What Color Curtains Go With Blue-gray Walls?

Gorgeous curtain ideas that goes perfectly with blue-gray walls Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 12th, 2022

Choosing the right curtain color is one major task when designing a room. Choosing the right color involves considering what color curtain goes well with the wall colors. This is necessary since the wall color dominates over other colors in the room. 

Now that you have painted your walls blue gray, your task is narrowed down to looking for curtain colors that will best match your blue-gray walls. With blue-gray walls, picking the right curtain color for your blue-gray wall can be daunting since your wall color is a combination of two colors – blue and gray. Hence, your choice of curtain color should blend with blue and gray tones to achieve a perfect combo in the room. 

However, with the right guide, picking a curtain color shouldn’t be a hassle. The tip is to know what color best complements the existing décor in the room, what impression to create with your design, and the ideal brightness level for your room. 

Here are our picks for the best curtain colors that go with blue-gray walls:

7 Best Curtain Colors for Room with Blue-gray Walls 


White curtains with blue-gray walls
White curtains with blue-gray walls

In your interior design assignment, you will hardly go wrong matching white with other colors. White is a neutral color that goes well with several other colors, especially neutral colors like blue-gray. 

The only con side of choosing white is it is hard to hide dirt with white. Other than this, white curtains are a great buy for blue-gray walls. Also, white allows more brightness into the room than other color curtains.

As for vibes, white symbolizes peacefulness, cleanliness, and purity. 


Taupe curtains with blue-gray walls
Taupe curtains with blue-gray walls

When choosing a color to match another color in your design, don’t be scared of pairing two neutral colors, such as blue-gray and taupe. Another reason you want to consider taupe is that it is a color between brown and gray, and since blue-gray is a combination of gray and blue, it means your curtain and wall colors are related. 

The feelings created with taupe are another reason to go for taupe curtains. For example, while taupe is linked to practicality, reliability, and intelligence, it also symbolizes maturity and dignity.


Gray-green curtains with blue-gray walls
Gray-green curtains with blue-gray walls

Gray-green is yet another curtain color to pair with your blue-gray walls. Since green gray also has a tone of gray, it easily communicates with blue-gray. Plus, blue and green are neighbors on the color wheel to make a great pair.

You also want to consider green-gray as your curtain color since green evokes the feeling of optimism. 

Light Gray

Light gray curtains with blue-gray walls
Light gray curtains with blue-gray walls

Matching a light gray shade with a dark gray shade will never go out of style. Light gray is an ideal curtain color if you are a fanatic about gray but want a variation in your choice of colors. Light gray will help create a relaxing environment while heightening the room’s brightness level. 

On the vibe front, gray generally represents balance and neutrality. Hence, you can maximize these feelings in the room with the combo.


Navy curtains with blue-gray walls
Navy curtains with blue-gray walls

Navy is an excellent shade of blue to match blue-gray. The focus here is to link the tone of blue in blue-gray with navy. Since navy is a darker shade than blue gray, your curtain color will help highlight your wall colors, creating a decent level of contrast in the room. 

Another reason you are not making a mistake with this choice is that they are both neutral colors, which is a great idea. 

Navy blue is also associated with stability and trust.

Dark gray

Dark gray curtains with blue-gray walls
Dark gray curtains with blue-gray walls

When looking for a curtain color that best suits blue-gray walls, shades of gray are usually an option. Blue and gray are a great combo in décor, and depending on shades, you can create different styles with this pair. One reason to consider dark gray is how it will help highlight your blue gray walls, a lighter shade.

Again, gray is linked to the sense of neutrality and balance.


Yellow curtains with blue-gray walls
Yellow curtains with blue-gray walls

Yellow curtains are a great option to consider for your blue-gray walls. While yellow will help lift the cool tone of blue-gray, blue-gray will calm down the vibrant tone of yellow. Also, depending on your choice of shades, you can achieve different styles with this combo. 

You also want to consider yellow for the vibes it creates: yellow is associated with excitement, energy, happiness, and cheerfulness.


Choosing the right curtain color is not as straightforward as it might seem, and picking a curtain color for blue-gray walls is no different. While you have different color suggestions, you want to be sure you are on the right track with your choice. The idea is to consider the existing design and choose a color that blends into it.

These are the best curtain colors to match your blue-gray walls, and depending on your existing décor, and what vibe to create in your room, you are never wrong with whatever choice you make from this list.

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