8 Hardwood Floor Colors That’ll Boost Your Home Resale Value

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

If there is one element inside your home that can easily increase the resale value, it must be the flooring. With the right floors, not only your interior will look stunning, but some research has shown that it can improve the value of the home.

Based on our experiences, some glam and luxury choices like marble or granite flooring will give the biggest value increase.

However, those kinds of flooring can be very expensive, and the overall ROI you get may not be optimum. And that’s why we highly suggest you go with hardwood flooring. These flooring options are much more affordable, and still give some boost to your home resale value.

To increase your home’s resale value, we strongly advise you to choose light natural wood, reddish-brown wood, white-washed wood, or honey wood flooring. Those hardwood flooring options not only offer a visually appealing look, but also create an inviting, warm ambiance that will capture the interest of potential buyers. Moreover, their exceptional versatility allows buyers to redesign the entire home without the need to replace the hardwood flooring.

Below, you can read all the great hardwood options that based on our experiences, can be a great investment if you are planning to sell your home in the near future.

1. Light Natural Wood

Light natural wood flooring

This is a classic and natural choice that never goes wrong. Its versatility makes this kind of flooring can be used in any decor style. Thus, the buyer of your home can easily change the interior style without changing the floors.

Moreover, the bright and airy vibe produced by the light natural wood flooring makes the room feel more spacious, a new added value to your home.

2. Gray Wood

Gray hardwood flooring

A trendy and modern option that will bring a sophisticated, modern looks to your home. As a neutral canvas, the gray wood floor can help any other elements inside your home, such as the walls, decoration items, and furnishings to stand out.

It can also give a totally different look compared to the typical hardwood floor, making your home feel unique and different, thus helping raise the value.

3. Dark Brown

Dark brown hardwood floors

Dark brown wood floors can easily add strong warmth and richness to your home, creating a welcoming and inviting ambiance.

With dramatic contrast against any other light-colored materials, the dark brown flooring can make every element inside your room to shine. For an even better look, you can apply glossy finishes to the hardwood floors.

4. Reddish-Brown

Reddish-brown hardwood flooring

Alternatively, you can give an even richer look using any wood with reddish-brown looks, such as cherry or mahogany. These kinds of wood can blend the beautiful rustic feel with a glam classic vibe, making a unique atmosphere to your home.

This option will work even better when you are using plenty of natural elements inside your home, creating a fresh and earthy visual appearance.

5. Espresso Brown

Espresso brown wood flooring

This option will create a luxurious, high-end feel inside your home. With a combination of strong rich hues and neutral undertones, the espresso brown hardwood provides striking contrast against the light-colored walls and furniture, helping make a strong visual that can impress any potential buyers.

6. White Washed

White-washed hardwood floors

Bring a cozy coastal vibe to your home by using white-washed hardwood for your floors. This flooring can create a relaxed and serene atmosphere, making your room a great place to hang out with friends and families.

Furthermore, these light choices can help make any room feel open and spacious.

7. Black

Black hardwood floors

Create a strong elegant look inside your home by using black wood flooring. With a bold appearance, the black wood floors will be a bold statement to lift up the elegance of the entire room.

Adding plenty of drama and sophistication, black flooring can also help any other elements such as walls and furnishings to look brighter and lighter.

8. Honey

Honey hardwood flooring

Honey-colored hardwood such as honey oak or golden oak not only will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, but it can also bring plenty of warmth to lift up the mood of your home.

This versatile option can work with any other colors, so you can get plenty of room to add other colors to your color palette.