15 Fresh Colors that Compliment Sage Green Walls (With Images)

What colors go with sage green walls? Find the answers below Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : January 2nd, 2023

Sage is gained a lot of popularity in recent years, mainly because of its unique looks that are wrapped in a soft, smooth, and subtle appearance, while at the same time still bringing a lot of freshness to the ambiance.

And unlike most shade of green, sage can be used in almost any decor style, including some of the currently trending styles like contemporary or minimalist.

This beautiful shade can also be applied to any room that needed a calming and refreshing atmosphere, from the bedroom to the living room or even in the kitchen, bathroom or dining room.

However, the fresh and natural beauty of this kind of walls comes with consequences. Like any light, pale-ish, and subtle shades, the sage green color is quite difficult to blend with other colors.

And this can be a big problem since these kinds of wall most of the time need some help from other colors to make them looks richer, more alive, and more attractive, as plain and empty sage wall tends to look boring and uninspiring.

But don’t worry, there are still some good colors that can complement the sage green wall and elevate its looks. And here they are :

15 Best Accent Colors for Sage Green Wall


Sage wall with beige accents
Sage green with beige accents

Actually, sage green has a great balance of warmth and cool tone, and that’s one of the main reasons why this paint color looks eye-pleasing.

But for any room that needed a lot of welcoming and inviting ambiance, surely you need to intensify the warmth, and this can be done easily by incorporating some beige accessories or decorations on the sage green accent wall.

Those beige items will boost a lot of warm ambiance and can instantly make any room with a sage green painted walls feel more comfy and homely.

Muted Blue

Sage wall with muted blue accents
Sage green with muted blue accents

To be honest, we are not a big fan of green and blue combinations. But this case is quite different.

As you can see in the picture above, the muted blue decoration items compliment the sage green perfectly, adding some richness to it while still keeping the entire wall looking soft and subtle.

Additionally, the airy and tranquil vibe of the soft blue accents mixes beautifully with the natural fresh looks of the sage, creating a cozy and relaxing ambiance.

Cobalt Blue

Sage and cobalt blue living room
Sage and cobalt blue

Another great blue shade that can work really well is cobalt blue. This color is stronger that the previous one, so it can be a nice centerpiece to lift up the softness of the sage green.

And since cobalt blue is quite intense, you may only need a few of it to makes a big difference. Even just a set of cobalt blue wall art can make an instant impact.

Pale Yellow

Sage wall with pale yellow accent
Sage green with pale yellow accent

For you who need to add a splash of vibrant pop that go with sage green accent wall, then you can try adding some pale yellow elements to it. Its soft looks make the pale yellow items go inline with the softness of sage, while at the same time still sparkling pop of joy and fun vibe as any typical yellow.

And since yellow is quite a strong and intense shade, you don’t need to add too much of it, just one or two pieces of yellow decoration such as yellow artworks can make a big difference.


Sage wall with terracotta accents
Sage green wall with terracotta accents

Terracotta is another trending color that get a lot of attention in recent years, and you can create a dream combination by using both shades in one scheme.

The earthy looks of terracotta surely can be a complementary color to sage, making them go in similar directions while still producing enough contrast to make the sage much more alive.


Sage and orange living room
Sage and orange

This is another vibrant color that works really well to accentuate sage-green painted wall. This option work really well to live up any boring space, add a beautiful splash of color to make your living space feel fun and cheerful.

However, since its pretty intense, avoid overuse this color.

Light Pink

Sage wall with light pink accents
Sage green wall with light pink accents

This is a great option for you who want to add some feminine touch to the wall. As both had similar light and subtle looks, the light pink decor become a beautiful pair with sage green, producing not only a fresh and unique appearance, but more importantly, an aesthetic, Instagram-worthy look.

To better enhance this combo, we love to add a twist of glam vibe by incorporating some gold or brass items to the wall.


Sage wall with taupe accents
Sage green living room with taupe accents

For you who want to keep the entire space looking soft and calming while at the same time still having some richness, you can try adding some taupe decor to your sage wall.

As you can see in the picture above, this very light-toned brown blend flawlessly with sage, as the soft and subtle tone flows continuously among them, while the taupe accents still do their primary job really well to bring another hue to enrich and enliven the sage-themed room.


Sage and white living room
White and sage green

Bright white will never goes wrong. In facts, combine sage with white can help makes the entire space feel clean and sleek. It also help modernize the looks of the traditional sage.

Thus, we love to use this color combination inside a modern, contemporary style interior design.


Sage and cream living room
Sage and cream interior

A warmer alternatives to white. Cream or off-white brings all the similar benefits of white, but in much warmer tone.

Thus, not only your interior will look lighter and brighter, but it can also add some cozy and comfy vibe. That’s why it’s a perfect combination for a bedroom or family room.

Light Gray

Sage and light gray living room
Sage and light gray

If you are looking for a bit of elegance, then this may be the perfect option for you. And since light gray is quite soft and neutral, it will go together in harmony with sage green.

So, you can still have a flawless visual appearance, but with some elegant, modern twist.


Sage living room with gold accents
Sage living room with gold accents

Another interesting idea that you can try with sage is adding some glam touch to it using gold accents.

Whether it’s a gold wall accessories, or gold-painted artwork, those items will easily elevate the looks of your wall in a stylish, luxurious ways.

Emerald Green

Sage and emerald living room
Sage and emerald green

A perfect monochromatic pair. Sage green with some dark emerald accents looks truly amazing. Both shade will go together in harmony, while still bring enough contrast and different layer to avoid a boring, monotonous look.

The emerald green decoration items can also create some luxurious vibe to your interior, especially when you are combining them with some glamorous gold or metallic accessories.


Sage wall with dark brown accents
Sage green wall with dark brown accents

It’s quite difficult to find bold colors that go with sage green, and after trying so many different dark accents, we conclude that brown/dark brown is the most reasonable choice.

Its earthy looks become a key factor that makes this shade can still go well with the natural sage wall, and it’s deep, the dark tone works wonder to create a bold contrast that you needed to add a bit of elegance to the wall.

And since it’s going against the subtle wall, the brown wall accessories will stand out loudly and becomes the main focal point of the entire wall.


Sage living room with black accents
Sage green and black accents

If you want to keep your entire space looks neutral, while still having some bold and strong focal point, then you can try pair sage green with black.

This strong option will also makes your sage-green room looks more serious, without taking away the fresh and natural ambiance. You can use black accessories or even black furnishings for a bigger impact.

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