10 Beautiful and Charming Coastal Wall Decor Ideas (To Create A Seashore Sanctuary)

10 Beautiful coastal wall decor ideas to bring some beach vibe into your home. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : January 15th, 2024

Whether your home is right in front of the beach or you want to have a beach atmosphere in your home, decorating your walls with a coastal style is something you must do. The concept is popular because it provides a fresh and natural ambiance to the house.

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for decorating your ocean-inspired home, then you are on the right page. Today, we made 10 beach-house style wall decoration ideas that you can replicate to make your own.

The beach-themed wall decor concepts that we share here are very easy to follow and apply in your home, not only because all of the decorating items that we used are easy to get (you can directly buy them online by following the links provided), we also deliberately create a simple and practical design yet still bring a lot of beach feels.

Here are the 10 coastal wall decor ideas that can make you enjoy a summer vacation all year long in your lovely houses :

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Soothing Blue Wooden Nautical Style Wall Decor

Soothing blue coastal style wall decoration ideas
Soothing blue wooden nautical-style decor

Our first decor idea is this soothing and charming blue and white nautical style decor. In this design, we want to make a simple wall, but still provide a lot of beach feel by using light blue as our main colors As you can see, even though it looks very simple, the results are beautiful.

One of the main keys to having a wall like this is choosing the right color. In this design, we use white wood board to cover the entire wall. Then we select items with similar blue materials to add some beach feels.

And to make this design perfect, we added some vintage touch to make this decoration look more attractive.

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Classic Elegant Coastal Decor in Living Room

Classic elegant coastal wall decor for living room ideas
Classic elegant coastal decor in living room

The next beach-style decor that we made is this classic style beach decor that can be applied to your living room wall. This idea is also quite simple and easy, using only one set of sea-themed wall prints art and then combined with a round mirror with rope hangers.

This combination produces a wall that is simple but looks elegant and beautiful. And this decor can be the main focal point for your home’s living room.

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Simple Vintage Coastal Decor Ideas

Simple vintage coastal decor ideas
Simple vintage coastal decor ideas

Making a coastal wall doesn’t always require a lot of items or accessories, as you can see in this design, where we only use one single beach house artwork to make the entire space have ocean feels and looks.

To make this happen, choosing the right art is an important key here. Choose the right ones will bring bold beach ambient such as the one that we used here which is a picture of a beach landscape with an abstract touch. Size is also an important thing that you should pay attention to. Because it will be the one and only decoration item for the entire wall, then you should choose a large one.

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Living Room Coastal Wall Ideas using Large Clock

Living room coastal wall ideas using large size wall clock
Coastal living room ideas using large clock

A large round clock is the perfect item to be the main focal point in a room. This time we tried to apply the concept using the coastal decor approach. The first thing we do is to choose a wooden large round wall clock that perfectly fits our decoration style.

Next, we added some additional decoration items to bring some extra beach feel and looks. To make the entire design look flawless, we chose all of those items made from aged or distressed wood that also help make the wall look a bit vintage and artistic.

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Coastal Wall Stickers

Simple wall decor using beachy wall stickers
Simple wall using stickers

Decorating a wall in beach-style decor doesn’t always require a lot of money. If you have a limited budget, then this approach can be the solution for you. Yes, just by using a sticker at a very affordable price, you can beautify the look of your wall to make it have some ocean looks and feels.

A little extra trick for those of you who choose this approach is to combine the stickers with several other decor items to avoid your flat and boring appeal.

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Beautiful Beach Style Wall

Beautiful beach style wall decor ideas
Beautiful beach-style wall

The next beach-style decor is this chic and beautiful decoration where we use several different elements and accessories items to make a beautiful wall that has a beach ambiance.

The combination of canvas artwork, round mirror, oar, and starfish decoration makes this design look very beautiful. To make it more interesting, we arranged all of those items in a bit random way to give a more artistic impression and help make the wall doesn’t look boring.

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Beautiful Coastal-style Wall using Floating Shelves

Beautiful wall decor using floating shelves
Beautiful coastal floating shelves

Floating shelves not only works to add extra storage spaces but also work well as one of the decoration items that can make the look of your walls feel much more attractive. For this reason, in this design, we utilize a set of coastal-style floating shelves as one of the main items.

On top of these shelves, we can store a variety of beach-themed decorations or accessories to enhance the appearance of the walls. In addition, we added a beautiful plaque art that works well to make this wall bring much more beach ambient into the room.

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Green Beach Style Wall

green beach style wall decor
Green beach style bedroom

If the blue color feels mainstream to you, then this might be a great alternative. In this design, we used green as our main color. One of the main items in this design is a ladder that serves as a storage area for various accessories and decorations to enhance the appearance of the room.

In addition, the use of items made from wood with a white finish also helps add a clean and elegant impression. The combination of these two colors (green and white) works very well to produce a wall that not only looks beautiful but also fresh and natural.

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Coastal Style Above Bed Decor

Coastal style above bed wall decor
Coastal-style above-bed decor

Using coastal-style art above the bed’s headboard is an easy way to give your bedroom a beach vibe. But, using only wall art alone sometimes looks very boring. To avoid that, you can be creative by combining it with other items with similar styles.

As you can see in this design, we combine beautiful beach-style art with a wooden oar that looks very beachy. Apart from these items, you can also experiment with using any other items to create the perfect bedroom wall to show your own style and personality.

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Simple Wooden White Coastal Wall

Simple wooden white wall decor
Simple wooden white wall

For those of you who want a simple and clean decor but still bring a lot of beach ambient to the room, then you can follow this approach where we make a simple wall using white as our main color to make it look clean and neat.

One thing we like about this design is the unique coastal wall lamp, which works perfectly to complement the entire wall.

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