Best Trim Color for Gray Walls

7 Trendy and stylish trim colors that go perfectly with gray walls Written by : Editors | Last Updated : September 7th, 2022

Trim had, and will still be an interesting choice to enhance a plain, empty wall. Adding unique character and depth, trim and molding will totally revamp the look of any interior. Even a lot of homeowners will think that their home is incomplete without wall trim and molding.

While choosing trim styles really depends on the decorating theme of your interior, choosing the color to finish it is a different matter. Some different approaches often are used to choosing a trim color, but one of the most popular ones is by choosing a color that will complement the wall.

Obviously, the easiest and risk-free option is by matching the trim with the wall, but sometimes, this can result in a boring, monotonous look. And even worse, your beautifully designed trim won’t stand out as it should be.

In this post, we will give you some awesome trim color options that will go perfectly against the gray wall.

What Color Trim Goes with Gray Walls?

Pure White

Gray walls with pure white trim
Gray walls with pure white trim

Without any doubt, this is the best trim color for gray walls. Pure white can literally blend with whatever shades of gray you are using, from light gray to a dark one. The white trim will highlight any wall feature like windows or door frames in a simple yet beautiful way.

Using white trim against gray walls can also create a bright and light illusion, so it is a perfect choice for any small room or room without plenty of neutral lighting.

Sage Green

Gray walls with sage green trim
Gray walls with sage green trim

Sage and gray had very similar characteristics. Both shades provide a soft and calming vibe in beautiful muted looks. Thus, combining sage trim with the gray wall can be a great way to keep your entire space calm and soothing, while still having some fresh and natural richness.

The sage trim also can add gorgeous hues to make any boring gray wall looks much more interesting.

Dusty Blue

Gray walls with dusty blue trim
Gray walls with dusty blue trim

Dusty blue or pale blue had some strong gray undertones, and that’s why this color compliment gray perfectly. The dusty blue painted trim brings a different layer of elegance to the gray walls.

And while the dusty blue trim will easily stand out, it won’t become a distraction thanks to its soft and subtle appearance.

Warm White

Gray walls with warm white trim
Gray walls with warm white trim

Most gray shades will have a strong cool tone, and sometimes, you may need to counter it with warm colors to create a well-balanced look.

However, using warm shades to paint your trim inside a room with gray walls may be tricky and risky, thus, the safest and most straightforward option is to go with warm white.

Warm white or off-white are shades of white that had a hint of brown or yellow hue, making them look much warmer than pure white.


Gray walls with charcoal trim
Gray walls with charcoal trim

If you are using light shades of gray for your walls, then it would be interesting to paint the trim with darker gray or charcoal gray. This approach creates a monochromatic look with plenty of elegance that will easily lift up your entire space.

We love to choose this combo when creating a glam classic or ultra-modern decor. For an even better result, incorporate a few metallic, brass, or gold accessories throughout the walls.

Dark Green

Gray walls with dark green trim
Gray walls with dark green trim

For you who want the trim to become the centerpiece of your interior, then painting it with dark colors is the easiest way to achieve it. However, most dark shades won’t look well against gray walls and instead, can make an awkward and weird look.

Thus, you need to choose dark paint for your trim carefully, and we highly recommend you try this dark green. Based on our experiences, some dark greens like dark emerald or dark olive are the best choice when it comes to gray walls.

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