10 Best Round Wall Mirror in 2021

The 10 best beautiful and elegant round wall mirror for bedroom, living room, entryway or bathroom. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 14th, 2021

Wall mirror is one of the most loved decoration items by many interior designers because this items can be used to reflect light that makes the room feel more spacious, and also it can works as one of the important decoration items that can provide a great looks into the room decor.

Nowadays, there are a lot of different kind and style of wall mirrors available on the market. To help you choose the best mirror for your home, we summarize the 10 best round mirrors that we have used to create our interior design. We have used and try all of the mirrors here so that we can guarantee the material and design quality of each mirrors.

In terms of shape, there are many different wall mirrors shape available, but for this article we only focus on round one. The reason why we choose this kind of wall mirror is because this type of mirror one of the best kind of mirror to used as a decoration item to enhance the appearance of any room.

Let’s start, here are our 10 best round wall mirrors :

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Bevel round frameless wall mirror
Bevel round wall mirror by Better Bevel | image by roomdsign.com

Bevel Round Frameless Wall Mirror

One of our best round mirror in this list is this bevel round frameless wall mirror. Although it looks very simple, the elegant touch and classy details with a sophisticated look make this mirror one of the most popular round mirrors. With a 1 inch beveled edge that looks sleek and modern, make this mirror can be easily integrated into various types of interior design styles.

Available in 3 different sizes : 18 inch, 28 inch and 36 inch diameter, you can choose which size that best suits your room best. This mirror can also be used in a variety of different rooms such as in the bedroom, bathroom, or even in the living room.

Made from high quality silver glass that not only makes this mirror durable and long lasting, but also provides a very bright and clear reflection.

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Coral pink rubber frame modern round wall mirror
Coral pink rubber round wall by Umbra | image by roomdsign.com

Coral Pink Rubber Frame Modern Round Wall Mirror

Wall mirrors with metal or wood frames sound boring, isn’t it? That’s why this time we choose a round mirror with a slightly different frame material, rubber.

Using rubber as a frame for a mirror has many advantages, one of them is this materials make the mirror safer, especially if it placed in an area with high traffic such as in the entryways.

In addition, the rubber material used in this round mirror also provides a stylish look that is very attractive. With a very beautiful coral pink rubber finish, make this mirror can make any room looks much more beautiful.

Beside the coral pink color that we use, there are also any other color available for this rubber wall mirror, including: black, gray, charcoal and white. In addition, this mirror also has a variety of different size options : 18 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch and 37 inch diameter so you can easily choose which mirror size that will fit into your available spaces.

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White aged wood vintage style round wall mirror
White vintage style round wall mirror by FirsTime & Co | image by roomdsign.com

White Aged Wood Vintage Style Round Wall Mirror

For those of you who need a round wall mirror to beautify the appearance of your vintage-style room, then this accent wall mirror with aged white frame should be in your shopping list. With a solid wood frame in whitewashed finish, this beautifully crafted round mirror can also be used equally well in any cottage or coastal style room.

With an ideal 27 inches in diameter size, and 0.5 inch depth and mirror size of 16 inches makes this mirror perfect to be a focal point for any room.

Having an artistic natural look, this reflective wall piece can blend perfectly into any room to reflect your personality and style.

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Sold sunburst style glam round wall mirror
Gold sunburst style wall mirror by Stonebriar | image by roomdsign.com

Gold Sunburst Style Wall Mirror

If you need a mirror that can stand out and be one of the main decoration items of a room, then this gold sunburst style round wall mirror is a perfect choice for that function.

With a stylish look thank’s to it’s unique metal sunburst frame with a charming gold finish, this gold round wall mirror is perfect to use in a rooms that used a classic, modern or even art-deco interior design style.

This mirror had total size of 24 inch diameter, with a mirror measuring 8.7 inch in diameter, making this wall mirror has perfect size to be used as the a focal point on the wall.

