What Color Nightstand Goes with White Bed?

Our expert tried a lot of different nightstand colors to find the best ones that will blend perfectly with a white bed. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 27th, 2021

The ultimate goal when decorating a bedroom is to make sure it becomes the perfect place to sleep and relax. And that’s why many homeowners tend to use white as the main palette for their bedroom.

This light, neutral shade is obviously the perfect choice to create serene, calm, and soothing places. There are many different ways that you can use white in your bedroom, from using white walls to white furnishings.

And when we talked about rest and relax, surely the most important piece of furniture is the bed. A white bed alone can bring an instant impact to smoothen the looks and psychologically, help you feel comfy and relaxed when sleeping.

Furthermore, a white bed can fit easily into any decor scheme, or be combined with other colors. That’s said, some colors tend to works better with a white bed compared to the others. And in this article, we will show you some best nightstand colors that will look flawless beside a white bed.

Best Nightstand Colors for White Bed


White nightstand alongside white bed
Simpe white nightstand with drawer and bottom shelf

Some people may think that an all-white bedroom may be boring, but actually, this scheme can create a fully crisp, clean, and sleek look, especially if you can blend all of the white elements in stylish ways.

To avoid boring looks, choose any white items that had a unique or stylish design, such as the gorgeous white nightstand that we used in the image above.

At a glance, this white nightstand looks quite simple, but if you take a closer look, it has a stunning design that can take any white bedroom to the next level.

White and Glass

White marble and glass nightstand beside white bed
SoHo style white marble and glass nightstand

If you prefer any white nightstand that comes with other colors or elements rather than full-white, then you can try using a white and glass nightstand.

This kind of nightstand can be a perfect addition to bring ultra-modern and stylish looks to any bedroom with white bed.

Its white elements make the white flows between the bed and the nightstand beside it, while the glass brings a gorgeous glam sense to create glam looks around your bed.

White and Gold Accents

White and gold nightstand inside white bedroom
Mid-century retro white and gold nightstand

Here is another great alternative. The white nightstand that comes with some gold accents can really elevate any bedroom in glamorous and luxurious ways.

Even just small pieces of gold or brass accents can bring a big difference to the overall looks.

White and Wood

White and wooden nightstand
Round white and wooden leg nightstand

In some cases, a white-themed bedroom may lack some warmth. And wood is one of the best elements that can bring a warm vibe. Additionally, using a white and wood nightstand will spread a fresh and natural vibe to enrichen the entire ambiance of the bedroom.

For a white bed, we highly recommend you to choose any white and wood nightstand that comes with a light, neutral finishes wood and avoid any darker ones.


Black nightstand beside white bed
1-drawer pure black nightstand

If you need any nightstand that can stand out boldly against the soft and smooth white bed, then go with a black nightstand.

The beautiful contrast between the bed and the nightstand can create a dramatic scene to lift your bedroom appearance elegantly.

To keep the white connections with the bed, you can use some white items such as a white table lamp or white vases above the black nightstand.


Gray and gold nightstand beside white bedding
Glam gray and gold nightstand

If black seems a bit too strong, then alternatively you can go with gray. The gray nightstand will create similar effects with black when placed beside a white bed but in a bit softer and lighter tone.

As there are a lot of different gray tones, you can easily choose anyone that will suit best with your current bedroom settings.

For example, you can go with light gray if you want to keep the lightness and the simplicity of your bedroom’s visual appearance, or go bold with dark gray, graphite gray, or charcoal gray nightstand.


Glamourous gold nightstand inside white bedroom
Modern black and gold nightstand

This is another strong choice if you want to make the nightstand becomes one of your bedroom centerpieces. The gold finishes nightstand can look amazing, especially when used beside a plain white bed, as it can stand out glamorously and attract everyone’s attention.

This nightstand can also be a perfect choice if you had some other gold accessories inside the room, and bring the glam gold vibe spread throughout the entire bedroom.