10 Inspiring Colors to Complement Interior Plaster Walls

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 20th, 2024

The raw texture and earthy feel of the unfinished interior plaster wall may look amazing, especially if you are going to create a rustic or industrial decor style.

This awesome wall can be used as a unique feature or accent to add different texture, and make your entire interior looks fresh and rich.

However, all of its beauty comes with some catch: it will be very tricky to find a good complementary color for the plaster wall. This is essential as choosing the right color palette alongside the plaster wall can make or break the overall look and feel of your space.

If you are looking for the right color that can complement your plaster wall beautifully, you are in the right place. Here in this article, we will give you some color ideas that would work best with the rough, unfinished texture of plaster walls.

Bright or vibrant colors like white, sage, deep red, or beige are the best choice to complement plaster interior walls. The neutral, organic look of the unfinished plaster will boost those colors’ appearance, making them pop to accentuate the wall, while also adding rich and lively character to improve the overall appearance of the plaster wall.

You can find other great options with more detailed information below :

1. Navy

When it comes to plaster interior walls, navy blue is one of the most popular option. Any navy wall decor or accessories will creates beautiful contrast against the neutral tone of the plaster, creating a deep, rich looks that adds warmth and depth to your room.

Moreover, navy wall art can be used as bold accent color to create a elegant focal point and adding new visual interest to the wall.

2. Greige

Since most unfished plaster will had a strong gray tone, its surely a great ideas to mix it up with another color that also had similar tone, such as greige.

As a blend of grey and beige, the greige items will easily blend with the plaster or concrete wall, creating a flawless looks thanks to their similar undertones.

At the same time, the warm hues from the greige will make the wall feel more inviting without being too bold or overwhelming.

3. White

This classic choice never goes wrong, even when used against tricky texture like unfinished plaster. White elements will easily make the room feel bright, clean and spacious, while still keeping all the beauty and artistic touch of the wall.

Moreover, white decor will appreciate and unleash all of the potential of the unique texture of your plaster wall, create a strong and bold appearance.

4. Dark Green

Dark green decor will looks amazing against plaster interior wall since it can creates a bold, dramatic look. Moreover, this bold color will add some depth and richness with a fresh and natural twist.

The calming and soothing qualities of the green hues will make your room with unfinished wall having a sense of relaxation and tranquility, and that’s why this option will work best inside any bedroom.

5. Sage

Alternatively, you can go with a softer and calmer option like this sage green. The sage accessories or furniture can tone down the boldness of your wall, making it looks more subtle without taking away it’s character.

Another reason why you should consider sage is that because this color is very versatile. Thus, not only you can combine it with almost any other shades, but you can also use it in a variety of decor styles, from traditional to modern.

6. Light Blue Gray

Another blue shades in this list, but this time, we go in a much lighter and more neutral blue. And since this shade had a strong gray undertones, it can easily blend with any plaster wall, creating a flawless and harmonious connections. At the same time, it’s blue hues is still enough to creates some richness to make the wall feel more alive.

This option will works best for any modern or coastal style interior.

7. Beige

If you are thinking that your plaster interior wall looks a bit cold, then you can easily warm it up using beige.

This soft and natural color will pair well with the plaster, provide a subtle and understated contrast to make a welcoming and inviting ambiance.

To make this pair work even better, you can add some natural wooden materials or elements throughout the room.

8. Deep Red

If you are looking for a vibrant color to accentuate the plaster wall, then this can be one of the best choice. The deep red decor easily creates a bold and dramastic ambiance, while also adding a touch of luxury and glamour vibe to your space.

This powerful color creates a striking contrast against the neutral tone of the walls, making it stand out beautifully to lift up the entire room.

9. Black

This bold choice will creates a sleek and modern atmosphere to enhance the industrial looks of your wall. With strong neutrality, black will blend easily with the plaster, creating a cohesive yet contrasting looks with elegant drama.

For you who are creating a contemporary or minimalist interior style, then without any doubt, this is one the best choice that you won’t regret.

10. Dark Brown

Boost the warm and inviting atmosphere of your home using the dark brown decor or furniture. This rich and natural color will pair easily with the plaster, creating a beautiful earthy combo.

For you who want to add a bit of rustic touch to your room, then surely this is the best option.