Brown White Kitchen Design

Elegant brown and white kitchen design ideas for your home
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Brown and White Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is one of the central parts of a home and is one that requires careful consideration while designing, as it undergoes a lot of usage and is a space where a lot of time is spent by the family. Kitchen design is a process that involves attention while choosing materials and layouts, and the aim should be to create the best design possible for those who use it.

Brown and white kitchen design

This brown and white kitchen is designed keeping in mind the needs of a small household and is ideal for individuals or small families. The kitchen layout consists of an L shaped kitchen with a raised breakfast counter to the side. The kitchen contains a white and light brown color scheme that is easy on the eyes.

The colors allow adequate light into the space while also not requiring too much cleaning on a regular basis. The white marble used on the walls and backsplash add an interesting visual element to the design by way of its natural patterns. The kitchen allows sufficient space for a couple to work together in and maximizes the space available by using tall cabinets and a knife holder on the wall. The wall holder also makes the knives easily accessible, minimizing the time spent while preparing food.  

The breakfast counter allows for socializing and spending time with family members and also functions as extra counter space when required. The brown marble used on the counter not only makes it durable but also makes it easy to clean up after a spill with a simple wipe down. The raised counter space is framed by a set of three images on to one side and a beautiful geometric planter on the other.

The planter adds a splash of green to the kitchen, and can even be used to grow small herbs or flowers. The two height adjustable bar stools in white used as seating for the breakfast counter makes it easy for children and adults alike to use the space comfortably, adjusting it to suit their needs. A set of three pendant lights hanging above the counter gives a classy feel to the space while also turning it into a date-worthy spot or a place to unwind with a glass of wine after a long day.

The ability of this kitchen to transform between its multiple functions make it truly versatile, and a perfect choice for individuals and families with equally versatile needs. It lets you share a drink with friends, have a conversation with a family member or keep an eye on your child, all while cooking. This enables the kitchen to be a communal space that fits the needs of all who use it.

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