9 Stylish Bedroom Wall Color Ideas to Complement a Gray Bed

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 12th, 2024

If your goal is to create calming, comfy, and elegant spaces, then there’s a high chance that you are choosing gray for your bed platform, headboard, or bedding set.

No wonder, gray is the perfect choice for those particular goals. Moreover, as a neutral, gray bed can be easily matched with any other colors, whether with another neutral or even with any bright or vibrant shade.

However, choosing the wall color that will be a perfect canvas for a gray bed can be a tricky and overwhelming task. To help you solve this, our team did an experiment and tested a wide array of colors against the gray bed.

Finally, we can conclude that pure white, pearl gray, beige, light blue, mint, brown, and light yellow are some of the best wall color options for a gray bed. These colors offer some warmth, creating a perfect balance against the cool tone of the bed. They can also enhance the bed’s presence while creating a soothing and cohesive ambiance.

If you have any other paint color ideas, you can use our tool to visualize those hues alongside the gray bed. You can find the tool at the end of this page, or click here to jump directly to it.

Continue reading as we dive further into those awesome wall color ideas that will perfectly complement your gray bed.

If you have any other paint color ideas, you can use our tool to visualize those hues alongside the gray bed. You can find the tool at the end of this page, or click here to jump directly to it.

1. White

White wall

No, we didn’t put white on this list because it’s the simplest and easiest choice, but also because there are some other benefits by combining white walls with a gray bed frame.

As you can see in the picture above, these combinations produce a beautiful and sleek contrast, that can help make the bed stand out more, and this is surely the kind of effect that you want especially if you have a gorgeous (and expensive) bed.

Furthermore, this setting can work really well to create a light and bright ambiance and make your bedroom feel like such an escape.

2. Light Gray

Light gray wall

Our next favorite choice is light gray. Using this shade, you can create different layers of gray to make a visually harmonious and flawless bedroom. Moreover, this monochrome palette can make your next design process much easier and less stressful.

To get the best results, we highly recommend adding some hint of the metallic element to the bedroom such as gold vases or silver table lamps that will bring a beautiful glow accent.

3. Pearl Gray

Pearl gray wall

Combining the similar gray but with a different tone can be a great way to create a perfectly balanced vibe in a seamless look. If that is exactly what you want, then we highly recommend this pearl gray as the wall paint color for bedroom with gray bed.

This particular shade can easily match any kind of gray as it still has a strong gray base, but comes with a warmer tone that makes it unique and different from any typical gray that tends to be on the cool side.

4. Cream

Cream wall

If you need a color that can instantly warm up the entire bedroom, then cream surely be the best choice. We love to use this color, especially for any bedroom with dark gray bedding that tends to be cool and bold.

This particular shade can also be a great option if you want to create a bedroom in a classic or vintage decor style.

5. Beige

Beige wall

A more modern alternative to cream is beige. This shade can bring similar effects with a cream but in a more elegant style.

Moreover, the beige wall can also be considered neutral, which is why this shade can blend easily with the gray bed.

6. Light Blue

Light blue wall

Some people may think that this kind of blue is only suited for any beach or nautical style decor, but actually, it isn’t. In fact, this particular shade of blue can be a perfect choice for any bedroom with gray bedding, as it can bring a hint of colors in soft, and subtle ways.

Last but not least, light blue walls can add a beautiful airy softness to the entire bedroom ambient and make it feel cozy and comfy.

7. Mint

Mint wall

Based on our experiences, green doesn’t work really well with gray. However, if you are a true fan of this shade, then here is one option that you can still consider, mint.

One of the main reasons why this particular shade can still work nicely with the gray bed is because it tends to be much more neutral than any other typical green, while still bringing a similar freshness and natural ambiance that can be really helpful to balance out the gray.

8. Brown

Brown wall

In some particular cases, you may need a bold choice, such as when you want to create an accent wall behind your gray bed, and this kind of situation can be quite tricky.

Most bold and dark shades won’t work really well with gray, especially those with a similar cool tone, as it can make your entire space feel dark and gloomy. Thus, if you really want to use any strong colors, we highly recommend you go with brown.

Brown wall can bring a bit of warm tone that is difficult to find in another bold shade, and this can be really helpful to create a perfect balance with your gray.

9. Light Yellow

Light yellow wall

We know that there are a lot of yellow fans out there, and that’s why we picked one of the best yellow shades that will go well with the gray bed frame. After trying a lot of different yellows, we confidently conclude that this light yellow (moonraker) by Sherwin Williams is the best choice.

This light yellow wall still has a rich amount of yellow hue in it that will instantly brighten up the entire bedroom, but not too much so it won’t make your spaces feel too flashy.

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