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Glamour modern geometric art-deco style beveled frame round mirror
Modern art-deco style round mirror by MX.home | image by roomdsign.com

Modern Geometric Art-deco Style Beveled Frame Round Mirror

For those of you who want a classy mirror to round up your home decor, then this mirror can be a perfect choice. With luxurious looks, thank’s for its modern geometric frames, making this mirror can enhance the look of a room to be more glamorous and elegant.

With every single detail crafted perfectly, this mirror is a must have items if you are a person who only want a perfect high quality decoration items for your home.

Using glass material that made using high quality silver that makes this mirror not only durable and long lasting, but also more shiny and produces far better reflections than any other mirrors. With a large size, 31.5 inch in diameter, making this mirror can attract anyone’s attention when entering your room.

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Modern copper finish round wall mirror set of 3
Glam trio round wall mirror by Umbra | image by roomdsign.com

Modern Copper Finish Round Wall Mirror – Set of 3

For those of you who feel a little bored with a single round mirror, then the next mirror on our list might be a perfect solution for you. Yes, using 3 different mirrors in one set, you can adjust the placement of those three mirrors using your creativity and imagination to produce a beautiful decoration effect that suits your need and desire.

This mirror is also ideal for those of you who don’t have enough space on the wall, because you can easily adjust the placement of these three mirrors so they can fit into any available space on your wall.

With its beautiful and glam look finish, this mirror is able to give a glamorous and elegant impression into the room. There are two different finishing color choices for this item, first, copper finish such as the one that we used, and second, the brass metallic finish.

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Decorative mirror with bottom half wood frame by Umbra | image by roomdsign.com

Decorative Round Mirror with Bottom Half Wood Frame

With wooden finish that looks fresh and natural on it’s bottom half frame, this round decorative mirror is very suitable to use in any different spaces and decor styles. The semi circle shape not only gives a unique looks, but also artistic style that is often difficult to find on any other wooden round mirror.

With a compact size, 21.5 inches diameter, this mirror can be easily fit into any wall and doesn’t take too much space.

The combination of contemporary with modern style also makes this mirror can turn the appearance of a boring room to be much more fresh and attractive ones. This mirror available in 2 different wood finish : natural, which is perfect for any modern or contemporary style room, and aged walnut which is perfect for classic interior style.

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Cottage style wooden round wall mirror by FirsTime & co | image by roomdsign.com

Cottage Style Round Wall Mirror with Aged Wood

Crafted beautifully with great attention into any small details make this mirror doesn’t only looks unique, but also artistic with a combination of fresh and natural effects that make this mirror look very attractive and eye-catching.

With 27 inches diameter in total and a 15 inch mirror, this accent wall mirror is perfect for being the main focal point in any room that uses it.

With a perfect combination of cottage and farmhouse style, this mirror is perfect decoration items for any cottage, vintage or beach house room style.

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Gold glam and modern wood round wall mirror
Gold wooden round wall mirror by Kate and Laurel | image by roomdsign.com

Gold Glam Modern Wooden Round Wall Mirror

Wood finish usually contrary to the glamour style, but not for this round mirror. Thanks to its beautiful gold finish, it produces a round wooden framed wall mirror that not only looks glamorous, but also gives a soft contemporary look to your home.

With 3 different choices of sizes : 21.6 inch diameter, 25.6 inch diameter and 31.5 inch diameter, allowing you to easily choose the most appropriate size to be placed in any room in your home, including bedroom, living room, bathroom or other places where You want to make the room look more attractive.

With a frame made of manufactured wood with amazing gold finishing touch, this mirror will only enchance and lighten any room but also give extra brightness with a charming touch.

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Rustic style round metal wall mirror
Rustic style round wall mirror by Kate and Laurel | image by roomdsign.com

Rustic Style Round Metal Wall Mirror

If the majority of the mirrors in this list are mirrors that can be used in any minimalist, classic, vintage, or contemporary style room, then the last mirror we choose is the best round mirror for those of you who like rustic or industrial-style decorating styles.

With striking look, this mirror is made using durable rustic metal frames with interesting industrial details that will bring more retro touch into your room.

With 23.5 “diameter in size, this unique and artistic round wall mirror is one of the easiest ways to decorate your wall and make your room feel more spacious.