9 Bedroom Corner Ideas – How to Decorate a Bedroom Corner

Most of the time, bedroom corner is the most difficult place in your bedroom to decorate. That's why we write this article to help you get fresh ideas to decorate your bedroom corner.

Nine Bedroom Corner Ideas and the Personality Traits They Illuminate

Our daily habits can speak a lot about us, even the little things such as how we make use of the space in our bedroom corner. Considered to be one of the few areas in abodes that are given little to no usage, the bedroom corner has for long remained silent. But not today (BTS reference), for here presented to you are nine bedroom corner ideas. Your preference will determine what the bedroom corner is going to say about you.

The Bibliophile’s Lair

Bedroom Corner Ideas Using Corner Bookshelves
Bedroom Corner Ideas : Bibliophile’s Lair

Let’s do it the old school way and begin with books. Having a bookshelf occupy that particular space in the bedroom corner comes with a stack of benefits. With it, your bedroom will look not only cozy, but also intellectual. You can even keep your precious books away from predators who like to fold the pages when reading. Most bookshelves use woods such as Mahogany and teak. These wood types are not only appreciated for their strength but also their classic appearance after furnishing.

If you prefer this idea the most, you are someone who knows how to value things, particularly finance. You believe in adventure, but you’re too afraid to skip a class or take a day off from work.

Sans Wall Corner

It’s quite rare to see a house without even a single window, and that is because windows play an integral role in any building. But relatively, the walls are dominant. So, for a change, replace those walls of the bedroom corner with windows. Most suggested style is the French windows. They are long, wide and can even function as a door. They make the room appear livelier, bright, and spacious, giving it a leisure lifestyle impression.

You are a very social person but would still pick sketching at home over joining a so-called fun party. New challenges don’t seem to frighten people like you.

The Eco-friendly Bedroom Corner

Eco Friendly Bedroom Corner Ideas using Plants and Vegetation
Bedroom Corner Ideas : Eco Friendly Corner

Sansevieria, Peace lily and Parlor palm are among the many indoor plants that not only serve as room decor, but also provide rich oxygen and regulate fresh air. So, if you ever have plans on filling that vacant space with nature, it is best to choose these plants. These plants have more tolerance when it comes to water, soil, light, and temperature. On the topic of indoor plants, most of us instinctively think about insects and fear they will enter inside our mouths when asleep. In this case, you needn’t worry, for it is the very presence of the foliage that keeps the insects at bay.

You are someone who is not afraid of the subject, Biology. Second, like the plants, you are probably the most tolerant in your circle. The third and final one, you are someone who will 9 out of 10, save an ant or an insect from drowning in the pool or any water body.

The Holiday Office

The structure of this bedroom corner ideas involves the placement of a table and a chair in an angle preferred by the individual. It is much like an office, except it is a bedroom. This idea was designed explicitly for those who will immediately fall asleep if they try to work sitting in their bed. It is also applicable for students who return home with heaps of homework and for the workaholics.

You are a little boring. But, apart from that, you are nothing below average, and you know it.

The Concert Corner

One can always make use of the bedroom corner space for keeping their guitar, piano, or drum set. This style adds more charm to the room and radiates potential vibes around. It is also proven that most humans like associating with people who can play musical instruments. To add more allure, one can even paste posters of their favorite band or artist, on the corner walls near the placed instrument.

You are a hard-working person, even though it might not be evident to all, and you believe in investing rather than saving.

The Aqua Corner

If you have visited an aquarium recently, a realization must have already sunk in, that you will never get over that fathomless experience. Now and then, you always find yourself revisiting the aquarium in your head. Fortunately, if you have an unfortunate bedroom corner that is serving no purpose yet, then here’s a piece of free advice. You can set up your very own mini aquarium in that corner space. One can even get creative by placing two large fish tanks adjacent to each other that they form a ‘v’ pattern from the corner edge. Keep in mind that creativity doesn’t need to end here.

You have too many passions; probably this is why you keep changing your goals in life. Although this seems like a hole in the bucket, it still is the reason why you have a vast knowledge of several subjects.

The Museum

I could watch the movie, ‘Night at the museum’ five times in a row and yet won’t get tired of it. The museum, for the most part, has always been a mesmerizing place, a feeling like you’re walking through an encyclopedia. The good news here is you can always convert your bedroom into a mini-museum. All you need to do is decorate that vacant corner with sculptures or antique painting and furniture, displaying enigmatic and aesthetic appeal.

You are someone who relates with Ross from ‘friends’ on many levels.  

The 90’s Bedroom Corner

The vintage style can never grow out. Probably that is one of the reasons why you can blindfold give your bedroom corner a vintage look. One can place an old telephone, record player or typewriter on a vintage looking table and that is more than enough to complete the decoration.  

You are someone who paints and then hate your work. You enjoy writing a book than reading one and are a big fan of the Beatles.

Snack Station

Do you like munching stuff late at night? But it is the haunting journey to the kitchen and back to your room that has deprived you of this guilty pleasure. I see what the problem is, and quite marvelously I have the solution to it. All you need to do is install a snack bar in the bedroom corner space. It will not only be your canteen but will also fill that void in the corner of your room.

You are the kind of person who upon hearing the word date, will unconsciously and instantaneously think of the dried fruit, instead of the verb, date (which can also be a noun). You get excited over sleepovers and would mind if asked to go down the cellar to get something.

So, that’s all of our bedroom corner ideas. From all of those, which one do you think most suitable for your bedroom and also your personality?