5 Sleek Handle Colors for Gray Cabinets

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 22nd, 2024

Whether you are planning to create new custom kitchen cabinets or want to bring a new and fresh look to your old one, handles or knob is essential elements that can make a big impact on the visual appearance of your cabinets. That’s why you need to choose them properly before making any decision, even when it comes to neutral shades like the gray cabinets.

From our practical insights, silver, chrome black, champagne, gold, and black matte are some of the best handle colors for gray cabinetry. These handle colors effortlessly complement the understated elegance of gray, while offering a contemporary and sleek aesthetic to elevate not only the cabinets but also the entire kitchen. Furthermore, they can provide some dramatic contrast, preventing the gray cabinets from looking boring and monotonous.

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5 Best Handle Colors for Gray Kitchen Cabinets


Silver handles

Without any doubt, this is one of the best options when it comes to gray cabinets. The silver handles will polish up the entire look of the cabinet, and turn them into an ultra-modern look.

Another benefit of using silver finishes handles is that even though it’s shiny looks, it won’t be overpowered or even take over the main attention from the cabinet designs. If you find some difficulties finding silver handles, then some alternatives can bring a very similar look, such as polished chrome or aluminum.

Chrome Black

Chrome black handles

If you want to make the handles stand out against the gray cabinets, then chrome black can be the best option for you.

Its boldness polished by gorgeous shiny looks, makes it easily stand out to capture everyone’s attention.

This combination will work well in any kitchen style, from classic to modern contemporary ones. Moreover, the chrome black finishes can also be a great option if you decide to use a huge or large-size handle.


Champagne handles

This is another great choice for gray kitchen cabinets. The champagne finishes handle or knob can bring a bit of warmth that will be very suitable to balance the cool tone of the gray cabinets, creating a pleasant and aesthetic appearance.

Furthermore, its soft looks make the handles doesn’t become overly dominant, thus our eyes will be focussed on the cabinet’s design and shapes.

Last but not least, its neutral looks make these handles can blend flawlessly with cabinets with any shades of gray.


Gold handles

Sometimes, you may need to bring a splash of pop to your kitchen to make it looks richer and more interesting, and for this particular job, surely gold is the best option.

Furthermore, using gold handles can also add some glam touch that will make the cabinets not only look sophisticated but also classy and expensive.

To get the best result, incorporate some other gold decorative accents throughout your kitchen to avoid the handles looking weird or awkward.

Black Matte

Black matte handles

Using matte finished handles are quite popular right now, and if you want to apply those approach for your gray cabinet, then black matte is the best option.

This approach can work even better if you are using similar matte dark gray finishes handles for your gray kitchen cabinet.

We love to use this combination to create a modern farmhouse, industrial, or Scandinavian-style kitchen.