10 Rustic Corner Shelf Ideas

Unique and beautiful rustic corner shelf ideas for bedroom, living room, dining room and hallway. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 14th, 2021

Corner is one of the most difficult areas inside a home to manage, arrange or maximize its function. One of the simple tricks and solutions for utilizing this area is to use corner shelves.

By using a corner shelf, you can turn this spaces to become more useful by becoming a storage area for items such as books, plants, or decoration items. Furthermore, this area will look much more attractive and make the overall appearance of the interior design of the room looks perfect.

Ideally, the corner shelf design style should be the same style as the overall interior design style of the room. As if you have a rustic style room, then your corner shelf should also have the same rustic decor style.

In this article, we will share 10 rustic-style corner shelf ideas that you can follow or replicate to make your unused corners more attractive and useful.

10 Rustic Corner Shelves

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Unique, modern and elegant rustic corner floating wall shelf
Rustic floating display shelf with four arms by Under.Stated | image by roomdsign.com

Unique Rustic Corner Shelf using 4 Arms Floating Wall Shelf

The rustic style doesn’t always have to look dark and gloomy, but it can also look elegant and modern. As you can see in this example where we create a corner that looks attractive and elegant yet still has a bit of rustic touch.

This can be achieved by using of the right corner shelf. This 4 arms floating wall shelf not only has a charming appearance, but also has an unique design that can save space. With a combination of wood finishing with rustic style metal bracket, making this item can be a great addition to your corner wall.

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5-tier rustic corner ladder shelf
Dark taupe corner ladder shelf by Monarch Specialties | image by roomdsign.com

Maximize Corner Storage with 5-Tier Rustic Ladder Shelf

For those of you who need extra storage space to store books, everyday items, or to display your family photos, this kind of corner shelf is one perfect choice for you. Using this 5 tier corner ladder shelf, you can maximize the space in your corner.

Not only as a storage area, this shelf also works very well as a decoration item where the color taupe finished in a reclaimed wood texture bring a rustic appearance. This item can be used perfectly in the living room, bedroom and hallway.

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Vintage rustic style rope hanging corner shelf
Rope hanging corner shelf by Mkono | image by roomdsign.com

Vintage Rustic Corner using Rope Hanging Corner Shelf

This time we tried to combine the rustic style with a slight vintage touch, using this rope hanging corner shelf. Its natural wood composition with twisted jute ropes makes this shelf even though it looks simple but has a fairly retro feel, and is perfect when used in a room that used a rustic interior style.

The three shelves give you extra storage space that can be used to display your planter, photo frames, and other decorative ornaments. This corner shelf is the perfect item to use especially in the corner that have limited spaces.

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Industrial style corner shelves with metal pipe style
Industrial style corner metal standing shelf by MBQQ | image by roomdsign.com

Rustic Industrial Style Corner using 6-Tier Metal Pipe Standing Shelf

Rustic and industrial design style is perfect when combined with industrial style. In the next corner shelf idea, we use this 6 tier corner shelf which has an industrial style design thanks to the combination of its pipe shelves with retro looks real wood.

In addition to beautifying the appearance of the corner in your room, this item is also very useful as a storage area with ample storage capacity. With a height of 70.8 inches (180 cm), your entire corner area can be used effectively for storing various items.

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Simple rectangle wall shelves in rustic style wood
Rustic wood hanging rectangle wall shelves by Sorbus | image by roomdsign.com

Simple Corner using
Rustic Wood Hanging Rectangle Wall Shelves

The rustic style doesn’t always have to look complicated, like this time where we made a simple corner that still had rustic touch thanks to the use of wooden floating rectangle shelves. This shelf makes the corner area has a modern streamlined look that will enhance the entire room decor.

Another advantage of using a floating shelf like this to decorate the corner area is that you can freely adjust the height and arrangement of each shelf according to your needs and the style you want.

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Rustic x-style design corner bookcase
Rustic X style corner bookcase by Convenience Concepts | image by roomdsign.com

Organize Books using Rustic Style X-Design Corner Bookcase

One of the risks of being a bibliophile is that you have to provide lots of spaces in your room to store your favorite books collection. One area that can be used to accommodate this hobby is in an unused corner using a corner bookcase like the following example.

By using a bookcase / shelf corner like this, you don’t need too much space. Just using a bit of unused space in the corner of your room, you can store dozens of your favorite book collections here. And for those of you who have a house with a rustic concept, don’t worry, there are many rustic corner bookcase available on the market today that can be blend perfectly with your rustic interior decor.

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Rustic wood and metal corner shelf
Rustic wood and metal corner shelf by Olakee | image by roomdsign.com

Showcase Your Items using Rustic Wood and Metal Corner Shelf

Torched wood and metal brackets is the perfect combination to create an rustic style item, like this corner shelf. With a unique structural design, this corner shelf can be used in a narrow area to make your corner more useful and increase your storage space.

With its strong structure thanks to the durable triangular structure design, making this item durable and can withstand heavy items that usually can’t be placed in any other floating shelves.

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Stylish multipurpose 5 tier corner shelf with french oak finish
French oak 5-tier rustic corner shelf by Furnino | image by roomdsign.com

Simple Stylish Rustic Corner Shelf using Multipurpose 5-Tier Corner Shelf French Oak

When upgrading your unused corner, you shouldn’t only concerned with functionality, but also consider about appearance and make the corner look flawless with the overall room interior decoration. If you have a simple rustic style room, then this corner shelf can be the right item to decorate your corner.

With its simple but stylish appearance, making this item can change a boring corner to be more decorative and also multi functional, thank’s to it’s 5 tier shelves that is very spacious to store various items to make your room look more clean and neat.

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Rustic style floating corner shelf
Rustic wood floating corner shelf by American Art Decor | image by roomdsign.com

Stylish Rustic Corner using Rustic Wood Floating Corner Shelf

This kind of corner floating shelves is usually used for a minimalist or contemporary style room, but apparently, you can make it in a room with a rustic decoration style, thank’s for this floating corner shelf with a weathered and distressed finish that makes this piece have a truly rustic look.

Floating shelves like this are also very versatile where you can adjust the height of each shelf according to your needs and the height of the items you will store on this shelf.

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2 Tier rustic wood and metal bracket corner shelf
2 Tier rustic wood corner shelf by Sriwatana | image by roomdsign.com

2 Tier Wood Rustic Style Corner Shelf

For those of you who don’t have a lot of space left in the corner, then this rustic corner shelves can be the solution for you. With a compact size, this shelf can be easily installed in a narrow space in the corner of your home.

With a combination of real wood material with black metal bracket, this rustic style floating shelf looks very classic and is perfect to used not only for rustic style rooms, but also can blend well in any other interior style such as modern mid-century, classic, or vintage .