7 Enchanting Pastel Blue Wallpaper for a Peaceful Spaces

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

Pastel blue is a shade of blue that displays a soft, soothing and calm ambient. Psychologically, this color can make anyone who sees it feel comfortable because the color is similar with the sky and ocean colors.

Nowadays, many homeowners are starting to use this color as one of the colors in their interior design concept. If you are one of them, then we try to help you by sharing 7 of the best blue pastel wallpapers we have ever used for our interior design projects.

Using wallpaper is an easy and fast solution to decorate the walls of a room, especially when using bright colors like this pastel blue. Moreover, by using wallpaper, you can get patterns or textures that are difficult to make when using ordinary wall paint.

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Blue wallpaper by Spoonflower | image by roomdsign.com

Grasscloth Texture Blue Wallpaper

This woven polyester fabric wallpaper is perfect to be used to cover the entire wall or make an accent wall in one area of the wall in your room.

With its unique and interesting textures, this pastel blue wallpaper can be used for a variety of different interior styles, ranging from minimalist, modern to classic ones. Another advantage of this option is that this wallpaper is made of eco-friendly water-based ink that is safe for children.

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Solid blue silk wallpaper by Abyssaly | image by roomdsign.com

Solid Blue Silk Embossed Wallpaper

At a glance, this wallpaper looks like an ordinary wall paint. But when viewed in more detail, this wallpaper has an embossed texture that looks luxurious and elegant. That is one of the benefits of using this choice compared to using ordinary wall paint, even though both are using the same solid color.

Another advantage of this item is that despite having a luxurious embossed texture, this wallpaper looks quite simple. So, you can just use this wallpaper to cover the entire wall in your room without making your room look tacky and ugly.

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Blue moonlight forest stripe wallpaper by Blooming Wall | image by roomdsign.com

Non-Woven Classic Blue Moonlight Forest Stripe Wallpaper

If you are looking for pastel blue wallpaper to make your room look nice and elegant, then this might be one of your alternatives. Made from extra-thick non-woven fabric with high-standard flocking embossed texture, this wallpaper looks very beautiful and classy.

With a stripe moonlight forest texture that looks very classic and artistic, this wallpaper can be used equally well in any room in your home, from the bedroom, living room, dining room, or hallway.

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Pastel blue stripe wallpaper by NuWallpaper | image by roomdsign.com

Pastel Blue Stripe Wallpaper

Wallpaper with vertical stripes sounds really boring, right? But not with this one, thanks to its vertical texture that looks modern and different from the usual vertical texture, making this wallpaper quite interesting to have to beautify the look of your home’s walls.

The composition of different shades of blue with white works well to create the right color composition so that it makes it look luxurious and able to provide a warm and soothing effect on the wall.

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Simple solid blue wallpaper by CocoWind | image by roomdsign.com

Simple Solid Blue Wallpaper

For those of you who want a brighter blue wallpaper to make your room look fun and colorful, then this one can be your choice. Even though it looks simple, this wallpaper can change a boring wall to be more cheerful and attractive one.

This wallpaper is perfect when used in a child’s room, but also still works well when used in other rooms. Although not clearly visible, the embossed texture effect adds an elegant impression to the walls.

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Blue watercolor stripe wallpaper by RoomMates | image by roomdsign.com

Pastel Blue Watercolor Stripe Wallpaper

This one has a unique pattern, its watercolor stripe that looks very artistic with a combination of various different shade shades. This wallpaper is perfect for use in homes that have a coastal / beach house decoration style, but can be used in any other decoration styles as well.

The advantage of using wallpapers with unique and attractive patterns like this is that you don’t need to add any more wall decorations to make your walls attractive, this wallpaper alone is enough to make your walls look artistic.

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Simple blue stripe wallpaper by York Wallcoverings | image by roomdsign.com

Simple Vintage Style Stripe Pastel Blue Wallpaper

The last option on our list has a very classic pattern, but for those of you who have a vintage home decor concept, this wallpaper is the best choice for your wall.

The combination of blue and white is the right composition to create a room that looks soft and calm.