7 Accent Color Ideas to Complement Burgundy Walls

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 22nd, 2024

A rich and bold color like burgundy makes the perfect shade to give your walls a powerful makeover. This vibrant shade radiates an enigmatic personality, lending the room a mighty and magnificent character.

At first, this color may look a bit tricky, but actually, it isn’t. You can easily pair burgundy wall with another bold hue like dark emerald, mustard, navy, gold, or teal to create a striking and intriguing contrast that will make a sophisticated bold statement to your interior design. Those colors can also enhance the captivating allure of burgundy, making your wall shine even more.

Read on as we dive deeper into those amazing colors that will perfectly complement the burgundy wall.

1. Dark Emerald

Burgundy and dark emerald

Emerald green can add a vibrant and delightful contrast to any rich and bold paint color like burgundy, making it an ideal shade for creating an eclectic combination. This combination seamlessly merges the deep, earthy tones reminiscent of burnt purple autumn leaves with the invigorating freshness of moss green.

The deep, regal undertones of emerald green resonate with a sense of opulence, while the boldness of burgundy infuses a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Together, they create a harmonious blend that balances luxury with comfort, making your room an ideal setting for relaxation and social gatherings.

Whether you choose to incorporate emerald green through plush cushions, eye-catching wall art, lush indoor plants and planters, or elegant rugs, this dynamic color scheme will undoubtedly breathe new life into your space.

2. Navy

Burgundy and navy

Give your burgundy accent wall a unique twist by pairing it with deep navy blue accents. This choice instantly adds a touch of modern mid-century elegance and sophistication to your space. The cool, neutrality of the navy help balanced the richness and warmth of the burgundy, resulting in a well-balanced vibe.

This dynamic pairing transcends design conventions, giving your room a unique character that effortlessly blends classic charm with a contemporary twist.

The depth and versatility of navy blue accents ensure that your space remains inviting and stylish while allowing your personal style to shine through.

3. Mustard Yellow

Burgundy and mustard yellow

Give your bold burgundy walls a vibrant burst of sunny energy with this mustard yellow shade, a fabulous choice to invite ample sunlight and create a well-lit ambiance. Mustard yellow blends beautifully with the rich undertones of burgundy, infusing the dark-toned palette with a refreshing burst of vitality.

Whether you prefer to make a bold statement with larger mustard elements such as a sofa or couches, or add subtler touches through artworks and cushions, this color combination opens the door to endless design possibilities that can truly transform your space into a vibrant and welcoming sanctuary.

4. Lavender

Burgundy and lavender

Pairing lavender with burgundy is a combination you simply cannot go wrong with because lavender belongs to the same purple family, creating a perfectly flawless combination while still providing enough contrast for an interesting look.

This interplay of light and dark tones within the same color family creates an engaging and visually intriguing look that can transform any room. It’s a combination that speaks to both harmony and individuality, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between familiarity and uniqueness in your interior design.

5. Gold

Burgundy and gold

Boost the glam look of your burgundy wall by using gold accents. Gold possesses a timeless allure that effortlessly enhances the luxurious and regal aspect of your space.

When paired with the boldness of burgundy, it creates a striking visual contrast that exudes sophistication and elegance. The shimmering warmth of gold infuses a touch of grandeur, making it the perfect complement to the deep and rich tones of burgundy.

You can introduce gold accents through various elements like picture frames, mirrors, lighting fixtures, or even furniture hardware.

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6. Teal

Burgundy and teal

Teal accents, whether it’s teal wall art or teal furniture, have the remarkable ability to infuse a sense of freshness and relaxation into the vibrant burgundy wall.

This combination creates a beautifully balanced aesthetic that transforms your space into a haven of visual harmony. The dynamic contrast between the boldness of burgundy and the soothing qualities of teal captures the essence of modern sophistication while maintaining an inviting and calming atmosphere.

Teal’s tranquil vibes serve as a delightful counterpoint to the richness of burgundy, making it the perfect choice to elevate the overall appeal of your interior.

7. Taupe

Burgundy and taupe

Another great choice that you can use to neutralize the boldness of burgundy is taupe. This neutral light brown hue brings an understated charm, that softens the burgundy without taking away its glam appeal.

Whether incorporated through taupe-colored furnishings, textiles, or decorative elements, this pairing offers a versatile canvas for creating an interior that seamlessly balances sophistication with comfort.

With taupe, you can effortlessly transform your space into a sanctuary that not only complements the boldness of burgundy but also showcases its timeless beauty.

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