What Color Go with Green Wall? (7 Fresh Ideas)

Decoration color ideas for room with green walls Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 4th, 2022

According to something known in the interior design world known as “color theory”,  green is in the middle of the color wheel so it compliments both warm-toned and cool-toned colors.

This factor may make your decision on which color wall decorations to put on your green wall relatively easier.

However, if you don’t have sufficient knowledge of color theory, it may still be a bit difficult for you. That is why we’ve put together 7 beautiful green color combinations, just for you.

It’s always extremely important to match the color of your decor with your green wall to ensure the room looks balanced and put together. Moreover, here are a few important things you need to consider before making this big decision for your renovation.

Overall Interior Design Style: Certain colors look best with select interior design styles. For example, for minimalist and contemporary styles, gray and taupe work well together. Conversely, for shabby chic and french countryside design styles, colors like pastel pinks, blues, and greens, integrate smoothly with one another.

Purpose of the Decor Piece: Figure out what function you want the decor to have in your space. Whether you choose a bold, contrasting color to pop off the wall, or you want a more subtle accent piece, blending the decorations seamlessly with the wall.

7 Best Wall Decoration Colors for Room with Green Wall


Green wall with navy decor
Green wall with navy decor

It’s immensely common for one to spot a mix of navy and blue in nature, which makes this natural color combination almost impossible to mess up.

The earthy blend of colors helps one feel both peaceful and rejuvenated. The rich jewel-toned colors work exceptionally well if you’re going with traditionalist decor pieces and an overall traditional interior design style for your space.

The distinctive mix also has the wonderful ability to make spaces look and feel glamorous and vintage, all at once.

Mustard Yellow

Green wall with mustard yellow decor
Green wall with mustard yellow decor

Pairing mustard yellow wall decorations with your green wall is a great way to invite liveliness and energy into a space.

Mustard yellow and green are very forgiving colors toward each other, and while individually they both have the ability to be striking, they aren’t too overwhelming put together. Yellow reminds us of the sun and green reminds us of nature, blended together the two bring an abundance of natural beauty into the space.

This combo is perfect for rooms that have plenty of natural lighting!

Dark Brown

Green wall with dark brown decor
Green wall with dark brown decor

Dark brown decor will always go perfectly with green, as the two colors are reminiscent of trees in nature.

For bonus points, including dark brown decor that is made from wood adds even more depth to this phenomenon. If you’re looking for a safe option where you’re less likely to have accidents or regrets, this combo is almost foolproof.

Lastly, this combination works particularly well with both mediterranean interior design styles, as well as the newer California chic style.


Green wall with orange decor
Green wall with orange decor

While not as popular as some other options on our list, a green and orange color combination enables a space to feel cozy while still staying upbeat and fresh.

Orange is considered to be a warm color, and while there’s still some debate on the topic, many believe green to be warm-toned as well, or at least on the neutral side.

Because of this, the two are a great match if you’re wanting to make your room feel more homey and snug.


Green wall with red decor
Green wall with red decor

While red and green is a gorgeous color combination, you always run the risk of making a space look too “jolly” or “Christmas-themed”.

When daring to use this combo you must walk a thin line of which shades of  red and green to use, as well as which decor pieces to choose.

Many people are against this vibrant mix, stating that it looks “tacky”, but we believe it can be done. Eclectic interior design styles look exceptionally good with this blend!


Green wall with pink decor
Green wall with pink decor

Pink and green is a powerful color combination as both colors are completely different and lively in their own right, yet somehow compliment each other beautifully.

The mix somehow adds a fun playfulness to the space, yet increases the feel of sophistication as well, depending on the decor pieces used. Green and pink are complementary colors, meaning they sit opposite from each other on the color wheel.

It’s a much more peaceful version of the classic green and red combo, without being so bold and contrasting.


Green wall with blue decor
Green wall with blue decor

A blue and green color combination works especially great in eclectic spaces, with each color complementing the other, completely elevating the space.

Blue and green can both be found in nature and as a result, this mix is calming enough to help anyone relax. As blue and green are also typically associated with “mintyness”, this classic combo helps bring a fresh, crisp, and clean feel to the room.

If the room doesn’t have much natural light, consider opting for a different color as this combo may make the space feel a bit cold.

With green becoming an increasingly popular color choice in the interior design world, which seems to not be wavering any time soon, learning which colors go best with it is tremendously important.

Luckily, green is one of the most tolerant and easygoing colors there is when it comes to finding a good color pairing to go with it.

As long as you’re careful to avoid “christmas-like” and “halloween-like” shades of colors, the decision making process is much simpler than trying to match other wall colors.

The most important factor when renovating a room in your house is that you love your decision whole heartedly. Your decision should not be influenced too much based on current trends or what others who live outside the home tell you.

You will be seeing the decor every day, so you should enjoy looking at it. We hope that after reading this article you understand a bit more about which color decor you can pair with green walls, and we aim to make your decision process quicker and simpler.

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