Expert Picks: 12 Charcoal Gray Paints for Dramatic Interiors

Elegant charcoal paint colors for interior wall.

When it comes to a bold and intense accent wall, charcoal is obviously one of the best paint colors. The beauty of this color is in its powerful appearance, it still brings ultra-neutral and versatility as the main character of any gray shade. Thus, any charcoal-painted wall can be easily blended and decorated with literally any other colors, from neutral colors to vibrant ones.

In terms of design style, this bold shade tends to perform best when used inside any modern interior style. With plenty of elegance, even a small charcoal accent wall can truly make a big difference and bring any room to another level.

At first, choosing charcoal paint will look pretty easy. However, when you dive into it, you will find that there are plenty of different variants that can easily make you feel overwhelmed.

Thus, we want to help you make your decision much easier by compiling the 12 best charcoal paints by 3 big paint brands: Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Behr. And here they are :

  • Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams
  • Perle Noir by Sherwin Williams
  • Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams
  • Tavern Charcoal by Benjamin Moore
  • Notre Dame by Benjamin Moore
  • Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore
  • Charcoal by Behr
  • Graphic Charcoal by Behr
  • Charcoal Plum by Behr

Let’s dive deeper into all these amazing charcoal paint choices.

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Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams

The main reason why we put this paint first in this list is because of its pure, rich, and intense looks. Moreover, this lush gray charcoal paint will bring a hint of warmness, something that rarely comes with other typical charcoal paint.

Thus, despite its bold appearance, the iron ore can still make any room feel warm and cozy.

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Perle Noir by Sherwin Williams

If you have a lot of luxurious and velvety furniture or decoration items inside your room, then painting your walls using Perle Noir by Sherwin Williams can be a perfect way to tie them up together beautifully. This is because of its slight purple hue that brings a glam vibe.

We also love to mix the Perle Noir painted wall with gold wall decorations to create a striking and glamorous accent wall that captures everyone’s attention immediately.

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Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams

If you are looking for any charcoal paint that had a perfect balance between warm and cool undertones, then this is surely the best option for you.

As one of the most popular dark paint from Sherwin Williams, the Peppercorn can easily complement any other colors around it beautifully.

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Charcoal Blue by Sherwin Williams

For you who prefer any blue-ish charcoal, then we highly recommend you to go with charcoal blue. At first, this paint had a very similar look and characteristic to the typical navy, but it comes with stronger gray undertones that make it much calmer and more neutral.

And since it had a strong dark blue hue, using charcoal blue to paint the wall can make any space feel calm and cozy.

Best Benjamin Moore Charcoal Gray Paint

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Tavern Charcoal by Benjamin Moore

This paint beautifully mixes three different hues: dark gray, brown, and green. This results in a stunning, bold, yet fresh look that will make a big impact when used to paint the walls.

Moreover, its very rich appearance makes this Tavern Charcoal paint much more interesting and attractive options compared to any typical charcoal.

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Notre Dame by Benjamin Moore

Notre dame can be a great option for you who need very dark charcoal paint to create a stunning accent wall. Its almost black appearance will make any Notre dame painted wall stand out elegantly as the focal point for any space.

However, it’s highly recommended to combine this paint with a lot of neutral to create a more balanced look and avoid your room feeling too dark.

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Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore

This paint had a very unique characteristic. It had a strong gray tone like any typical charcoal to make it looks neutral, but as it blended with some brown undertones, it also spread a hint of an earthy, natural vibe.

Thus, unlike most charcoal paint, the Kendall Charcoal can work well inside any space that is filled with natural elements, such as plants or greenery.

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Charcoal Slate by Benjamin Moore

Comes with the perfect combination of dark gray with indigo blue, the Charcoal Slate can easily turn any boring space into an elegant and luxurious one.

While at first, this paint looks very similar to any typical charcoal, but It’s rich and moody vibe makes it a really big difference especially when used for a large surface such as the walls.

Best Behr Charcoal Gray Paint

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Charcoal by Behr

As its name, this paint is the simplest, well-balanced charcoal paint from Behr. It’s a pure dark gray without any other additional hues.

We love to use this paint for any gray monochromatic space that uses a different layer of pure gray shade to create simple yet elegant looks.

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Graphic Charcoal by Behr

When it comes to the glam interior, Graphic Charcoal can be a great option. With a hint of bluish-purple hue, this paint can bring a touch of luxurious feeling to any space.

But since the dark gray still becomes the dominant tone, it still looks very soft and neutral. And that’s why it can fit easily into any decorating scheme.

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Charcoal Plum by Behr

The charcoal plum is a unique paint that mixes the dark gray tone with a hint of plum hue. This beautiful combination results in a completely different outlook compared to any typical and mainstream charcoal.

Thus, if you need unique paint to create a new fresh look for your space, you may try using this awesome choice.

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Charcoal Blue by Behr

At first, this paint may look very similar to the typical gray-blue or dusty blue but comes with a stronger gray undertone. The Charcoal Blue by Behr can be a perfect option for you who are looking for a soft and subtle option but still had some intense and bold looks to maintain its identity as a charcoal shade.

Furthermore, unlike any typical choices, Charcoal Blue will spread a lot of airy and tranquil vibes to make any space feel calming and relaxing.

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