12 Interesting Ideas to Decorate Your Large Bedroom Wall

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 22nd, 2024

Most of the time, decorating a large bedroom is much easier than a smaller one. In a small bedroom, every little thing should be considered carefully, and sometimes, limiting the number of decorations items tends to work best to avoid the bedroom looking cramped and crowded.

Meanwhile, in a large master suite, it works oppositely. A lack of furniture or decoration items can make the entire space look empty and feel “uncompleted”, whether it’s an empty floor space, an empty corner, or even an empty large wall.

Empty large wall in bedroom

In a small space, an empty wall is considered an option to keep the space clean and neat, but things go differently in a larger space, as an empty wall is a big no. Even if your bedroom is perfectly decorated with a comfy and luxurious bedding set, expensive furniture, elegant area rug, and sophisticated lighting fixture, if there is one large empty wall, it will ruin all of your hard work.

Decorating a large wall is quite different from decorating a typical-sized wall. On a large wall, one or two pieces of decoration items surely won’t be enough. Furthermore, you need to consider the size to avoid the walls looking distorted.

If you are looking for some ideas and inspirations to decorate a large wall in your bedroom, here are some of our recommendation that you can try to make those awkward wall looks much more fascinating :

1. Group of Artwork/Wall Art

You can create a piece of art or hang a group of art pieces on your bedroom wall. It will make the entire environment look lively as well as attractive.

You can use your creative skills and imagination to create art on the wall of your bedroom according to its ambiance.

2. Large Wall Art

A large piece of art can also be created on the wall of your bedroom to give it a more appealing look. It can be a large painting of countryside, landscape, or a piece of abstract art created by your favorite artist on a canvas. It will provide a kind of fullness to your wall.

3. 3D Wall Panel

The large wall in your bedroom can look more alive with 3D wall panels with contemporary and modern textured designs. These 3D panels can be made from natural as well as synthetic materials depending upon your liking and budget as natural panels can be a bit expensive for budgetary people.

You can find a wide variety of 3D panels in the market from which you can choose the most suitable one for your bedroom.

4. Add Greenery

Putting large plants in the corners can easily help in filling up the emptiness on its walls. You can also add a garland or hang plants on the walls to create an element of greenery in it. It can also help you in creating a wall of plants in your bedroom.

5. Decorative Wall Shelves

You can find a wide range of decorative shelves in the market which you can install on the large bedroom wall not only to make it look more attractive but also to show your taste.

These shelves are made of various materials like wood, metal, etc. in different styles like cubby wall shelves, corner wall shelves, floating wall shelves, holders of set top boxlike things, and fixed bracket wall shelves, from which you can choose as per your liking as well as requirements.

6. Large Mirror

A large mirror on the large wall of your bedroom can not only make the room look larger due to visual impact but also energy and light to it. In your bedroom decor, you can use mirrors designed in various styles to make your space look more stylish.

7. Create an Accent Wall

By creating an accent wall in your bedroom you can attract the attention of every person by making it a focal point. You can make the architecture of your room look more interesting by creating an accent wall without spending a lot on it.

An accent wall can be created by installing vintage wallpaper, painting it, fabric wallpaper, wall gallery with a group of art and drapery panels, etc.

8. Floating Bookshelves

The use of floating bookshelves on the bedroom wall can also be an inexpensive way to make it look livelier and energetic even if it is not a suitable place for these shelves.

You can use these shelves to put books, candles, small plants, monograms, small mirrors, vases, baskets, pitchers, bowls, picture frames, vase fillers, etc.

9. Wallpaper

Another way to decorate the large wall inside your bedroom is to use colorful wallpaper on it. It will give an interconnected look to the entire elements from your blankets, to throw pillows, bedding, and wallpaper.

If you want to feel more relaxed and at home then you should use wallpaper with flowing floral designs or an organic beadboard. You can also use wallpaper with a metallic high gloss accent to give you a modern look.

10. Paint a Mural

You can also paint a mural on the wall not only to cover up its emptiness but also to make your bedroom look crispy and lust for a long time. A mural painting on the wall will harmoniously include the architectural elements of your bedroom into the picture to make it look different.

While painting a mural on your bedroom wall you should use acrylic paints because they are more durable and versatile. Your wall will not look ugly even if the paint of the mural fades out with time.

11. Large Wall Stickers

You can decorate the large wall in a very cost-effective manner by installing large stickers on it. You can find a wide variety of large stickers in various sizes and shapes with different types of images including floral, landscape, as well as images of certain characters, etc.

While choosing a large sticker for your bedroom wall you should keep its decor in your mind. It should match the style and the color of the other walls.

12. Creative Wall Paint

You can use your creative skills and power of imagination to paint the large wall to fill up its emptiness along with making it look distinctive from other walls.

You can paint it with the same color as other walls but two shades darker or lighter than them, paint graffiti or a map on this wall to give it a different look.

The colors you use to paint the wall of your bedroom should be a soft green, lavender, soft gray, deep blue, or/and pale blue to give a really soothing touch to its environment.