7 Stunning Crown Molding Color Ideas

7 Best paint colors for crown molding Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 27th, 2022

Choosing the right paint colors for your crown molding can add character to the room. Although it is a minute detail in design, it can make a vast difference to the overall look of the room and can become the real statement piece of your interior.

Here are some key points to consider before choosing paint colors for crown molding:

  • The color of the wall– Do you want your crown molding to blend with your wall colors? You can choose to blend your crown molding paint colors with your walls or create a successful contrast. This can be a sensitive decision, so it is important to look at the color wheel. Observe the complimentary color of your walls and use those for your crown molding.
  • The colors of the ceiling– Ceiling colors are usually white or off-white unless you want to add a dramatic effect to them. Painting your crown molding the same color as the ceiling might not be a particularly good idea since it looks like a whole and thus creates the illusion of the space looking smaller. However, you can go for the same ceiling and crown molding colors if you have a large room with high ceilings.
  • The overall color scheme of your interior– A general rule is to use any colors that you are using in your color palette. For example, if you’re considering a marine interior look, go for colors like blue or green. This helps to create a unified effect between spaces. Within a room, crown molding colors are usually painted the same unless you wish to emphasize certain elements.

We have curated a list of the top crown molding color ideas to help you achieve the final room look you desire. Scroll across our guide on the 7 Best Paint colors for crown molding to help you make your final decision.

7 Best Paint Colors for Crown Molding


White crown molding
White crown molding

White is said to be a universal color for any theme you wish to create for your room. When juxtaposed with any wall color, white-painted crown moldings can create a crisp, clean look for the interior.

There is a range of whites from which you can choose. Crisp whites pair well with cool colors such as saturated or muted tones while creamy whites are a good partner with earthy, warm, or intense colors.


Black crown molding
Black crown molding

Black is an excellent choice for crown moldings. With white ceilings and dark trim colors, black brings out a dramatic and formal look for an interior space.

It can be used as a color to highlight areas with light furniture or décor colors. Black crown moldings are the ideal choice for establishing modern interior spaces creating a sophisticated feel of the space.

Light Brown

Light brown crown molding
Light brown crown molding

Using light brown as a crown molding color creates a remarkable effect with various wall colors. This warm, earthy neutral lends a warm and relaxing touch to a room.

Light brown paint color is a softer approach and helps create a perfect balance without becoming too harsh and bright or too dark and bold.

The color also pairs well with multiple furniture and décor choices.


Navy crown molding
Navy crown molding

Using navy blue for crown molding provides a colorful boost to any space. When paired with white walls, this bold color can make a real statement.

Navy blue crown moldings are a great contrast and can energize rooms of all kinds for example a kids’ bedroom with a coastal theme or a bathroom.

This paint color is the best choice for providing a classic and uplifting appearance to living rooms.


Gray crown molding
Gray crown molding

Modern, elegant, and timeless, gray is a neutral that makes any heart skip a beat with its beauty. Gray on a crown molding softens the overall appearance of the walls, especially when combined with white.

This color accents the wall and ceiling paint colors creating a pleasing, clean transition between both elements. To give your rooms a sense of openness, gray is the ultimate choice.

Dark Brown

Dark brown crown molding
Dark brown crown molding

Dark brown creates a powerful accent statement to a room with light or neutral color walls. This is a great trick to make your ceiling appear closer to you if you’re not a fan of high ceilings.

A dark brown painted crown molding can add a sense of depth to a room with its visual pop. It draws a visitor’s attention to admire the space’s architectural beauty.

Light Blue

Light blue crown molding
Light blue crown molding

Popularly known for its soothing and serene effect on the color spectrum, light blue is a cool color for crown moldings. Different hues of blue evoke memories of nature, for example, light blue connects you to the sky and waterbodies allowing you to create a refreshing interior look.

A light blue crown molding looks effortlessly beautiful when blended with white walls and when paired with accessories such as gold, white and grey, it emanates a timeless look to a room.

A crown molding adds visual character to a room and plays a huge role in bringing out the final outlook of a room. Selecting the right paint color for your crown molding says a lot about the architectural qualities of the space.

You choose your crown molding color depending on what you’re trying to achieve. For example, white is an evergreen choice for crown moldings since it allows your eyes to travel uniformly throughout a space with white walls while dark colors like dark brown are a popular pick for those aiming to make an architectural statement.

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