Grey and Yellow Small Bedroom with Couch

Artistic grey and yellow small bedroom with couch.
Gray BedroomSmall BedroomYellow Bedroom

Grey and Yellow Small Bedroom

Have a small sized bedroom make it very difficult when you want to put something there, including when you want to put a couch there for sit and relax after long, busy and exhausting day.

If you had similar problems, don’t worry, because in this project we will create a small bedroom design with couch inside that we hope can became inspiration for you.

This time, we will use grey and yellow accent as the main colors for this bedroom project. The reason that we choose those colors is we try to create a vibrant but cozy bedroom decoration, so the owner of this bedroom will feel energized and cheerful every single day.

Grey and yellow small bedroom with couch
Yellow and grey small bedroom

Most of the bedroom walls will be painted with grey, and we only painted a small portion of the walls with yellow paint to give more yellow accent to the room.

This bedroom is very small but we need spaces to put a couch there, so we only used single sized bedroom to give us more precious spaces in this bedroom.

And then we can put the couch beside the bed in near the window, so the bedroom owner can sit and relax there while enjoying the view outside.

Yellow small bedroom design
Yellow small bedroom

Floating wall shelves are very important in this kind of bedroom, since it can give us more space without taking any of our limited area. That’s why we choose those shelves in this bedroom.

This bedroom already had a big window, so there is no need much extra light especially in the daytime. Beside the main light, we only used 1 wall hanging lamp that can be used as a reading lamp or night lamp.

Item Used in This Bedroom Design

Modern Yellow Accent Armchair Fabric Single Couch with Ottoman

This modern couch has perfect size, style and colors for this bedroom design. Come with ottoman foot rest, this chair is made with high quality textile materials. Ergonomically Designed, this couch can be the best place to relax in your bedroom.

Marble Solid Wood
Nightstand White and Light Brown Accent Table

Space is very valuable thing inside our small bedroom, that’s why we choose this table as an end table for this bedroom. Although it’s only 18 inches, this table is strong enough to handle any heavy items, thanks to it’s solid wood legs. With mid century modern style, this table can blend perfectly with any interior decorations.

Modern Minimalist Bedside Wall Lamp Scandinavian Style

One of the reason we choose this wall lamp for this project is because it’s lamp head can be rotated freely, so for this project, this lamp can be used not only for night lamp, but also for reading lamp. Another reason why we like this lamp is it’s simple design is very versatile and can fit perfectly into any bedroom design style.

White Floating Wall Shelf – White Hanging Wall Shelves Decoration

When designing bedroom with this size, floating wall shelf are very important items that can help us get more spaces to put any items and decorations. There are a lot of floating wall shelf available on the market but we choose this one because it’s simplicity and modern looks with white matte finish.

Square Canvas Wall Art – Yellow Ferns Wood Effect Canvas

To make this bedroom looks much more attractive, we choose this set of wall art to decorated this bedroom wall. With yellow ferns printed on high quality canvas with wood effect, this wall art perfectly match this yellow bedroom design.

Dream Until Your Dreams Come True Wall PVC Wall Sticker Yellow Decal

The reason we put this wall sticker in this bedroom is to give this bedroom more vibrant and energizing feel to anyone who see this bedroom. This wall sticker can be applied in any surface such as
painted wall, glass, ceramic tile, metal, wallpaper, wood and plastic.

Stainless Steel Flower Vase Brilliant Reflective Finish & Elegant Shape

To add more fresh and natural effect into this bedroom, we use this stainless steel vase for the fresh flower. It’s brushed metal finish help give this bedroom much more modern style.

Modern Gray Unglazed Cement Succulent Planter Pots – Set of 2

We need to add more than 1 natural plant into this bedroom, so we choose this set of 2 modern gray cement succulent planter. It’s gray cement colors is match perfectly with this bedroom color style.

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