Black Bed What Color Walls? (8 Elegant and Stylish Combinations)

Browse 8 best wall colors that goes perfectly with a black bed. Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : October 29th, 2023

A black bed is a stunning piece of furniture that can easily add a sense of elegance, drama, and sophistication to the bedroom. Acting as a strong focal point, the black bed will draw attention to the bed and anchor the bedroom’s overall design. And that’s why it’s very important to set up the other bedroom elements using a black bed as the point of reference, including the bedroom walls.

For any bedrooms with black bed, we highly suggest pure white, gray, greige, blue-gray, or sage for the wall color. Those options will keep the boldness and elegance of the bed and act as a sleek canvas to push the bed’s dominance as the centerpiece of the bedroom. Those wall colors also have the power to amplify natural and artificial light, making the bedroom with a black bed feel brighter and more inviting.

You can find more interesting wall colors for black bed below :

8 Best Wall Colors for Black Bed

Pure White

Pure white wall with black bed
Pure white walls

Pure White is one of the best choices when looking for a paint color behind a black bed. Why? It is on the opposite of the color wheel, and the perfecting contrasting shade. It also creates the base of a neutral room that welcomes other integration of textures, colors, and finishes.

It lets the bed act as a stand-alone focal piece that centers the room against the neutral walls. Pure White is also a nice, crisp option to add some freshness and brightness against the dark tone of the bed.


Gray wall with black bed
Gray walls

Gray has been one of the most popular neutrals in the past few years for people who want a clean palette with a hint of color. Gray is an ideal choice for the wall behind a black bed as it runs the gamut when it comes to tone choices.

Whether you want a light airy gray for a coastal home or deep smoky charcoal for a modern look, either will work when paired with a black frame. Lighter gray hues will let the bed stand out while a darker gray will help tie the dark colors together as part of an overall room feel.  


Greige wall with black bed
Greige walls

Greige is a great color choice for those who can’t quite decide between grays and beige. This mixed neutral lets the bed stand out against its usually light tone but adds some warmth that contrasts against the cool tone of a black furniture.

Greige can be used in transitional, modern, or boho rooms (just to name a few), so no matter the style of your bed, greige is a color that will help compliment it, and your overall style. Greige’s softness will also pair nicely with a black bed and will balance out any starkness that comes from a black frame.

Blue Gray

Blue gray wall and black bed
Blue-gray walls

Blue gray paint color on a wall behind a black bed is a great way to dip your toe into color, without feeling like you need to commit to bold cobalt or bright robin egg’s blue. Blue grays often shift with the light and will become lighter or darker as your bedroom takes in midday or evening sun.

When paired with a black, blue-gray can act as either a complementary or contrasting color, depending on how light or dark you go. You can’t go wrong on either end of the color spectrum with blue gray, as a whispy fog blue gray color will look just as good as a deep stormy lake blue gray.


Sage green wall with black bed
Sage green walls

Sage green is an excellent choice for the wall behind a black bed for those who love all things nature. The neutral undertones of a sage green will pair nicely with black furniture to create a calm but modern bedroom.

Sage green is a nice option for those looking to create a boho feel in their room, in which the bed will be a stunning focal point. Pair with textured neutral textiles and other sleek black finishes on bedside tables or accessories to pull together a cohesive and comfortable look.

A black bed is always a good idea, but when paired with sale green walls, it’s an exceptional one.


Brown wall with black bed
Brown walls

Brown is the ultimate earthy tone, and when paired with a black bed frame makes for a neutrals-lover’s dream. Brown gets a bad rap sometimes, but with thousands of tones out there, there is a brown that will go perfectly behind your black bed frame.

Whether you’re looking at Soft Sand, Rockies Brown, or Hearthstone Brown, there is a brown out there that will suit your needs. Make sure to check the undertones in the brown of your choosing, as undertones can range from red, yellow, and blue, to green and purple.

Regardless of your choice, trust that your bed frame will be the perfect grounding piece in front of a brown wall.


Navy wall with black bed
Navy walls

Stylish and elegant, those are the feeling that you will get when combining a black bed with a navy wall. This bold combo is surely a perfect choice to create a modern, contemporary-style bedroom.

However, since both are dark colors, please make sure that your bedroom had enough natural lighting to avoid it looking overly dark and gloomy.


Teal wall with black bed
Teal walls

Another shade of green that looks amazing when paired with a black bed. Teal is a trendy, modern version of the typical green that will add some beautiful elegance to your space, while at the same time still bringing a refreshing and natural vibe that is very essential for any bedroom.


Black beds are a chic, timeless option that can pair well with most colors. The colors listed above are some of the best jumping-off points when designing the wall behind your bed. Keep in mind the overall feeling that you’re trying to create in your room, and that will help you pick a wall color.

Also, be mindful of the tone of your black when choosing a wall color. Some colors will look better with cool, metal bedframes than with earthy black velvet. Ultimately though, pick a color that makes you feel good when you enter the room, and that lets your black frame act as a stunning focal point in the room. Create a sanctuary that lets you leave the day behind and get a good night’s sleep.

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