10 Best Rugs for Coastal Living Rooms (That’ll Bring Oceanic Elegance to Your Home)

These coastal-inspired rugs will be an ideal choice to brings the fresh ocean breeze to your home. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 1st, 2023

Coastal decor is one of the hottest interior trends, and today, it is not only used for seaside resorts but also can be used to bring the reminiscent of ocean life for any home located miles away from the shore.

Generally, there are two different ways that often be used to create a coastal living room. First, you can create a fully coastal look by using all coastal elements inside your room. Secondly, you can also just bring a subtle hint of ocean looks by incorporating two or three beach-house-style accessories or furnishings.

However, whatever ways that you prefer for your house, the rug can be one interesting item that not only can make a big difference, but also can elevate and spread more ocean senses to the entire living space.

In this post, we will share with you some of our favorite coastal area rugs that we often used for our projects. You can choose which ones that you like and try to incorporate them into your current decor to wrap up the perfect coastal appearance.

Let’s get started.

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Anchor Style Rug by nuLoom

Coastal style blue anchor pattern rug
Blue anchor style rug

This rug can be a perfect choice for you who prefer a coastal-nautical look. The large anchor pattern sparks a loud nautical appearance to the entire space, and that’s the main reason why we love to use this rug as a main focal point for the coastal-style living room.

Although we think that this baby blue color is the best choice in terms of a coastal vibe, there are still 4 gorgeous color options that you can choose: beige, gray, rust, and navy.

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Abstract Blue and Gray Area Rug by Ottomanson Store

Coastal living room with abstract blue and gray area rug
Abstract blue and gray area rug

If you prefer a more neutral rug to calm down a bit the bold coastal vibe of your room, then this rug may be the best option for you. But don’t worry, this rug still had a bit of coastal touch thanks to its blue accents that make it can blend nicely inside any coastal living room.

This coastal rug can also be a great option for you who want to create a coastal interior that tends to be more modern rather than the usual vintage or farmhouse one.

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Gray and Navy Starfish Area Rug by nuLoom

Coastal living room with navy and gray starfish pattern area rug
Navy and gray starfish area rug

Usually, the starfish pattern is used for nursery coastal decor, but this awesome rug brings a different direction by using it in elegance and modern designed rug.

The navy-colored starfish pattern stands out nicely against the gray and white base, makes the coastal vibe scream loudly from the rug.

If you want to mix the stylish contemporary looks with a splash of coastal pop, this rug can be a perfect piece to wrap up and blend those two different styles into one integrated visual appearance.

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Palm Leaf Pattern Rug by Abani Rugs

Palm leaf area rug
Blue and gray palm leaf rug

What we love most about this beach style rug is the gorgeous design that blends the tropical palm leaf texture in stylish and elegant colors. Thus, at the same time, you can get both the tropical coastal vibe and stylish modern touch.

Its velvety sheen effects not only will further enhance the elegance of this rug but also makes this rug very versatile and can easily blend with any furniture colors around it.

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Soothing Light Sage and Cream Rug by Rugs.com

Ocean wave area rug
Light sage and cream rug

This coastal-inspired rug had a soothing and eye-pleasant look, thanks to the combinations of asymmetric swirl patterns with soothing sandy hues. Furthermore, its appearance will easily remind us of the spectacular white sandy beaches on the tropical island.

With a light and subtle appearance, this rug can be a great base to let any items above it stand out – such as the coffee table or the couches but still becomes a beautiful visual interest to enrich the entire space.

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Modern Abstract Gray and Turquoise Rug by Jonathan Y

Abstract coastal rug
Abstract gray and turquoise rug

This rug doesn’t have any typical coastal or beach house pattern such as any other choices in our list, but still can be a great option as it can easily fit into any spaces that are filled up with coastal items.

And this can be a great thing, especially for any coastal inspired living room that already had enough beachy appearance, as this rug can be a great item to break the monotony and brings another flavor to avoid overly dominant coastal looks.

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Blue Bohemian Rug by Artistic Weavers

Bohemian coastal rug
Blue bohemian style rug

If you are creating a bohemian-style beach house, then without any doubt, we highly recommend this area rug.

The bright blue elements surely will match with most coastal-finishes furniture, while the artistic and natural pattern will bring the chic boho looks to warm up your space.

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Blue Abstract Area Rug by nuLoom

Coastal home with blue wave area rug
Blue wave area rug

This ocean-inspired rug will easily remind us of the breathtaking wave that crashing to the shore. Designed in a stunning artistic appearance, this rug can easily become the center of attention for any living space.

Another great feature of this coastal rug is some distressed looks that make it feels much more natural and going in line with the typical character of most coastal finished furniture.

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Palm Frond Area Rug by Jonathan Y

Coastal living room with frond area rug
Frond area rug

For you who want a bit more casual-style coastal rug for your beach house, then this item can be a great choice for you.

Its simple frond pattern will easily bring the tropical breeze to your coastal living room, while the use of simple navy and cream colors makes this rug very versatile and can easily blend with literally any kind of furnishings.

We love to use this rug inside any living room that lacks some texture to help make the entire space look much more attractive and lively.

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Coral Pattern Rug by Liora Manne Store

Coastal living space with coral rug
Beige coral rug

This rug can be a great item to bring the beauty of underwater coral reefs to your coastal living room. At first, the coral pattern of this rug may look too crowded, but if you take a closer look, it’s very simple but still looks very artistic.

Available in 5 different color selections: aqua, navy, beige, silver, and orange, you can easily choose which one will be the perfect fit for your current palette.

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