What Colors Go with Burgundy Wall?

Glam decoration ideas that match perfectly with burgundy accent wall Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 2nd, 2022

A rich and bold color palette like burgundy makes the perfect shade to give your walls a powerful makeover. A color like burgundy radiates an enigmatic personality, lending the room a mighty and magnificent character.

This beautifully versatile color palette pairs well with a wide host of colors, including pretty pastels, dark hues, and neutral-toned shades.

It all boils down to the aesthetic you want to create by pairing burgundy with the right colors to achieve that effect. We advise focusing on the aesthetic profile and bringing in shades to create a splendid blend that brings out the best in your burgundy walls.

Read on to explore 7 amazing colors that blend beautifully with burgundy wall.

7 Best Colors that Blend Perfectly with Burgundy Wall

Dark Emerald

Burgundy wall with dark emerald decor
Burgundy wall with dark emerald decor

Emerald green creates a delightfully vibrant splash against the rich boldness of burgundy, serving as the perfect shade to strike an eclectic combination. This powerful combination symbolizes the burnt purple tones of autumn leaves, blended with the freshness of moss green, creating a serene nature-inspired palette.

The verdant vibrancy of emerald will shine through the interiors, radiating charm with a nature-inspired appeal. You can sneak in emerald green with an array of accents, such as cushions, wall art, plants and planters, rugs, and more.


Burgundy wall with navy decor
Burgundy wall with navy decor

Give your burgundy accent wall a quirky combination by pairing them with deep navy blue accents. Navy may seem like an unusual choice but it will create a modern mid-century appeal with its elegance and poise.

Navy is also a splendid choice if you feel the burgundy wall paint has darkened the overall profile of your room, for this electrifying shade of blue will draw in sunlight. There are a gazillion ways to infuse navy blue into the interiors without overshadowing the bold profile of the burgundy walls.

When playing with a color as rich and dark as navy, less is always more. We advise sneaking it in with subtle touches, like wall art, cushion covers, table runners, lighting fixtures, and coffee table decor.

Mustard Yellow

Burgundy wall with mustard yellow artwork
Burgundy wall with mustard yellow decor

Give your bold burgundy walls a glorious pop of sunny energy with this mustard yellow shade, a fabulous pick to draw in ample sunlight for a well-lit ambiance. Mustard yellow blends beautifully with the burnt undertones of burgundy, giving the dark-toned palette a refreshing burst of energy.

Most homeowners steer clear of deep shades like burgundy because they absorb light, darkening the atmosphere considerably. Adding mustard yellow to the room will strike a balance, giving your interiors an illuminated and warm appeal.

You can go big and bold on the yellow inserts, and experiment with yellow rugs, sofa covers, or add subtle touches, like lighting fixtures and cushions.


Burgundy wall with lavender artwork
Burgundy wall with lavender decor

Here’s a divine match of rich base notes, beautified by the serene energy of pastel lavender! Pairing lavender with burgundy is a combination you simply cannot go wrong with, because lavender hails from the same purple family, positioned on the extreme end of the color spectrum.

Playing up dark and light tones from the same color family always guarantees a delightful effect. There are innumerable ways to play around with this palette, depending on the effect you want to create.

Suppose you want an eclectic bohemian palette with deep and rich strokes of lavender and burgundy. In that case, we suggest pairing your burgundy wall with lavender couches for a two-toned gradient profile.

However, if you want to give the room a subtle lavender touch, opt for small fixtures and tiny elements.


Burgundy wall with gold decor
Burgundy wall with gold decor

Gold is a stellar choice for homeowners looking to dress up their burgundy walls with an opulent, ornate appeal. Gold lends a regal touch to the interiors, creating a majestic maximalist appeal that oozes out an old-world charm and vintage charisma.

This stellar combination exudes a majestic Baroque-inspired beauty, for the gold will give the burgundy walls a regal makeover.

However, this combination is ideal for homeowners who adore over-the-top accents and are firm believers in the philosophy of more is always less. Pairing gold with burgundy is a powerful recipe to channel European-style opulence, transforming an average interior profile into a grand vintage-inspired salon.

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Burgundy wall with teal wall art
Burgundy wall with teal decor

Shades from the blue family always create a delightful combination with dark tones like burgundy, and teal is certainly no exception to this rule. Another dark-on-light combination, teal gives the bold energy of burgundy a radiant pop of vibrant energy.

The radiance and quirkiness of teal will lighten the dark mood created by the depth of burgundy, transforming the interior profile dramatically.

We love the idea of pairing teal couches or coffee chairs with a burgundy wall. However, this combination may seem too colorful and messy for minimalist decor enthusiasts.


Burgundy wall with taupe wall art
Burgundy wall with taupe decor

A classic combination that has dominated interior trends throughout the centuries with its timeliness and vintage charm, taupe and burgundy are a match made in heaven.

Pairing a rich and dark color palette with a creamy and lighter shade from the nude family always results in a fabulous pairing, and you can bring in more nude colors to enhance the aesthetic profile.

The creamy consistency of taupe will give your living space a tasteful elegance, depending on how you choose to add this color. For instance, you can pair your burgundy walls with taupe-toned wall art, or invest in taupe sofa cloth to dominate the room with creamy charm.

Final Thoughts

Working with a dreamy and powerful color like burgundy is incredible fun because this versatile palette blends beautifully well without losing its personality. The only concern homeowners have while painting their walls with deep and rich notes of burgundy is the overly darkened profile of the living space.

This issue is remediable, as long as you understand the art of playing with color tones to create functional and livable living spaces.

Pairing burgundy with bright and vibrant light-radiating shades like sunny yellow and teal blue will help you address the darkening effect without losing the charm of this bold color palette.

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