10 Beautiful and Glam Rose Gold Table Lamp for Bedroom

10 Best beautiful and charming rose gold table lamp for your bedroom. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : March 15th, 2021

Rose gold home decor is getting more and more popularity in recent years. This kind of style is famous because it’s bring an elegant and glamorous touch in a slightly feminine way.

Few years ago, it’s quite difficult to find any rose gold furniture or decoration items. But now, there are dozen of different choice of rose gold furniture and decor items that can be used to bring a sophisticated and stylish looks into your spaces.

Another reason why a lot of homeowner (especially woman, of course) going after rose gold home accessories is because it’s very versatile and can easily blend with any different room decor style and color scheme. From classic to modern, minimalist to contemporary, any home decor style can use a rose gold items and will pair beautifully with the overall decor.

One of the best space in the home to use any rose gold decor is bedroom. That’s because bedroom is a private/personal spaces who need extra touch of personality. And using rose gold decor items can bring a glam and stylish vibe that reflect your personality.

Best rose gold table lamp for bedroom
Best rose gold table lamp

Among a lot of different rose gold items that can be used in the bedroom, table lamp is one of the most often chosen. Using a rose gold table lamp not only can give more lighting options inside your bedroom, but also bringing a luxurious touch into the bedroom atmosphere.

If you are currently looking to buy a rose gold table lamp, than you are in the right page. We already try and tested a dozen of different rose gold table lamp in our bedroom interior design project, and based on our experience, here we compile the 10 best of them than you can choose for your bedroom.

Let’s begin…

Best Rose Gold Table Lamp for Bedroom

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Crystal Ball Rose Gold Table Lamp

This crystal ball table lamp not only look gorgeous, but also casting a pretty light and shadows effects when it’s turned on. This item is quite affordable, but looks like an expensive lamp that will make everyone amazed. It’s also a perfect choice for you who want to bring a romantic effects to your bedroom, thank’s to its beautiful ambient lighting.

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Sleek and Simple Rose Gold Table Lamp

This lamp looks quite simple but still bringing an elegant luxurious touch into any bedroom. The shade is quite a standard typical table lamp fabric shade, but the base was absolutely amazing with modern shape and design that will easily adapt into any different bedroom style.

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Modern Rose Gold Table Lamp with Hollowed Out Base

Combining geometric style with rose gold finish is a perfect recipe for a chic and modern looks as you can see in this lamp. Those combinations also create an artistic looks that will complement any bedroom with stylish accent. Come with high quality drum shade, this lamp providing a soft yet bright ambient that can make you bedroom lighting looks amazing.

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Antique Style Industrial Iron Lantern Table Lamp

For you who loved a more classic or antique style decor, that this table lamp can be a perfect choice for you. Bringing a vintage feels in glamorous ways, this versatile lamp can be a perfect addition for your nightstand or desk.

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Modern Small Desk Lamp with Fabric Shade and Hollowed Out Base

As we already stated previously, a combination of geometric style with rose gold metal finish is a perfect combinations for any furniture or accessories. That’s the reason we choose another geometric style lamp for this list. This hollowed style geometric base make this lamp not only looks beautiful, but also fashionable and modern at the same time. This table lamp is a great choice for you who need to bring some warm touch into any cold spaces.

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Delicate Design Rose Gold Desk Lamp

Mixing a classical and modern style together is quite a risky job, but this approach worked well on this item. Furthermore, the combination of rose gold with black produce a delicate elegant style that bring a modern yet romantic looks. We are really sure that even a man will love this lamp!

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Simple Glam Rose Gold Glass Shade Desk Lamp

This rose gold lamp is a perfect choice for any classic, vintage or rustic bedroom decor. With simple design that still looks elegant and classy thank’s to the attention of every single detail of this lamp.

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Globe Table Lamp with Matte Rose Gold Finish and Dome Shade

This lamp not only works great for decor items, but also for it’s main function for lighting, thank’s to it’s double light feature that can create a beautiful ambient and also make it easier for you to choose the direction of light that you want. With matte rose gold finish that is quite different with any rose gold lamp in this table, this table lamp looks very stylish and will elevate your entire bedroom decor.

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Fashionable Table Lamp with Rose Gold Base and Fabric Shade

From the shape perspective, this table lamp is quite a typical one. But it’s rose gold finish make this lamp looks much more attractive than the others with similar shapes. With built in charging feature, you can easily charge your phone at night on your nightstand rather than plug in into the electrical outlet.

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Modern Curved Metal Accent Rose Gold Table Lamp

This table lamp looks a little bit more pinkish compared with any other rose gold table lamp in our list, but it’s still looks very gorgeous and can be perfect addition to any woman’s bedroom. The combination of smooth curved rose gold metal base with faux white shade produce a modern yet stylish touch that can blend perfectly with almost all room decor style.

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