7 Elegant Color Scheme Ideas for Kitchen with Black Appliances

Best color scheme for kitchen with black appliances. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 30th, 2023

Black appliances are not only a practical and low-maintenance choice for a busy kitchen, but they can also add depth and contrast to improve the kitchen’s visual appeal. They can easily complement any other kitchen materials and finishes, such as wood, earthy stone, or stainless steel, creating a perfectly harmonious blend.

However, to really expose all the elegance of the black appliances, they need to be complemented by the right color schemes.

If you are looking for a perfect color scheme to complement your black appliances, our designers recommend black and white, gray and gold, all-white, brown and cream, or dark blue and gray. These color palettes can highlight the dramatic look of the black appliances, making them stand out as an elegant feature to elevate the entire kitchen.

Read on as we dive deeper into all those amazing schemes.

1. Black and White

Black and white kitchen with black appliances
Black and white kitchen

A black and white kitchen is always a good idea, and is made all the better with black appliances. Keeping the monochromatic look going keeps the kitchen looking seamless, and creates long expanses that aren’t broken up by stainless steel appliances.

This is a sleek look that works perfectly in modern, minimalistic homes.

2. White

White kitchen with black appliances
White kitchen

A white kitchen with black appliances puts two opposite colors together in a way that is classic and timeless. The two perfect neutrals complement each other in any setting, and in the kitchen, they look just right.

The white cabinetry and tile play off the darkness of the appliances to add contrast and interest to the area.

3. Gray and Gold

Gray and gold kitchen with black appliances
Gray and gold kitchen

Talk about elevated. A gray and gold kitchen already stands out from the crowd, but adding black appliances to the mix takes it to a whole new level.

This combination screams sophistication and will have visitors’ jaws dropping when they see it. Black elements help to ground the space and add some depth to the area.

4. Brown and Cream

Brown and cream kitchen with black appliances
Brown and cream kitchen

Brown and cream kitchens give off soothing, earthy vibes, and black appliances are the perfect choice for this color scheme.

Black appliances give the same cool, stylish vibe as the brown and cream combination and blend into the overall style.

Adding matte black knobs and handles to the doors would be the perfect touch to tie in the black accessories to the overall look.

5. Dark Blue and Gray

Dark blue and gray kitchen with black appliances
Dark blue and gray kitchen

Once upon a time, it was said that dark blue and black don’t go together. Luckily, that’s a rule that was made to be broken. Particularly when we’re talking about a dark blue and grey kitchen.

Black appliances are a perfect complement to the moody color combination that gives off cool, stylish vibes.

Add light-colored accessories and textiles to make sure the area doesn’t feel too dark.

6. Teal and White

Teal and white kitchen with black appliances
Teal and white kitchen

Teal is a unique color that creates a calm and refreshing sense in any kitchen. This color also works really well against black, creating natural yet elegant kitchen appearances.

Additionally, teal had a strong modern vibe that went in the same direction as black appliances, creating a stunning contemporary look to the entire kitchen.

7. Dark Brown and White

Dark brown and white kitchen with black appliances
Dark brown and white kitchen

Another great scheme that includes brown shades, but this time, we are going with dark brown. This bold color will be going in the same direction as the black appliances, creating a seamless appearance.

And finally, a bit of white accents help brighten up the entire kitchen and create a lot of contrast that helps the dark elements to shine.


Black appliances have come a long way since their inception, and should be at the top of people’s lists when designing their kitchen.

These bold appliances act as the perfect neutral element, as they pair with a variety of colors, in a variety of décor styles.

Ditch the smudges that come with stainless steel, and integrate black appliances into your kitchen for a hint of unexpected sophistication.