10 Best Small Bedroom Ideas

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10 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

Land price skyrocketing especially in big metropolitan cities. No wonder we often find houses or apartments that only had small rooms. If you have a problem like this, don’t worry! With the right interior decoration, even small rooms can still look beautiful and attractive.

For this reason, we will share a variety of bedroom interior design ideas made by our interior design team specifically for small bedrooms. Here you can get some ideas and inspiration for various styles of decorating small bedroom such as Scandinavian, contemporary, mid-century, minimalist, and many more different small bedroom style.

If you want to get more complete details about every small bedroom designs in our list below, you can click on the title of each bedroom design to get more detailed information about the bedroom details, such as the items and furniture used, as well as more images from different and various angles view of the design of the bedroom.

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Soothing Simple Modern Brown Small Bedroom

Soothing Simple Modern Brown Small Bedroom

Brown color is often used to design a classic, rustic or vintage styles bedroom. But this time we did something a little different, we created a modern bedroom style by using brown as our main color.

This modern brown colored bedroom will be made in a small bedroom, which we will try to show, that it is very easy to create a modern bedroom design in a limited space if done correctly.

One important factor when designing this room is when choosing the right brown color, because if we choose the wrong ones, it will make the bedroom design won't fit the modern bedroom concept that we want.

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Beige Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Beige Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Modern mid-century interior design style never dies. This style who gained it's peak popularity in the 1950s is famous for several characteristics, including the many uses of wood material finishing, brassy metal finish, simple clean lines, and natural lighting.

We often see this mid-century modern style is applied to the master bedroom or any large size bedroom. But this time, we will try to apply a mid-century style design in a small bedroom. And the result, as you can see, it turns out that this concept can still be applied well even though we don't have much space in the bedroom.

In this design, we made a modern mid-century style room design using the majority of beige colors. This color blends very well with the modern mid-century style. In addition, when selecting the wood, we choose the wood which has a bright and natural texture and pattern so that it's will looks flawless with the beige color which is the main theme color of this bedroom.

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Small Modern Black Bedroom with Wood Accent

Small Modern Black Bedroom with Wood Accent

Many people are afraid when they want to design a bedroom using a black color, but actually, with the right design and arrangement, this dark color can produce a modern bedroom design that is luxurious and elegant.

As you can see in this bedroom design, by utilizing a limited bedroom spaces, we can create a comfortable and elegant bedroom by using some black material and furniture.

To add a natural impression, we also add wood accents into the bedroom. This wood accent blended perfectly to create a bedroom with a modern feel but still looks natural.

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Glamour and Luxurious Silver Small Bedroom

Glamour and Luxurious Silver Small Bedroom

Luxury bedroom are often identical with large size bedroom, but this time we will make something different, where we created a elegant and luxurious bedroom in a narrow small sized bedroom. This bedroom will be designed using grey and silver color scheme.

To get the best results of a luxurious bedroom in a small bedroom, many challenges including color selection, material selection, decoration items and furniture selection are very important. Only choose any of them that are fit and appropriate with our overal luxurious bedroom style.

One important trick that makes this small room look luxurious is by limiting the number of decoration items and furniture used. By not putting too much furniture or decoration, making the room look more clean and elegant.

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Grey and Yellow Small Bedroom with Couch

Grey and Yellow Small Bedroom with Couch

Usually in small rooms, only important furniture and items such as mattresses, cabinets, tables are placed. But in this bedroom design, we tried to make a small bedroom design with a sofa/couch.

Many people need a bedroom design like this because this couch is needed for a variety of needs, such as relaxing, reading, watching tv, etc.

The bedroom concept that we created is a bedroom that combines modern and industrial concepts, with a combination of gray and yellow color. This bedroom is not only suitable for teenager, but also can be used for adults.

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Small Modern Bedroom with Wood Accent

Small Modern Bedroom with Wood Accent

The next small bedroom design that we created is this small modern bedroom with wood accent. Where the main idea of this bedroom design is to make a bedroom in a limited space with a modern look and adding some wood accents into it.

This wood accent will not only make this bedroom look more natural, but also makes this bedroom look fresher.

The important thing when creating a modern bedroom design that used some wood accent is choosing the right wood texture and color. Wood with a light color and texture usually matches the concept of modern design. Another important thing is the arrangement of those wood. As you can see in this design, we added some vertical lines to the wood that installed in the wall behind the bed to give the luxurious impression.

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Minimalist Modern Small Bedroom Interior Design

Minimalist Modern Small Bedroom Interior Design

Modern minimalism is one of interior design style that get a lot of popularity in recent years. Using modern minimalist style can help produce a simple room interior design but still looks warm and attractive.

Minimalist design is very suitable to be applied in small rooms, as we can see in this bedroom design, where we applying the minimalist concept using natural colors such as white and light gray, can make the small sized bedroom look larger and more spacious.

Natural lighting also plays an important role in a minimalist style interior design. To accomodate it, a large window is made so that it can provide enough natural lighting to illuminate the entire room during the day time.

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Small Rose Gold and White Bedroom

Small Rose Gold and White Bedroom

Using combinations of white, pink (rose gold) and grey, this beautiful and chic bedroom design create specifically for any teenage girls or women.

This bedroom design will be created using modern and artisic approach, where we can achieve that by using an unique geometric concept in the walls and other parts of the bedroom. Glossy finish furniture also choosen to help make this bedroom had more modern touch.

Another important thing that we want to achieve in this bedroom is that we don't want to make this bedroom to "girly", that's why we limiting and don't overuse the pink color inside this bedroom.

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Stylish Small Scandinavian Bedroom

Stylish Small Scandinavian Bedroom

Scandinavian design style is very suitable for any apartment or small sized bedrooms because this type of design style is very concerned with functionality and focuses on the use of existing space, as you can see in this stylish small scandinavian bedroom design.

In this Scandinavian style bedroom design, we use white and light gray as our main colors. Both of these colors are mostly used on walls, ceilings and furnishing.

Floor selection is an important factor that often overlooked. In this room design, we choose to use a light natural wooden parquet flooring that looks flawless and blends well with this scandinavian bedroom design.

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Small Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Small Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

Minimalist and luxurious are two very contradictory words. But this time, we tried to combine those two into one bedroom design by creating a minimalist style bedroom that still looks luxurious.

Another challenge in this project is that we make this room in a small sized bedroom. The result, as you can see, is a bedroom that is minimalist in style but still feels elegant and luxurious thank's to its monochromatic shades materials.

One important key of this bedroom design is the use of marble on the wall, which not only makes the room look more glamorous but also gives a spacious and brighter effect to the bedroom.

Hope you get many ideas and inspiration from our work that can help you make your own bedroom. Don’t forget to see our other bedroom design ideas as we had dozens bedroom design ideas collections. Thank you!