Black Bed What Color Walls? (8 Elegant and Stylish Combinations)

Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : May 13th, 2024

A black bed is a stunning piece of furniture that can easily add a sense of elegance, drama, and sophistication to the bedroom. Acting as a strong focal point, the black bed will draw attention to the bed and anchor the bedroom’s overall design. And that’s why it’s very important to set up the other bedroom elements using a black bed as the point of reference, including the bedroom walls.

For any bedrooms with black bed, we highly suggest pure white, gray, greige, blue-gray, or sage for the wall color. Those options will keep the boldness and elegance of the bed and act as a sleek canvas to push the bed’s dominance as the centerpiece of the bedroom. Those wall colors also have the power to amplify natural and artificial light, making the bedroom with a black bed feel brighter and more inviting.

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You can find more interesting wall colors for black bed below :

8 Best Wall Colors for Black Bed

Pure White

Pure white walls

Without a doubt, pure white is the best choice when it comes to a bedroom with a black bed. The purity of white not only creates a bright ambiance to counteract the boldness of black elements but also provides a striking contrast to crafting a stylish bedroom aesthetic.

The combination of black and white is a timeless classic, exuding an air of elegance and refinement that can transform your bedroom into a chic sanctuary.

To enhance this monochromatic theme, you can consider white bedding with black accents or black throw pillows and cushions on the bed. These subtle touches maintain the black and white color scheme while introducing texture and depth to the space.


Gray walls

Achieving a monochromatic visual by combining gray walls with a black bed is a great option for creating an elegant and modern bedroom. The harmonious blend of gray and black creates a sophisticated atmosphere that exudes calmness and style.

The contrast between the dark bed and the light gray walls adds depth and drama, making the bedroom feel both cozy and inviting.

Additionally, the use of varying shades of gray, from light to dark, can create a subtle gradient effect that adds dimension to the space. You can achieve this by selecting gray furniture or decor items in different tones, such as a charcoal-gray rug or a pale gray accent chair.

Recommended Gray Paint Colors:

Lazy Gray by Sherwin Williams
Sidewalk Gray by Benjamin Moore


Greige walls

If you prefer a warm bedroom paint color to complement your black bed, then we highly recommend greige. This warm version of gray adds a touch of warmth that contrasts beautifully with the black bed.

Greige is a versatile and popular choice in interior design because it combines the neutral qualities of gray with the warmth of beige. The warmth of greige softens the stark contrast between the bed and the walls, making the room feel cozy and harmonious.

To further enhance the synergy between greige walls and a black bed, consider using bedding and decor in shades that bridge the two colors, such as light gray bedding or beige wall art.

Recommended Greige Paint Colors:

Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams
Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

Blue Gray

Blue-gray walls

Blue-gray is one of the best blue paint colors to pair with black furniture, as this option adds a hint of blue without detracting from the elegance of your black elements.

The beauty of blue-gray lies in its ability to introduce a serene and calming atmosphere to your bedroom. The subtle blue undertones create a soothing ambiance, making it an ideal choice for a space dedicated to rest and relaxation.

Recommended Blue-Gray Paint Colors:

Aleutian by Sherwin Williams
Nimbus Gray by Benjamin Moore


Sage green walls

Add a hint of natural freshness to your black-themed bedroom by opting for sage green walls. Against a sage green backdrop, the black bed beautifully stands out, creating a calming yet stylish bedroom.

Sage green is an excellent choice for your bedroom’s walls as it offers a subtle connection to nature and a sense of tranquility.

This muted green shade complements the bold presence of the black bed frame, providing a balanced contrast that doesn’t overpower the room. The result is a space that feels serene and inviting.

Recommended Sage Paint Colors:

Willow Tree by Sherwin Williams
Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore


Brown walls

This is a great option for any neutral lovers, as it comes with stunning earth tones. Brown creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom, and when combined with black bedroom furniture, it establishes a striking and harmonious contrast.

Using this combination exudes a sense of sophistication and coziness that can make your bedroom a welcoming haven.

You can incorporate natural materials like wooden nightstands or a rattan chair to introduce more warmth and complete this bedroom color scheme beautifully.

Recommended Brown Paint Colors:

Urban Jungle by Sherwin Williams
Weimaraner by Benjamin Moore


Navy walls

Create a different layer of elegance and sophistication by pairing navy walls with a black bed. Navy blue is an excellent choice if you want to create an accent wall behind the bed, turning it into the main focal point of your bedroom.

However, since both navy and black are dark colors, it’s essential to ensure that your bedroom has enough natural lighting to prevent it from appearing overly dark and gloomy.

Adding metallic accents in gold or brass can further elevate the elegance of the space. These accents can catch and reflect light, adding a touch of glamour to your navy and black bedroom.

Recommended Navy Paint Colors:

Indigo Batik by Sherwin Williams
Van Deusen Blue by Benjamin Moore


Teal walls

Teal is another shade of green that looks amazing when paired with black. Teal is a trendy and modern version of the typical green that will add beautiful elegance to your space.

When used on bedroom walls alongside a black bed, it creates a sophisticated and serene atmosphere. This color combination lends itself well to both contemporary and classic design styles, making it a flexible choice for various home decor aesthetics.

Recommended Teal Paint Colors:

Cloudburst by Sherwin Williams
Carribean Teal by Benjamin Moore

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