Best Wall Color for Travertine Floors (10 Popular Choices)

10 Awesome wall paint colors that go with travertine floors. Written by : Andre A & Editors | Last Updated : November 17th, 2023

Travertine flooring had gained a lot of attention in recent years. This natural stone had a very similar look to granite and marble, but it develops in different mineral spring deposits that bring a unique and striking limestone look.

That’s why travertine is popular among homeowners who want to create an elegant interior, but still had plenty of earthy, natural looks. In terms of design style, travertine is quite versatile as it can fit perfectly to any glam, classical interior, or modern contemporary ones.

And if you had a plan to resell your house in the future, then travertine can be a great option for your flooring as many experts said that it can increase your home appraisal value, but it’s quite obvious as travertine are tend to be more expensive than any similar stone materials.

To make sure the travertine worth is high-value, you need to make it stand out by incorporating it with the right elements around it. One of the essential elements that can make or break the looks of any room with travertine tile floors is the wall.

For travertine floors, some of the best wall colors are white, cream, beige, light gray, pale green, and olive green. These paint colors perfectly complement the natural variations in travertine, enhancing the overall sense of cohesion and unity. They can also adds depth to the room, while resonating beautifully with the warm undertones of travertine.

Let’s dive deeper into all those amazing wall colors.

10 Wall Color Ideas for Room with Travertine Floors


Travertine floors with white walls
White walls with travertine floors

Travertine already looks great on its own, so in most cases, you don’t want to overcomplicated things and keep these floors stand out beautifully, and that’s why the white walls can be a perfect choice.

Furthermore, the white walls will provide a lot of contrast against the travertine flooring, further enhancing its stunning visual appearance.


Travertine floors with cream walls
Cream walls

This can be one of the best wall color with travertine floors. Since most travertine will have a slightly yellow hue in it, and that’s why pairing it with a cream wall can bring flawless and harmonious looks.

Using cream to paint your walls can also boost the classical beauty of the travertine, so this combination can be a perfect choice for any glam classical interior.


Travertine floors with beige walls
Beige walls with travertine floors

This is a great alternative to cream that provides a very similar effect but comes in a bit more elegance, thank’s to its neutral looks. And as one of the most versatile and neutral color, beige surely will blend easily even with any tricky elements such as the travertine.

Light Gray

Travertine floors with light gray walls
Light gray walls with travertine floors

We love to use light gray when it is needed to modernize any travertine floors that tend to had a more classical touch, resulting in a more modern and elegant look to the entire space.

It’s also a great option for you who want to have a strong opposite tone between the wall and the floors to help keep the travertine elements as a centerpiece of your home. Almost any kind of light gray will work well, whether it’s a cool-toned gray or a warm gray.

Pale Green

Travertine floors with pale green walls
Pale green walls with travertine floors

This may not be the most popular wall option for any room with travertine flooring, however, based on our experience, the pale green paint works really well to add some fresh and natural twist that mixed beautifully with the earthy looks of the travertine.

And since the pale green is not as strong and vibrant as any other green shade, it won’t be taking away the attention of the stunning travertine.

Olive Green

Olive green wall with travertine floors
Olive green wall

Another green shades that can be an option is this olive green. The olive is a unique green shades that had some yellow undertones, making it visually blended with the travertine tile flooring.

This rich combination will work really well inside any home that using classic, mid-century, or vintage style interior.


Travertine floors with taupe walls
Taupe walls

Taupe is another great choice for you who want to achieve seamless connections between the floors and the walls. And even though the taupe walls may look a bit darker than most travertine, thank’s to their neutral looks, it will keep the travertine as the centerpiece of your space.

Furthermore, the taupe wall will spread plenty of warmth, making any room with travertine tile flooring will feel more welcoming and inviting.

Light Yellow

Travertine floors with yellow walls
Yellow walls with travertine floors

As we already said before, most travertines had a slightly yellow undertone in them, so you can have a beautiful analogous combination by combining them with any yellow shades.

However, not all yellow shades can blend nicely with these stone material, as most yellow will have too many intense and overly vibrant looks that surely will not go well with the glam character of the travertine.

Thus, you can choose light yellow to had a more soft and subtle look that won’t distract the attention from the beautiful floors.

Pale Yellow

Pale yellow wall with travertine tile flooring
Pale yellow wall

Or alternatively, you can choose the pale, very bright shade of yellow. As you can see in the image above, this yellow paint still bring enough warmth to lift up the entire space, but without being overly stark and vibrant.

Another advantages of this kind of yellow is it’s pretty neutral, so you can easily bring in any other shades to your color palette.

Dark Brown

Dark brown wall with travertine floors
Dark brown wall

For a strong earthy looks to complement the travertine, you can try to go with dark brown. The dark brown wall can easily change the mood of your entire room, creating some beautiful and elegant glam ambiance.

Furthermore, using dark paint for your wall can help making the travertine looks brighter, and help unleash all of their potential.

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