8 Blue Shades That Harmonize with Gray Furniture

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 13th, 2024

Blue and gray, a match made in design heaven. The timeless elegance of gray perfectly complements the soothing and airy nature of blue, making a simple yet rich combination.

Imagine a living room with gray walls and blue furnishings, a bedroom with gray furniture and blue accessories, or a kitchen with blue cabinets and gray countertops. Literally, you can use this awesome pair everywhere.

However, not all blues are the same. Some tend to have a cool tone, while others may have a warmer one. The blue can also have a wide range of undertones. So, to get a masterpiece of blue and gray, you need to carefully choose the right blue shades to complement your gray elements.

Drawing from our experience, slate blue, steel blue, navy, Aegean blue, or Columbia blue are some of the best blue shades for gray. These blue shades perfectly complement the elegance of gray, boosting its contemporary aesthetic, while at the same time providing a captivating contrast and interesting visual. They can also pop easily against the gray backdrop, and stand out as the main statement-making for your interior space.

Read on as we dive deeper into all of these interesting blue shades.

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1. Slate Blue

Slate blue walls with gray furniture

As a blue shade with neutral cool undertones, slate blue can easily go together with gray. Its hint of elegance also matches the vibe of gray, making them a perfect color combination for a modern style interior.

2. Steel Blue

Steel blue walls with gray furniture

Steel blue may not have strong gray undertones like slate blue, but it is still neutral and versatile enough to create a flawless look alongside gray.

This combination will evoke a sense of sophistication and modernity, making it a popular choice for stylish contemporary style interiors.

3. Air Force Blue

Air Force blue walls with gray furniture

This blue shade had a perfect amount of hues, giving it a bit of vibrancy while still having some neutrality.

You can use this shade to bring your gray-themed interior soft and airy accents and creates an aesthetically pleasing visual.

4. Denim Blue

Denim blue walls with gray furniture

The casual and relaxed looks of denim blue can easily complement the neutral and understated tones of gray, creating a well-balanced combination.

With bold yet subtle contrast, the denim blue elements can easily stand out against the gray, making it a new centerpiece for your interior.

5. Navy Blue

Navy walls with gray furniture

But if you need a blue shade that can instantly make a big statement around the gray elements, then without any doubt, navy is the best choice.

This bold and deep blue shade will create a striking contrast against gray, while still maintaining balance and harmony. This combination works really well for any modern-style interior.

6. Aegean Blue

Aegean blue walls with gray furniture

Bring the beauty of the Mediterranian ocean to your home by using Aegean blue. This blue had a unique, soft, and calming ambiance that pairs harmoniously with any gray shade.

This pair is an ideal choice if you want to create a relaxing yet elegant interior.

7. Columbia Blue

Columbia blue walls with gray furniture

For those who prefer a light blue shade, then you can try this beautiful blue. Columbia blue and gray can blend together to create a fresh and airy color palette, making a peaceful and tranquil room.

That’s the reason why this combination is a perfect choice for the bedroom where you’ll need a lot of serenity and a calming ambiance.

8. Yale Blue

Yale blue walls with gray furniture

This is a great alternative to navy blue, especially for you who are thinking that it is too much and overwhelming. Yale blue shares a lot of similarities with any other dark blue, but comes with a vibrant yet cool undertone.

Yale blue can boost the elegance of your gray, while also giving plenty of contrast for a timeless and classic aesthetic.

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