Best Colors That Goes with Pewter in Interior Design (The Ultimate Color Combinations Revealed!)

Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : December 13th, 2023

Pewter is a unique shade that resembles the color of the metal pewter, which is a dark grayish-silver hue that often has a slightly muted or matte finish.

In interior design worlds, this hue emerges as a versatile and sophisticated color that has won the hearts of many homeowners. This shade can bring a touch of understated elegance, while still maintaining a neutral and calming tone.

But what color goes best with pewter?

Based on our designer’s experience, some of the best colors that can complement pewter perfectly include white, beige, emerald green, soft green, and muted blue. These colors provide delightful hues, creating a balanced and serene atmosphere in your interior space. Together, pairing these colors with pewter will form a sophisticated color palette that is both calming and elegant.

Today, we will explore the art of pairing pewter with the right colors, so you can infuse your home with elegant allure while maintaining a perfect balance and harmony.

10 Best Colors to Complement Pewter Walls

1. White

Let’s start with a simple and straightforward choice. White can help create a clean and sophisticated contrast when used alongside pewter, showcasing the beauty and elegance of this awesome hue.

The purity of white enhances the brightness and freshness of your space, while also allowing the pewter walls to pop. This combination can fit seamlessly into various design styles, from classic traditional to modern ones.

2. Beige

Since pewter has muted, cool undertones, pairing it with warm shades like beige can be a great way to create a more balanced aesthetic. The warm and neutral qualities of beige lift up the overall look, creating a comfy and cozy ambiance.

Furthermore, this color palette can be a versatile backdrop for almost any kind of design style, offering a lot of flexibility for you to use decor styles while still ensuring a cohesive, well-rounded design.

3. Emerald Green

You can boost the modernity and elegance of your space by adding emerald green to your color schemes. The velvet look of emerald green accessories or furniture can easily stand out against the sleek and modern foundation of your room, adding a sense of depth, luxury, and energy to your interior space.

To boost the glam touch even further, you can try adding some gold or metallic accessories throughout your space.

4. Soft Green

Alternatively, you can also try any soft green shades that can blend harmoniously with pewter to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere without taking away the elegance.

The soft green elements add a natural and serene vibe to the space, and create a delicate balance between elegance and tranquility. You can use this combination to create an interior space that feels balanced, calming, and visually pleasing.

5. Muted Blue

Another great subtle shade that will bring out the best of pewter is muted blue or pale blue. The muted tone of this shade enhances the cool gray and silver undertones of pewter, boosting its elegance and modernity.

Furthermore, the muted blue will add depth and tranquility to the space, infusing your room with a serene and calming ambiance.

6. Vibrant Blue

Or, you can also try using any vibrant blue shades. This combination will create a bold and dramatic contrast, giving your space a pop of energy and excitement.

The vibrant hues of the blue enhance the metallic sheen of pewter, resulting in an interior space that feels vibrant and full of character.

7. Warm Brown

Warm brown is another excellent choice to complement pewter because of the harmonious yet inviting contrast it provides. When pairing warm brown and pewter, you can add strong depth, coziness, and balance to the space.

This combo also creates a timeless and balanced look, making the entire room feel inviting and grounded.

8. Vibrant Purple

If you want to give your pewter walls a hint of vibrant pop, then you can try using strong purple accessories. The vibrant purple elements easily create a dramatic and captivating contrast, while the muted tone of pewter provides a sophisticated and understated base.

This pair will infuse your space with a pop of energy, personality, and depth.

9. Blush Pink

Blush pink can add a warm, delicate touch to the elegant pewter, resulting in a graceful and visually pleasing look. The blush pink items also help enhance the subtle shine of pewter, making the walls stand out stronger.

Together, they can be a great color palette to create a room that feels refined and inviting without too much drama.

10. Gold

Without any doubt, gold can provide a luxurious and opulent contrast when used alongside pewter. The richness and warmth of the gold elements will create a striking and visually captivating look, with both elements helping enhance each other beautifully.

This pair will easily create a dynamic and sophisticated color palette, resulting in an interior that feels elegant and sumptuous.