Best Colors to Paint Brick Fireplace (Reignite Your Space Using These Stunning Colors)

Brick fairplace facelift : jaw-dropping paint colors to transform the heart of your home! Written by : Editors | Last Updated : September 19th, 2023

Brick fireplace not only warm up the hearts of your home, but also give bold character and charming rustic allure that elevates the entire space.

However, some brick fireplace may looks a bit outdated and goes out of style. Thus, repaint it can be a great way to give the old brick fireplace a fresh, new look to revitalize this stunning architectural feature.

With the vast spectrum of paint colors, choosing the perfect shade can be a daunting and challenging task. And that’s the reason why we put together this article.

Here, we’ll explore some of the great colors that will be an excellent choice for brick fireplace, and help revive your fireplace into a stunning centerpiece of your living space.

Best Paint Colors for Brick Fireplace


Living room with white brick fireplace
White brick fireplace

This is a great choice if you want to totally revamp and give your brick fireplace a fresh new appearance. When applied to a brick fireplace, white brings a sense of freshness, modernity, and timeless elegance to the fireplace.

At the same time, white has the ability to brighten and visually expand your living space, making it feel more open and airy.


Living room with black brick fireplace
Black brick fireplace

If you need to boost your fireplace and make it stand out even stronger, then painting it with black can be a great choice.

Black can also give the old fireplace a more modern and sleek appeal, making the fireplace fits seamlessly into any contemporary or modern design schemes.

Deep Red

Living room with deep red brick fireplace
Red brick fireplace

You can keep a natural, rustic allure of your brick fireplace by painting it with deep red. This will keep the natural beauty of the fireplace, while at the same time boost it’s depth and character.

Deep red also becomes a great paint color if you want to make your fireplace a bold centerpiece, brings a timeless charm and a touch of nostalgic romance to the room.

Dark Green

Living room with dark green brick fireplace
Dark green brick fireplace

Using dark green not only makes your fireplace looks interesting and out-of-ordinary, but also can connects the fireplace to the nature. Making it a great option for any homes that embrace an outdoor views or using plenty of natural elements.

Dark green painted fireplace will infuse your interiors with natural beauty and charm, while still becomes a bold statement that captures everyone’s attention.


Living room with gray brick fireplace
Gray brick fireplace

Upgrade the look of your brick fireplace into a modern and elegant vibe by using gray. The neutral, calming qualities of gray will blend perfectly with organic texture and grain of the brick, resulting in a well-balanced and stylish look.

The gray paint still allows the fireplace to stand out, while also becomes a neutral canvas for any other design elements around it.


Living room with charcoal brick fireplace
Charcoal brick fireplace

If you need an even stronger color than gray, then you can try charcoal or dark gray. This deep, bold hue will complement the rustic texture of brick, creates a sophisticated focal point that will effortlessly elevates the overall room’s aesthetic.

Charcoal painted brick fireplace can easily blend with any interior design style, from traditional to a modern one.

Dark Brown

Living room with dark brown brick fireplace
Dark brown brick fireplace

Boost the warmth and cozy atmosphere of your living space by painting the brick fireplace with dark brown. Comes with natural earthy-tone, dark brown beautifully enhances the rustic charm of the brick materials, while adding depth and warmth to the fireplace.

Dark brown can be a perfect choice for you who want to infuse your space with a touch of natural warmth and character.

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