10 Curtain Colors to Enhance Red Walls with Glamour

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 22nd, 2024

If you want to make a radical change and fully transform the appearance of your interior, then choosing red as a wall paint color can be an interesting option. Even just using red for an accent wall can infuse a lot of energy, drama, and sophistication.

However, red can be categorized as one of the most trickier shades in interior design. Every little element around the red-painted walls should be considered carefully, including the curtains. Not only you need to avoid the red wall looks weird and overly dominating the space, but also find the right curtain partner that can help it unleash all of its positive vibes.

Our interior designers agree white, navy, beige, dark green, and olive green are the best curtain colors for red walls. These curtains can emphasize the rich, vibrant nature of the red, resulting in a visually captivating and balanced combination. Moreover, the stunning contrast that they bring adds depth to overall decor, makes the entire interior spaces feel more dynamic, stylish, and interesting.

Continue reading as we’ll explore all of the gorgeous curtain choices for red walls below :

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1. White

White curtains
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As a neutral, white curtains can be the simplest and most straightforward option for red walls. And since the red wall can look very strong, white can be the best option to neutralize and calm it down.

White curtains will provide a clean and crisp backdrop, allowing the red wall to shine. The beautiful sleek contrast between them also creates a new stylish visual interest in the room.

2. Navy

Navy curtains
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You can combine red walls with navy curtains to create a sophisticated and elegant interior. This bold duo works perfectly together, as the deep blue hue of the navy complements the richness of the red, creating a well-balanced aesthetic.

However, since both of them will look quite dark, you may need to bring a lot of bright elements throughout your room for a lighter overall appearance.

3. Beige

Beige curtains
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The softness of the beige curtains can help bring the red wall down to earth. Moreover, the warm undertones of beige enhance the richness of red, creating a harmonious yet visually pleasing contrast.

The beige curtains can work even better if you are using any other beige elements inside the room, such as beige furniture or beige accessories.

4. Light Gray

Light gray curtains
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Add an elegant and modern twist to your red wall by using light gray curtains. The cool tones of light gray help soften the strong warmth of the red, creating a more well-balanced ambiance.

This pair will work best inside any modern, contemporary style interior.

5. Dark Green

Dark green curtains
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Use dark green curtains to boost the richness and luxurious touch of your red wall. With velvety looks, the dark green curtains blend effortlessly with red, creating a glam dramatic atmosphere.

For an even better result, you can add some metallic elements or accessories around the curtains and the walls.

6. Black

Black curtains
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This option will work really well if you are using light to medium tones of red for your wall. With bold, dramatic contrast, the black curtains will intensify and make the wall look darker and stronger, and this will help the wall become the main focal point of your entire space.

You can use this pair to create a powerful statement that feels both stylish and dramatic.

7. Dark Yellow

Dark yellow curtains
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Accentuate your red accent wall beautifully using dark yellow curtains. With a rich golden tone, the dark yellow curtains make the red-themed interior feel cozy and inviting.

Moreover, you can use the dark yellow curtains to lift up the mood and make your interior feel more welcoming and inviting.

8. Sky Blue

Sky blue curtains
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Give your strong dark red wall a refreshing and peaceful twist by using sky-blue curtains. This pair will evoke a sense of balance and harmony, as the soft and muted sky blue will calm down the vibrant red.

9. Olive Green

Olive green curtains
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The earthy looks of olive green curtains can be a great addition to any red-painted walls. This warm yet fresh green shade can add a touch of nature to the red, creating a more balanced color palette.

10. Dark Brown

Dark brown curtains
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Another great choice for you who want to create a glam interior. The dark brown curtains will evoke the luxurious looks of the red wall, and create a stylish yet natural visual appearance.

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