Small Rose Gold and White Bedroom

Beautiful and modern small rose gold and white bedroom design ideas.

Having a small sized bedroom doesn’t mean that you cannot explore your ideas and creativity to decorate it. In this bedroom design, we will give you an idea by decorating ​​a small bedroom using combination of rose gold (pink), white and gray accent as a design concept that is perfect for any woman.

Small Rose Gold and White Bedroom Design

In this design, we want to show you that the rose gold bedroom concept doesn’t always make the room looks childish. Instead, in this design, we will create a modern look bedroom by using some modern geometric pattern.

And unlike the common concept of rose gold interior design that bring glamorous ambient to the bedroom, in this bedroom design we do not want to use the same approach, and want to bring more soft and calming ambient to this bedroom.

For the wall paint, we use 3 colors : rose gold, white and light grey. Here,we use modern geometry patterns to give modern impression to the room. In addition to following this bedroom design’s geometrical patterns, you can experiment by yourself with creating your own geometry motifs for your bedroom wall. Use your imagination and creativity to create interesting wall patterns to show and reflect your personality.

The selection of bright colors as the paint for the walls also create an impact to make the bedroom feel more spacious. Believe it or not, this little things is make a huge difference to make small bedroom feel larger.

Beautiful small bedroom

The mattress chosen for this bedroom design is a single size mattress, so it doesn’t waste a lot of space in the room. For those of you who live alone, surely this will not be a problem, right?

Long wall shelves / cabinets are deliberately chosen so it won’t waste a lot of precious space on the bedroom floor, but you can still store your things in this shelves. But one important thing to consider when installing cabinets with this model is you had to to ensure and adjust the height of the cabinet is still within your reach. Do not install the cabinet too high which can actually be difficult and dangerous for you when you want to save or take items from the shelves.

Metal bedside lamp is the perfect choice to keep giving this room a modern feel so it doesn’t look too girly.

Pink rose gold small bedroom

For the floor, a wooden parquet material is chosen to give a natural color that is not found in another objects in this room. Besides parquet, you can also use any other alternatives such as vinyl or even real wood. But before deciding what flooring material you want to use, it’s a better to know the pluses and minuses of each flooring material so you can determine which flooring material is most suitable for your bedroom.

Every woman likes shoes, right? That’s why we put a beautiful and modern shoe rack in this room to store your shoe collection and also making it easier for you when you want to use it.

In this interior design, we don’t use too much wall art, because basically, the paint colors of the walls that using geometric patterns already looks pretty good. 2-3 pieces of wall art is enough to compliment the walls of this room. Alternatively, you can install a wall mirror on the wall that can have some benefits: 1. as a wall decoration, 2. as a mirror and 3. make the room feel more spacious.

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