Glamorous Grey and Rose Gold Bedroom

Glamorous white, grey and rose gold bedroom decor.

Grey and Rose Gold Bedroom

In the past few weeks, we got a lot of request to add more rose gold design ideas. That’s the main reason for this project that we just finished, a glamorous grey and rose gold bedroom design.

For this project, we aim to create a glamorous but still soft and comfy bedroom. That’s why we using soft color light grey and white to accompany rose gold and pink as our main color.

Grey and Rose Gold Bedroom

Although rose gold or pink is our main color theme for this bedroom, we don’t overuse those colors to much because it will make this room feels unnatural.

For the wall, we want to use soft and bright colors, so we choose light gray and white. This will not only make the bedroom looks soft and calm, but also help make this bedroom feel larger.

Herringbone pattern wood used for the floor. We choose light wood color to match our bedroom style.

Pink rose gold bedroom

Rose gold element are mostly used in the furniture and decoration items. You can see the list of items used in this bedroom design below this post.

Hope you like this design, and don’t forget to bookmark our website as we will create beautiful bedroom design like this one every week. Thank you!

Item Used in this Rose Gold Bedroom

Safavieh Mid Century Retro White and Gold Nightstand

This mid century nightstand is fit perfectly in this project. Created with white glossy materials and gold accent, this table will bring a fresh look into our glamorous bedroom.

Pure White 6-Drawer Double Dresser with Matte Nickel

With contemporary style, this dresser with 6 drawer is not only fit our design style, but also work well as storage for any clothes, linens or any general items to keep your bedroom organized.

Modern Khaki Leisure Arm Chairs Single Couch with Solid Wood Legs

To enjoy leisure time in this beautiful bedroom, we add this soft and comfortable armchair. Come with modern design, this chair is not only lift up our bedroom decoration style, but also works well as a place to get more comfort while spending time inside the bedroom.

Modern Hollowed Out Rose Gold Bedside Table Lamp with Metal Base

With hollowed-out diamond-shaped base and beautiful glossy rose gold finish, this table lamp not only looks full or art, but also functioning as lighting for this bedroom. It’s geometric shaped design make this lamp easier to integrate with any bedroom decoration style.

Rose Gold Wall Grid Panel for Photo Hanging Display & Wall Organizer

In this bedroom, we need some space to display some photos, artworks and even planters, and this rose gold wall grid panel and wall organizer is perfect for this job. With rose gold finish that suit our bedroom scheme, this small item can bring lot of impact to this bedroom.

Rose Gold Foil Print Inspirational Phrases Quote Art Painting

This foil print inspirational phrases quote art painting create an elegant, joyful and also optimistic atmosphere in our bedroom. Printed using luxurious rose gold foil on thick white canvas, this wall art is perfect for this bedroom style.

Round Modern Rose Gold-Tone Metallic Ceramic Plant Flower Planter

This decorative modern small vases with rose gold metallic ceramic can bring eye-catching modern style to our bedroom. It’s great for any plants, flowers or succulents that you want to display in your bedroom.

Mini Ceramic Planter Set White Marble Effect with Rose Gold Trim

With chic,cute but glamour design, this set of 3 white marble planter with rose gold trim is very well blended into our bedroom design style.

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