling hues to the gray couch. Unlike yellow, most oranges had some bold, elegant feels and that’s exactly what you to keep the couch and pillow goes in harmony.

This combination will work best inside any modern, contemporary interior theme.

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Gray and Light Blue Pillow

Gray and blue throw pillow with gray sofa
Abstract gray and blue throw pillow

Another great accent that will look fabulous with a grey sofa is light blue. This shade not only can add a splash of wonderful pop to the couch but also can add a tranquil and serene ambiance to entire seating spaces. But again, for these kinds of bright accents, we prefer to choose the ones that come with some gray pattern in them to help them blend easier with our couch.

And one of our favorites is this artistic blue and gray pillow. This pillow had a beautiful abstract-style pattern that is perfect for any living room with a more trendy and modern approach.

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Gray and Gold Pillow

Gray and gold pillow with gray couch
Glamorous geometric style gray and gold pillow

Adding gold accent around the gray sofa is a perfect way to lift up and enhance the looks of the couch in luxurious and glamorous ways. The common ways to do this are by adding a gold table beside the couch or putting a gold mirror behind it. But do you know that it also can be done using a decorative pillow?

This velvet gold and light gray pillow by Avigers is a great example. As you can see, the vibrant gold embroidered pattern strikes beautifully to make the entire couch look glam and velvety, and the gray keeps it blends nicely with the couch.

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Black Leather Pillow

Black leather pillow with grey couch
Black leather pillow with grey couch

Boost the boldness and elegance of your grey couch by pairing it with the black leather pillow. This pair will create striking neutral contrast that helps makes each other stand out more. So, your entire seating area will be the center of attention in your living space.

Black and gray combination can also becomes a great option if you doesn’t want to add too much colors to your interior, so you can keep the entire space simple, clean, but still looks amazing.

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Teal Pillow

Teal pillow with grey couch
Teal pillow with grey couch

Since both shades had a cool tone, the teal pillow and grey couch can go together beautifully in harmony. While at the same time, the teal pillow adds plenty of richness to make your couch feel more alive.

Moreover, teal is a unique shade of green that unlike most green shades, it comes with some modern looks. That’s why we highly recommend you try this combination for those who want to create a contemporary modern style interior.

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Blue-gray Pillow

Blue-gray pillow with gray couch
Blue-gray pillow with gray couch

Here is another great shade of blue that blends perfectly with gray. Having strong gray undertones, a blue-gray pillow surely will fit easily inside any gray-themed interior.

Together, the blue-gray and gray create a harmonious space that still had enough hues to avoid the boring, monotonous looks.

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Purple Pillow

Purple pillow with grey couch
Purple pillow with grey couch

Classy and elegant, those are the vibe that you can achieve when combining a grey couch with a purple pillow. Actually, purple is a tricky color that hardly fits into any decor scheme, but with the neutrality of gray, this unique shade can blend beautifully.

Lastly, this combination will create a stunning, aesthetic look to the grey couch and makes your living room becomes an Instagram-worthy space.