10 Best Blue Paint Colors for Bedroom Walls (Best Blue Shades for Your Dreamy Oasis!)

Explore the trending blue paint colors that will bring style and serenity to your bedroom!

As the eternal symbol of calm and serenity, blue is an undefeated color when it comes to bedroom design. Not only it can evokes peacefullness and tranquility that is essential for bedroom, but also lift up the aesthetic of your personal sanctuary.

However, with a wide range of blue shades, which one can be the ideal choice to create your own tranquil oasis that you’ve always dreamed of?

In this article, our expert will curated some of the best spectrum of blue shades, help you finding the right one that not only transform your bedroom into a peaceful haven, but also align with your style and character.

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Blue Paint Color Ideas for Bedroom Walls

Dew Drop by Sherwin Williams

Bedroom walls painted with Dew Drop from Sherwin Williams

If you want to keep cleanliness and simplicity becomes the main theme for your bedroom, while still spreading the tranquil vibe from a hint of blue-tint, then you can try the Dew Drop from Sherwin Williams.

This paint color combines the cool-white with a hint of soft blue undertones, creating a great paint color that blends purity with soothing blue tone.

Aleutian by Sherwin Williams

Bedroom walls painted with Aleutian from Sherwin Williams

In our opinion, Aleutian is one of the best blue-gray options from Sherwin Williams, providing a well-balanced aesthetic between the neutrality of gray undertones with rich blue hues.

This choice will bring a chill vibe to your bedroom, while keep a calming yet stylish atmosphere.

Stargazer by Sherwin Williams

Bedroom walls painted with Stargazer from Sherwin Williams

Another great option for you who prefer any muted blue paint is Stargazer. This color elevates the typical pale blue with a hint of green tint, creating a rich and lively ambiance without overwhelming your space.

This color will works best inside any bedroom with stylish design like Scandinavian or modern contemporary.

Rainstorm by Sherwin Williams

Bedroom walls painted with Rainstorm from Sherwin Williams

Another great blue-green paint from Sherwin Williams, but in a much bolder appeal. The strong richness of this paint color will instantly bring your bedroom to the next level, while still keep a neutral elegance, thanks to it’s strong gray undertones.

Salty Dog by Sherwin Williams

Bedroom walls painted with Salty Dog from Sherwin Williams

This is our favorite color when it comes to bedroom’s accent wall. Salty dog is a deep navy color that comes with a stylish personality and bold character, ready to make a big impact wherever it’s used.

To boost it’s richness, you can try combine this stunning shade with some gold or antique brass accessories.

Yarmouth Blue by Benjamin Moore

Bedroom walls painted with Yarmouth Blue from Benjamin Moore

If you are looking for a light blue paint from Benjamin Moore, then you can try this gorgeous option. Yarmouth blue is a very light, pale blue tone that instantly exudes serenity and peacefulness throughout your bedroom.

This option also can becomes a subtle backdrop for any bolder elements, such as vibrant wall decor or accessories.

Serenity by Benjamin Moore

Bedroom walls painted with Serenity from Benjamin Moore

Serenity from Benjamin Moore is a vibrant blue paint that will instantly brighten up any bedroom, making it a stylish yet practical choice for any small or dark bedroom.

The vibrancy of the Serenity can enhance the richness of any other elements inside your bedroom, such as the furniture and accessories, and help them shine to create a lively yet restful retreat.

Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore

Bedroom walls painted with Aegean Teal from Benjamin Moore

This color can be considered as one of the most popular blue shades from Benjamin Moore in recent years.

The Aegean Teal comes with strong gray tone, keeping a neutral look, while the blue-green hues adds enough richness to creates a natural harmony.

Summer Nights by Benjamin Moore

Bedroom walls painted with Summer Nights from Benjamin Moore

Summer nights is a perfect option if you want to create a coastal, beach-style bedroom. The medium blue hues complemented with some green tint, creating a perfect balance between modernity and natural ambiance.

This paint color works even better inside any bedroom that using plenty of wooden elements, such as wood furniture or wood flooring.

Van Deusen Blue by Benjamin Moore

Bedroom walls painted with Van Deusen Blue from Benjamin Moore

The deep tone of Van Deusen Blue can instantly makes a big impact, and transform your bedroom into a stunning masterpiece.

And since the Van Deusen Blue will attract everyone’s attention, you can use it as the backdrop to showcase your favorite items, and becoming a bold focal point of your bedroom.

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