What Color Handle/Knob/Hinges Goes with White Cabinets?

Handle, knob, and hinges color ideas for white kitchen cabinets Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 19th, 2022

You’ve laid out your whole kitchen, you’ve picked out your fresh white cabinets, but what color handles are you going to use for the cabinets? You may think that a detail as small as the color of knobs for your cabinets is unimportant, but on the contrary, it makes a big difference in the overall look of the space.

Door handles and knobs are not only meant to be used for functional purposes, they’re a decorational aspect of the room as well. Since cabinets are typically high and within a lot of peoples direct line of sight, you want your choice to be well thought out.

Whether you want a statement piece handle or you want the knob to blend in with the cabinets, the choice is up to you but it is worth contemplating beforehand.

Fortunately, there is a general list of important things you should consider before choosing the perfect color handle for your white cabinets.

  1. Consider the overall color scheme of the room
  2. Consider the overall interior design style of the room
  3. Figure out whether you want your door handle to blend in and match the room, or if you want to turn it into an statement piece

7 Best Handle/Knob Colors for White Cabinets

Black Matte

White cabinets with black matte handles
White cabinets with black matte handles

If you’re looking for a minimalistic, modern look for your white cabinets, you should thoroughly consider choosing black matte for your handles.

Black is the direct opposite of white, so if you’re looking to have a more bold handle, this is a great choice. If you’re looking for a more natural vibe to the space, black matte is a great addition as the color and texture can be found in nature.

While black matte is a more recent trend in interior design, if you’re worried about it going out of style, experts are saying there’s a high chance that it won’t.

Chrome Black

White cabinets with chrome black handles
White cabinets with chrome black handles

Another bold, almost futuristic looking finish for your white cabinet’s handles is chrome black. Chrome black is even newer in the interior design space than matte black, but it’s holding its own. Many people love chrome black due to its ability to be both smoky and luxurious yet bright and reflective at the same time.

Achieving balance is one of the most important aspects of interior design and chrome black makes it easy, as it matches with both warm and cool tones, as well as daring yet subtle looks. Chrome black is the perfect stylish medium for your white cabinets.  


White cabinets with chrome handles
White cabinets with chrome handles

Chrome has gotten a lot of criticism in recent years, as some people have the opinion that it looks tacky or cheap. However, we disagree, while chrome may not be the most popular finish anymore, it still helps give a bright and fresh shine to any space.

Specifically if you’re looking to choose the right handles for your white cabinets in your bathroom or kitchen, chrome has the ability to add that pristine, clean feel to the space.

Another great thing about chrome is its flexibility, it has the ability to mesh well with just about every color and finish there is.


White cabinets with gold handles
White cabinets with gold handles

Gold coloring has been popular and sought after throughout human history, and for good reason. Adding gold fixtures to your space has the ability to give any room that lavish, deluxe look.

Currently in the interior design space, natural coloring and aesthetics are in trend. Gold is a great incorporation if you’re looking to follow this trend as it helps give off that natural look, while still equipping the room with that expensive and lush feeling, the best of both worlds.

If you’re looking to add more warmth and comfort to the room, gold cabinet handles can also add the perfect amount of coziness to the space.


White cabinets with silver handles
White cabinets with silver handles

Choosing to go with silver handles for your white cabinet handles is an incredibly popular choice, and the evidence is clear, it looks great!

Both silver and white are incredibly cool-toned colors, yet they’re remarkably different from each other, which helps aid in color balancing of the space. Silver has the ability to add radiance and luster to the space, especially with the aid of white cabinets doing the same thing.

Silver is incredibly versatile. Due to its noteworthy shine, silver has the ability to be an eye-catching statement piece, yet it also matches so well with white, that it won’t be too bold if that’s not what you’re looking for!


White cabinets with white handles
White cabinets with white handles

Choosing white handles or knobs for white cabinets is a good choice if the rest of your room design already has a lot going on, or if your white cabinets are elaborately designed.

White handles will still add that crisp, fresh feel to the space, but they won’t stand out. However, you don’t always want everything to stand out, because if everything stood out, nothing would.

White is a great option for your handles if you want the rest of the room to be the main star of the show, as other colors and finishes may distract from the rest of your space.


White cabinets with bronze handles
White cabinets with bronze handles

Bronze has the ability to incorporate such a wide range of qualities to a space. White cabinets are especially cool-toned, and the addition of bronze knobs would help warm up the feel of the space as it’s warm-toned color.

Bronze also has a unique ability to add a sense of that old-world, antique-looking charm to the space, which looks especially great with mediterranean and bohemian interior design styles.

Bronze isn’t too shiny or bright, and compliments well with natural materials as it’s look is a bit rustic. This unique metal can be used both as a focal point and as a simple addition to any space.

We are sure this guideline will be beneficial to your decision making process, and help to make this daunting task go by much simpler and smoother.

Whether you want your cabinet handles to make a statement, or you want them to simply be functional and not bring about too much attention, this guideline provides you with all you need to know to make the best decision.

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