What Color Paint Goes with Black and White Furniture?

These amazing wall paint colors can beautifully elevate any living room with black and white furnishings. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 30th, 2021

Years ago, many people may think that the monochrome decor style is boring. But now, things had turned around. Monochromatic style decor becomes more and more popular, and a lot of people, from the typical homeowners to interior design experts applied this concept for their own homes or projects.

This is based on the fact that when applied properly, the monochromatic decor can make any room look stylish and interesting, but in a sleek and simple way.

One of the most favorite color combinations for this style is black and white. This combination will provide high-contrast effects that make the space feel dramatic with a touch of modern looks.

If you are planning to redesign your space and using black and white furnishings as the main elements, then you are in the right place. Here on this page, we will give you some wall paint color ideas that based on our experiences, work best inside any room filled with black and white furnishings. And here they are :

Best Wall Colors for Room with Black and White Furniture

Pure White

White and black living room ideas
Pure white walls

If you want to keep the perfectly monochromatic looks for your space, then the pure-white wall is obviously the best option.

This choice can keep the consistency between the white items and the walls, and at the same time help make the black elements stand out elegantly as the main interest for the room.

Moreover, using pure white can be very beneficial for any room that lacks neutral lights, as it will reflect a lot of light from outside and help makes the entire space feel lighter and brighter.


Alabaster walls with black and white furnishings
Alabaster walls

For you who want to bring a bit of warmth to your space but at the same time want to keep the elegant monochromatic appearance, then you can try this lovely shade.

Alabaster is a warm white shade that at first, may look very similar to pure white, but actually, it had more depth and a bit brown-yellowish tone. Thus, it can still bring all the benefits as the pure white to keep the consistency between the wall and the white furnishings but comes with some warm touch to makes the entire space feel a little bit more comfy and welcoming.

Olympus White

Olympus white walls with black and white furniture
Olympus white walls

This is another great alternative to pure white. Olympus white is a very light gray shade that looks almost identical to pure white, but actually, it had some gray undertone in it.

Thus, if you are placing the pure white furnishings in front of the wall, you may notice that there is some contrast between them. This contrast can be really helpful to avoid the monotonous looks that can potentially occur if you are using pure white paint.

Steely Gray

Steely gray walls with black and white furnishings
Steely gray walls

If you prefer a darker gray than the Olympus white, then this can be a great alternative. As its name, this shade had a steel color look that makes it suit perfectly when used alongside black and white furnishings in a modern-style interior.

Furthermore, it can spread some sleek and stylish elegance to the entire room. We love to use this paint for any room that had many different metallic elements, as it can wrap them up together and create perfectly flawless looks.

Aleutian Blue

aleutian blue living room walls with black and white furnishings
Aleutian blue walls

Typically, blue and black don’t seem to go well together, except if you are using a very neutral shade of blue such as this gorgeous Aleutian blue.

This shade had a very strong amount of gray undertone that mixed beautifully with a hint of a light blue hue, resulting in a uniquely soft, subtle yet elegant appearance that makes this color can be a perfect choice for any contemporary style room.

And even though the blue doesn’t look too dominant, but it can still spread the airy and tranquil vibe to makes the room feel cozy and relaxing.

Mindful Gray

Mindful gray walls with black and white furnishings
Mindful gray walls

Same with blue, brown is not a great choice to go with black, except for any brown that comes with a very neutral appearance such as this mindful gray. This particular shade combines a medium-toned gray with light brown, resulting in a very light brown look that is close to tan or taupe.

When used inside any room with black and white furnishings, this paint color can spread some elegance wrapped in a beautiful earthy and neutral looks to make the entire room much more inviting and welcoming. And that’s why, this color can be a great option for any room that needs such a vibe, such as a living room or dining room.

Sea Salt Green

Seasalt green walls with white and black furniture
Seasalt green walls

If you want a paint color that had a hint of green to refresh up your space, then you can try this sea salt green.

Indeed, this particular shade doesn’t have a lot of green hue in it, but it can still bring all of the beauty and fresh visual appearance similar to any other typical green, while at the same time its neutral looks make this shade can blend relatively easy with dominant and bold furniture such as our black items.