7 Best Trim Colors for White Walls (For Wall and Trim Harmony)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : January 2nd, 2024

White wall is a simple but timeless choice that has the ability to work as a sleek canvas for endless possibilities.

However, in some cases, you may need to enrich the purity of your white walls to give more depth and richness, and it can be done relatively easily using trim work.

But what color trim goes best with white walls? Based on our experiment, any colors that provide subtle contrast such as light gray, greige, and slate gray give a much better visual aesthetic compared to any other colors. Those choices keep a sleek flawless harmony against the white walls, while still bringing a hint of warmth and richness.

Let’s dive deeper into all the best trim colors that beautifully complement the white walls.

1. Light Gray

Light gray trim

If you are looking for a cool neutral paint color to pair with your white walls, look no further than a light gray. The light gray trim serves as a versatile companion to white walls, creating a contemporary and cohesive look.

This pairing not only enhances the architectural details of the room but also allows for greater flexibility in coordinating with various decor styles, making light gray wall trim a timeless and stylish choice for those seeking a refined and harmonious home ambiance.

2. Greige

Greige trim

Greige has been gaining popularity over the years, thanks to its its remarkable versatility in harmonizing with an array of color schemes. When combined with white painted walls, this trim paint option can infuse a subtle warmth, while at the same time modernizing the entire space with understated elegance.

Furthermore, greige had the ability to strike a harmonious balance, providing a neutral backdrop that effortlessly complements various design elements, from neutral furniture to vibrant accessories.

3. Light Oak

Light oak trim

Add a flair of natural beauty to your space by using light wood trim. Light wood trim introduces a natural element that adds warmth to the space, preventing the overall look from feeling too cold.

The combination of light wood and white creates a clean, fresh, and inviting aesthetic, making it a classic and timeless choice for interior design.

This pairing is particularly effective in creating a bright and airy atmosphere, as the light tones work together to reflect and enhance natural light, making the room feel more spacious and open.

4. Black

Black trim

Create a striking contrast by pairing black trim with white walls. This bold design choice immediately commands attention and introduces a sense of modern sophistication to your interiors.

The crispness of the white walls serves as a perfect canvas to showcase the deep richness of the black trim, resulting in a dramatic and visually dynamic aesthetic.

The stark contrast not only defines architectural elements but also adds a layer of depth and character to the room.

5. Slate Gray

Slate gray trim

If black feels overwhelming, you can try slate gray as the softer alternative. This choice introduces a subtler and more subdued contrast while retaining a touch of modern elegance. This nuanced pairing adds depth and sophistication to your space without the intensity of a high-contrast design.

The softer tones of slate gray create a gentle transition, contributing to a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

6. White

White trim

You can use this monochromatic approach to create a seamless and cohesive look, allowing the architectural elements to blend effortlessly with the walls.

White trim accentuates the clean lines and architectural features of a space, providing a subtle framing effect without distracting from the overall design. This minimalist choice contributes to an open and airy atmosphere, making any room – from bedroom to family room, feel more spacious and open.

The simple combination offers a classic and enduring design solution that embraces a sense of tranquility and sophistication within any interior space. To avoid a boring and monotonous look, you can use different shades of white between the trim and the walls, such as cool white and off-white, or stark white and creamy white. You can also try adding some contrast by using other neutral paint colors for the ceilings.

7. Navy

Navy trim

Navy is another bold choice that instantly introduces a captivating aesthetic to your living room. The high-contrast pairing of deep navy with crisp white creates a visually striking effect, adding a touch of drama and sophistication to the room.

Navy trim, whether it’s door frames, window frames, wall trim, crown molding, or any kind of trim work, delineates these architectural elements and highlights the contours of the space. This color combination will evoke a sense of classic elegance while infusing a contemporary twist.

If you want to go with this sophisticated hue, we highly recommend you try Naval from Sherwin Williams, or Gentleman’s Gray from Benjamin Moore.